Friday, August 31, 2012

One Leader, One follower

Today Mitt Romney hit the campaign trail, and one of his first stops was to meet with victims of Hurricane Isaac.

Yep, Barack Obama. The same guy who broke a long held tradition of not campaigning during the opponents nominating convention. The same guy who ignored the storm entirely and held campaign events all week, even as the GOP was respectfully cancelling an entire day of events during the tensest moments before landfall.

I never heard the phrase "leading from behind" until Obama began his Presidency, but after 4 years I can say im way too familiar with its meaning.

Not to mention, now it looks like Obama is only going to save face.....which he is.

Obama is famous for doing his"ME TOO, ME TOO" dance, but this move has all the class of a Jersey Shore toga party.

Speaking of saving face...... I noticed that the DNC added a few speakers to their convention once it was obvious that their line up was lacking the "Sis Boom Bah" of the GOP. A few more names you know but very "meh". It doesnt help that the original Democrats speaker list was serious weak sauce. I cant wait to watch the train wreck....i can smell it coming.....(yes i have the extra ordinary power to smell trains shortly before they derail and crash).

*Le Sigh*

I cant believe Summer is over.....that is depressing. I refuse. Im keeping it hidden under my bed for at least another month.

Have a safe weekend.

Mitt Romney obliterates the mark

Tonight Mitt Romney accepted the GOP nomination and concluded the Republican convention.

His speech....lets just say, if you watched it with any chance of voting for Romney, BLAM! may just volunteer for his campaign.

It was pretty much a home run. It was Presidential in a way we have not seen in at least 4 years, probably much longer. An absolutely, good man, with a lifetime of wisdom and earned success who, just......gets it. He hit triple triple twenty after triple triple darts speak.

I thought it would be hard to follow Paul Ryan's ninja moves from last night, but he did it. It was a much different speech than Ryan's, but in the exact way you would expect from the person heading the ticket.

I feel like, we truly have, the exact right two guys, at the exact right time, in history.

If the country somehow chooses Obama/Biden over these men of vision and substance, it will tell me that the country has traded the American spirit and freedom for European apathy and free condoms......and that would be a monumental tragedy.

Until that moment, I will continue to believe that, we the people, want America to be that shining city on a hill.

For that, there is only one choice.....

Romney/Ryan 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chris Matthews proves he is still a racist

What do you call a white guy who claims a morale superiority for living among minorities? What do you call him if he is lying and actually lives in a rich all white community?

Id call him the ultimate condescending, patronizing, elitist, racist, hypocrite.....but you can call him Chrissy Matthews.

The guy is pathogically focused on race and proud of it.....well that and behavior that reminds you of that crazy drunk uncle who shows up at Christmas and tells inappropriate jokes and makes everyone uncomfortable.

I honestly think he might be in need of some medication.....and there is nothing wrong with that, but there is something seriously wrong with the way he currently acts.

Ace agrees, which puts me in good company.

I cant help but wonder what delusional things he will say next.....

Fact Check my butt

So, Ive seen the so called "fact checkers" trying to tend to the missing limbs that Jedi, Paul Ryan, sliced from Obama's reelection chances with his magnificent light saber of a speech last night.

The AP is shills for Obama, thats no big news (get it, what i did there), but I really am surprised they are so willing to forever taint their brand with such obvious cheer leading. The facts are not only a mere 5 second "Google" away, but when you realize youre in a bombed out fox hole with the MSNBC hacks, its obvious you are doing something wrong.

Anyway, Paul Ryan was 100% accurate, and now everyone knows it.

The Democrats have still chosen to fire both barrels in this battle. Its sad desperation.  

Be prepared, its only going to get worse.

UPDATE:  The Obama's own words.

Paul Ryan is everything Democrats fear

When trying to defeat the candidates and the ideas of the GOP the Democrats open their stale dusty playbook and stare at its lonely single page. It says:

1. Paint the candidate at stupid (see George W Bush, Sarah Palin, Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle, etc)

2. Pain the candidate as old and out of touch (see George HW Bush, Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, etc)

3. If both 1 and 2 fail, destroy opponent with petty character attacks and make them look evil

Paul Ryan is invulnerable to all these petty attacks. They have no way to combat his youthful vigor, intellectual yet down to earth nature, and boy scout reputation. He is the best kind of American success story and he appreciates it......that must drive them crazy.

