Sunday, July 29, 2012

Obamacare will cause murder

Yep, murder.

You know what happens when the government starts controlling healthcare.

They kill people to save money.

Dont believe me.


Read it and weep....seriously, so so sad....and preventable.....its call capitalism, and freedom jerkwads.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

1001 reason against voting for Obama

Only 1001? I found 4892 in 10 minutes of interwebs searches.

Its a good start though.

In case you are in a hurry, i suggest starting with Bill Whittle and then moving on to the reading of words, part.

It is split into 10 parts with 100 reasons each.

The first part is HERE.

Id forgotten so many of the idiot things Obama has done. This list is a must for people somehow still on the fence about their vote.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A little sanity to go with your morning coffee....

When youre right...youre right...

Amen, Bill O'Reilly.

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

Monday, July 9, 2012

Obamacare Takes Hold: Update #1

Consider this an ongoing series of stories about the pain and suffering Obamacare is already causing as its spindly little roots take their first bits of hold.

Doctors already are underpaid and over regulated by the government (i lost my doctor to government regulation recently, BTW). You pay $150 to visit your doctor because he has to overcharge you to make up for the few pennies he is reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid. The government doesnt pay market value for his services and you make up the difference. As Obamacare takes over though, it expands the amount of Medicare type patients to an overwhelming number. It also floods the system with more uninsured patients who think that health care is now "free". A consequence of Democratic politics. Less informed Americans who think they are owed something for nothing.

Just like any other socialist program, the problem of running out of other people's money is inevitable. Unlike America's past socialist programs, Obamacare begins with the United States already broke and drowning in generations of debt.

But i digress....

Bottom line. Got some of that shiny new Obamacare coverage....Good Luck finding someone to take you on as a patient.

Its going to become virtually impossible to find a doctor willing to take new patients as government mandates tie the hands of physicians tighter and make reimbursements lighter.

Speaking of S&M. You know who really gets a hard screwing? Grandma and Pappy.

Did you know that Obamacare takes 500 billion dollars from Senior citizen care. "politifact" called it "mostly false", then "half true". Soon they will admit its absolutely true.

So....lots more patients, less doctors, not nearly enough money, government bureaucrats.....

Can you say rationed care? Even better, can you say "Death Panels"

Its called IPAB. It already exists.

But thats another post....

Hat Tip to Moonbattery.

Obamacare: Preview of your new mandated Hell

What do you want first the bad news or the horror story?

You know what the biggest con job of this whole Obamacare situation is? Its that Health Insurance is worth anything. What good is having insurance "coverage" when there is no one providing health care. "What do you mean. Alec?" Im sure you are asking.

Well, folks, the reason health care is not and can never be a "right", is because, it is a product of someone else's work. No one owes you their sweat, labor, or attention just because you exist. When a tyrannical government suddenly takes away whats left of your freedom to make a living in a particular field, what would you do?

I knew what American doctors would do, because its happened everywhere else they were forced to become slaves of the government, but here is your confirmation.

83% of doctors are now considering quitting. I can hear many more screeching the brakes as they swerve around med school to seek other vocations.

So, tell me, Obamacare suckers, where you going to go with your handy dandy new "coverage" when 5/6ths of the MDs disappear. How bout when the next generation of family docs, specialists, and nurses never show up?

Yep, you are now going to be forced to pay a giant tax for "health insurance" you will never get.....I shouldnt say never....someone may show up eventually, if your lucky.

Then again, maybe not until its too late.

Thats right. You may die of thirst waiting for care.....BUT GOSH DARN IT, you will have "coverage".

This whole situation is sickening.

The horror show is just beginning.

We have one shot left to avoid the depths of this socialist misery.

We must elect Mitt Romney President and give him Republican majorities in the House and Senate. Allow them to repeal this monster before it starts to kill.

Democrats will not help turn this runaway freight train around, in fact, they are dropping the hammer on the accelerator in hopes you will be too apathetic or uninformed to pay attention before its too late.

This is the last off ramp before the cliff......seriously.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The stakes

This years election is a choice between the American people's greatness and crushing government burden and control. Obama is just a used car salesman trying to sell the country the same lemon its been breaking down in for 4 years. Why would we even consider reelecting a total failure? If he is too incompetent to handle the circumstances he ran to fix, its time to give someone else a chance.

Im tired of the excuses. Im tired of the pointing of fingers. Im tired of the arrogance. Im tired of the condescension. Im tired of the corruption. Im tired of the whining. Im tired of lie after lie after lie. Im tired of being told what i have to buy....what i have to eat....what lightbulb i have to use. Im tire of paying $3.50 for gas. Im tired of having a President who believes the government is more important than the people.

Its time for him to go.