Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare called legal, freedom on life support.

The Supreme Court just said the government can force you to buy something you dont want or need. 

Im sick.  John Roberts is no conservative and will now be famous for burning the the last remnants of the Constitution.

Barack Obama has raised taxes on the middle class in a way that will cause constant economic recession.  The new normal for our country is 8-10% unemployment and 1% growth. 

You have a 75% chance of being dropped by your insurance now.  Maybe not today or tomorrow but soon.  No company can withstand the costs of country can either but the ability to print money allows the government to hang on for until we are Greece.

I want to swear, and shout, and punch the wall.  The Founding Fathers would go to war over this ruling....they did for much less.

Will Mitt Romney rise to the challenge of saving America?

Pfffft.  Im not holding my breath.

I need to decide what i will do next.....what will you do?