Tonight was his coming out party on the national stage. Could he live up to the hype? Im sure the Democrats had every finger and toe crossed in feverish anxiety, hoping he wouldnt, but let me tell you......

Paul Ryan is everything that makes this country great. A stark contrast to the belittling, "you didnt build it", negativity of Obama and his "government is the answer" failed philosophy.

You need to decide for yourself, of course, but tonight I was reminded once again, why i am a conservative. Freedom is the best medicine for all our country's problems, and only Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are offering it as a solution. Tonight's speech stuck that to the wall with a Ted Nugent sized knife and said "Read it and weep, suckers!"

If you dont have time to watch the whole thing, check out this excellent analysis of some of the importants parts.

Paul Ryan may have just dropped the "people's elbow" on the Democrats. Im not sure how they kick out of this one....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The difference between Presidents

You want to know why we liked George W. Bush even though he made some major mistakes and didnt seem to understand capitalism at times.

He was a leader and good man. He personally wrote to every single family that lost a soldier in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Sat down and spent time with a pen and paper to express his thanks to people who had paid the ultimate price for defending freedom.

That is how our side rolls.

It was never made public, never used to make Bush look good, and I guarantee that was by his orders.

You want to know how Obama handles this difficult job.

Yep, he just skips it. Not even a personal signature.

That is a disgrace and reason enough for him to lose in November.

Unfortunately for him, its reason #2974......still counting.

This one is a biggie for me.

Time for 120 rounds of golf, more fundraisers than any President ever, a vacation every other month, but not a minute for our fallen heros.

America is better than this man.

UPDATE:  Turns out it wasnt a time issue for Obama, but a priority one.  Seems that he had plenty of time to write a personal condolence letter to a rapper's family after his death.  Nothing against Heavy D, he occupies some cool memories from my college years, and the note was a nice gesture BUT-- If you cant be bothered to write to the families of our American heroes after they lose their life carrying out your orders, dont be passing them out to celebrities willy nilly.  It shows an immeasurable lack of judgment and a disturbing dearth of appreciation for whats important.

Our soldiers deserve better.

MSNBC is racist

Why else would they cut every minority speech from the GOP convention last night?

They either dont care what minorities have to say, OR they dont want you to hear what they have to say.

Seriously though, I truly believe they dont want you to hear what conservative minorities have to say because it makes their entire MSNBC payroll look out of touch and dishonest.

When known racist, Chris Matthews, spittles charges of prejudice at everyone who doesnt agree with his paranoid and deranged world view, it is classic transference.

The network is a joke and Im done ignoring their blatant attempts to slander an entire group of Americans.

PS  If you really want to see transference, listen to Barack Obama for 30 seconds.  He tells you exactly what he is doing by accusing others.  Its almost funny.....but its not.

GOP convention, so far, so good

The Republican Party has a new star. Mia Love is running for Congress in Utah against a entrenched incumbent who plain ole' sucks. I wish i could vote for her. She is fighting an uphill battle but has the right stuff to pull it off.

She gave a rousing speech tonight at the GOP convention that made me an instant fanboy. No matter what happens in this election, this women is a leader and is the future of the Republican party.

She happens to be African American, which causes the Democrats and liberal loud mouths to single her out for hateful treatment and have even defaced her Wikipedia entry.

I find it friggin hilarious that Republicans are called racists for criticizing one of the worst Presidential performances (measured by historical statistics, ie unemployment) in generations, yet Mia Love is targeted by the left because of her skin color and the media says nothing.

Lest you think it an isolated incident. Artur Davis gave an A-Mazing speech tonight and was attacked, too.

So much for that tolerance the Democrats are always bragging about.

Speaking of Speeches.

Ann Romney did the best job i think ive ever seen from a wife/husband at a political convention. Speeches arent her job, but she absolutely nailed it. You must watch it.

