Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bill Whittle Weekend Continues....

I just cant get enough of Mr Whittle.  He is possibly the most convincing advocate for common sense thought our side has, yet he is unknown to far too many.  So in an attempt to get his wisdom out to the masses, here is another insightful ball of genius from my fav PJTVer.

 Have a restful Sunday.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Required reading....actually watching...

My weekends are torrid, spastic affairs due to my other car being a Zamboni and my job being a non strolling minstrel, so, I bring you stolen entertainment for a Saturday.

One of my favorite brains on the planet belongs to Bill Whittle and he implements perfect usage, along with a little nostalgic Pop Up Video"/Mystery Science Theater 3K theme, to poke some truth holes in the Obama propaganda film known as...."The Road We Traveled". 

If you are bored by politics but want to know the state of things....and knowing is half the battle....this is the perfect vehicle for you.  I urge you to forward it along to anyone who is wishy washy about voting "Anybody But Obama" in November.

On with the show..........

If you want further enlightenment today, i suggest you head over and check out one of  Bill Whittle's "Afterburner" videos.  The guy is just a couple thousand steps beyond, "smarter than the average bear".....

Enjoy your Saturday!

PS.  The other "head" in the video is Andrew Klavan....who is no slouch.  He is also a provider of quality content over at PJTV.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Testing 1, 2.....


Wait, what year is it?     2012?!?!    TWENTY TWELVE??!?!?!

Ive ignored my blog for over a year? Call it Obama fatigue. Ranting about the state of the nation as our fearless leader squeegees it down the public jon, was just tedious, but now....

 I SAY, But Now!

We are about 6 months out from election day. What may be our last chance to get off this freeway to socialism and tyranny, not to mention incompetence and insanity. I feel its my duty to get back in the game.

Today, i realized Blogger had become property of Google (Yay?) and i wanted to stick my toe in before jumping head first into the pool.

So....get your cameras ready....the show is about to begin....again.

 I apologize for anyone who has faithfully checked this spot and found nothing for a long, long, time.