Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free money......... and other misleading headlines

I find it hilarious that even though the media has no ammunition to fire at Sarah Palin, they refuse to stop trying to make her look bad. Look, you can disagree with her on some issues, thats fine, but this narrative that she is some stupid Alaskan hick who hang at the big boys table is complete bull.

Your example of dishonesty through media bias for today.

The mainstream media has all but removed the mask at this point, its unapologetically far left liberal. Its okay to see what they are saying....i do every day, but you must understand that much of their "hard news" is tainted by far left ideology and a hatred for all things different from them. Once you are aware of the prism you are looking through, you realize the world is much different than youre being told.

Dont take my word for it. Go. Find stuff out. Prove me wrong. I encourage it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where is the hand wringing?

Oh, if only Sarah Palin had screwed up the national motto.....

Front pages would be full...
Blogs would be afire....
Tv news would have their lead story....
The "stupid" police would be sending out an APB....

But no. It wasnt Sarah Palin who got the NATIONAL MOTTO wrong....It was Barack Obama, President of the United States-

So, you have heard.....nothing.

The next person that tells me Sarah Palin is the idiot while this empty suit, Obama, fumbles every time he opens his mouth, gets a swat from my pet T-Rex.

The National Motto? Seriously? Thats bad.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Be ugly....its for charity

What in the world would possess people to be this insane.

Some wacked out feminist group is urging chicks to grow a unibrow for "their choice". Whatever that means.

Cant grow a unibrow, you problem... suggests acquiring a real one using herbal remedies or merely faking one with an eyebrow pencil.

Why dont feminists realize men will do anything for a hot chick. If they want us to support their causes, they need to be less fugly, not more.

It makes me think there is one giant unibrow havin' angry feminist in charge somewhere. If you cant beat 'em, have them join you by making them hit themselves in the face with the ugly stick a few times. Its genius in a way. Do you think i could get everyone to walk on their knees to support some cause so i could be the tallest guy in the room?

Hmmmm....something to think about, i guess.

One last thing-- In case you werent 100% sure, ladies. Unibrows are nasty, and the most effective way to immediately make everyone flaccid in your presence, but hey, if thats what youre going for....

Update: "Im Back"

Just in case you thought the call for violence by liberals was only from a few radical nut jobs who dont represent the Democrat party as a whole, i give you......

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO)

Whats in your mouth?

Gotta love the liberal mind. They tell us a woman's body is hers and she can kill a baby at 8 months at the age of 16, if she is so inclined, but eat a donut.....yeah, thats where they draw the line.

They fight for the right of junior high school sex ed teachers to show the correct technique for putting a penis in your mouth....but a piece of cake....nope, too dangerous.

And you wonder why i think liberalism is completely insane.


You gotta wonder what the people who have the power to stop this are thinking. Why would you let a country who has never really liked us take control of a dangerous resource like URANIUM within our borders?

If you live in Wyoming i suggest you prepare for your new Russian neighbors by buying a lead suit. In other news, North Korea is now in charge of America's farms and Iran has become the controlling interest in all roller coaster factories.


Im back

Hello all......its been a while, but as the great Popeye said.....

Thats all I's can stand, and I's cant stand no more....

The country is being ruined by a group of people who have designs on controlling us. New laws on your checking account, McDonalds, your health insurance, food, gasoline, and electricity, are slowly making the federal government all powerful.

They are not even being that sneaky about it anymore. Many of these leftist wackos are now advocating violence to force their causes down your throat.

They realize their window of opportunity is closing. The last election was the first step in kicking their government worshipping buttocks out of power, but there is much work left to do. We still have an incompetent President who is increasingly making GW Bush look more and more like a genius. We still have a Senate controlled by disgusting human being like Harry Reid.

Bottom line. We have this window.....the time between December 2010 and November 2012 to save our generation. Another round of throwing garbage out of office (and that includes many Republicans)...and we may just turn the tide back towards freedom.

America really isnt a free country any more but it isnt a socialist slave state yet either. Its floating in between as we decide whether we are willing to fight. Are you?

Alec out