Those were the highlights for me last night, but i was encouraged by the quality of all the speakers so far.

By the way, Chris Matthews, the hate monger of MSNBC, is psychotic racist who hates....... Im sick of him pointing his crooked little finger at everyone else while he stereotypes people and lies his flaming drunk pants off. I plan on getting the word out.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Can you smell it?

I dont know....

Im starting to feel a little optimism about the November elections.....just a little, though.

Maybe its the giant Romney/Ryan crowds, meanwhile the Obama campaign is trying to disguise its weak turnouts with transparent excuses.

Maybe its a faith in the American people.

Maybe its the desperate lunatics on the left showing their growing fear by acting like.....well, desperate lunatics.

Maybe its the fact that the Democrats are betting the farm on making their convention about "women's issues" while actually, ignoring women's issues at their convention.

Maybe its the complete dearth of ideas offered by Obama in 4 years. I just dont see a light bulb exploding into a fiery glow over his head after being dark for his entire term. He is not a thinker, he is a community agitator with nothing to offer but empty platitudes and false promises....

Maybe its my belief that....fool me once, shame on you.....fool me twice, three times a lady....dont get fooled again.....

Yep, I think thats it.

Suck it, Monday.

Speaking of ads

I just saw the new Obama medicare ad. It doesnt include very much truth, if any, but man is it designed to scare people.

Thats what Obama's strategy is now. Scare you into his loving arms. So inspirational.

Anyway, the commercial is a giant pile of bull nuggets.

Hey, you dont have to believe me.....

Unable to find 3 GOP women who like him, Obama campaign lies....again.

This seems to be the norm with the Democrats in this election. Decide on a narrative and if the facts dont fit, lie.....

Obama released an ad touting "Republican Women for Obama". Not a bad idea really, I think Romney has released an ad with former Obama voters saying why they are changing sides. Unfortunately, I guess he couldnt find enough (what, like 3?) women who are Republicans and voting for him.....SO....

Its just so stupid. You cant tell me, with the FBI, CIA, etc at their disposal they didnt know these ladies werent Republicans. So why do it? Why produce the ad?

Does Obama and his team think you are that stupid? That you wouldnt bother checking? That you would never question him?

If Mitt Romney got caught using frauds in his political ads, it would be front page news.....did you even know about this?

Well, i think you should.

The Obama administration and its surrogates are either incompetent, have no respect for you, or both. If this act of petty, lazy, deception doesnt show that, then what?

I think America is better than this man. Someone who expects, even hopes for, zero, out of us.....

Knocking us down so you can offer a condescending, pity, hand up is.....not a leader.

Its time for Obama to go.

PS. You know who looks like a leader, the more i read about him?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The 2012 Campaign thus far.....

It was a momentum changing week for Presidential politics. The selection of Paul Ryan seems to have energized and focused what seemed like a floundering Romney campaign. They not only found their sea legs but have taken the fight to Barack Obama on big issues, most notably Medicare, an issue no Presidential Republican candidate has been able to tackle successfully....well, maybe ever. In fact, its been a decidedly issues oriented effort by the Romney/Ryan team. Obama/Biden.....well....not so much.

I think this says it all....

We are winning the battle of ideas, which is not surprising considering Obama has not offered any inspired policy thoughts in about 4 years. He ran on "hope" and "change", and its looks like those nebulous platitudes were the extent of his substance.

The more i learn about Barack Obama, the more it looks like he has spent his political career relying on promises of rainbows and unicorns, and using Chicago tactics to destroy his opponents. He has never won a campaign on or with ideas and this one will be no different.

Will America be fooled again by this naked emperor?

Not if i have anything to say about it.

Have a rest heavy Sunday.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mrs. Obama joins the fray

Using cancer as a political weapon seems icky to me.

M.O. "Ewwww, dont vote for Alec, he wants you to get cancer."

You      "But, he doesnt even know me."

M.O. "Yeah, but he hates you because his paycheck was big."

 You      "Wait....what....he's rich so he wants people to get cancer?"

M.O   "Well no, but he doesnt want you to have health care."

You        "Why not?"

M.O.    "Cause he's mean.  He doesnt want the federal government to raise taxes and borrow money from the Chinese so it can give you medicine"

 You       "Why would i want to get my medicine from the government when its bankrupt, does everything more slowly and more expensively than necessary, and is run by corrupt politicians?"

M.O.    "Yeah, but if you like him youll die.

 You         "Um....ok"

That is essentially the argument Michelle Obama has made.  Obamacare or death.  There are no other options in the universe.

Its really quite ironic when Obama's government has already started cutting back on preventive tests that catch cancer before it can kill....

These tests save lives....but they can be expensive.  Obamacare lets the government decide if your life is worth that expense.

Obamacare reduces every person's worth into dollars and cents, then a faceless bureaucrat gets to put that worth into a formula and decide if the math is favorable to the federal government.  They call these bureacrats yeah, they already exist and were created by Obama's legislation.

BUT Mrs. Obama and her zero expertise says, its Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the Republicans and their plan to open insurance policy sales to the free market and allow, you to decide what tests are worth it....its they who will cause your death via cancer.  

These type of transparent scare tactics, are all Team Obama are can muster..... their record is one of failure and broken promises.  They cannot point to accomplishments and are therefore left with Michelle Obama's big argument for this election, which is....

"He sucks worse than us!"

Yep. I know. Weak Sauce.

Hat Tip Gateway Pundit


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Joe Biden is a dummy dum dum cur

Joe Biden loves to tell stories.....well, fairy tales.  He has been caught making things up on more than one occassion (the '08 VP debate being an especially memorable performance) , but today he cruises past tall tale into the realm of disgusting, sickening, slanderous, malicious, defamation.

He stood in front of a crowd that included African American and said.....and i quote...

"They’re going to put y’all back in chains."

Yes, he insinuated (in a patronizing phony southern drawl) that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would literally enslave minorities if they win the election.

I know Obama and Biden are desperate, intellectually bankrupt, and remorseless, but to associate good men, with one of the greatest evils ever inflicted on our country just because you cannot make a coherent, fact based, argument, is sick. 

I dont know why, but it has pushed me to another level of fired up.

The choice in this election has quickly become one of character as much as policy.  To pull the lever for Obama/Biden, you now must be willing to side with men who are so morally corrupt that they would weaponize tragedy and use treacherous duplicity in order to demonize a political opponent.

Only in a day and age when the media is completely in the bag for the Democrats can such a demeaning, racist remark be ignored by every letter named network.

Sarah Palin was brutalized by the mainstream press for having a map with "targeted" districts during the 2010 elections.  That was supposedly incendiary, but Biden....that'll be just fine with the so called "journalist" class.

Yep, Palin is the dumb one, meanwhile, Biden just keeps on, keepin' on, the stupid. 

Only 3 months to go....ha.....ive already pulled my medulla oblongata.....

Gaffe or lie....does i matter?

I keep hearing a sound byte from Obama's stump speech today, in Iowa, telling his zombies that all he wants to do is help farmers (uh, transparent pander sauce anyone)....the next sentence being that Paul Ryan and House Republicans just wont let him pass an aid bill for them. 

All friggin day, the news plays this clip and i bet some people out there believe the false narrative that Obama just wants to use his magical unicorn to made life fertile and grand but mean Paul Ryan and his crew wont let him....

Then there is the truth....

The GOP passed a bill ripe with aid for farmers weeks ago.  In fact, they left a whole lot of stuff undone to make sure the bill was passed and help was available before their recess.

Is the President clueless about what goes on in Congress under his watch, or just lying to demonize his opponents?

Does it matter?

Incompetent or dishonest, do either describe what you want in a President for 4 more years?

Hat tip Gateway Pundit.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lying, liars, who lie.

Im sick and tired of hearing Barack Obama and his brain dead minions lie about....well everything, but as of this week its become about Paul Ryan and his budget.

Democrats have to hope you spend ZERO time fact checking the, full on, ass air that is coming out of their mouths.

Barack Obama took over 700 BILLION dollars from Medicare to spread around to his politically favored groups within Obamacare.  He took it from seniors who paid into the system their whole lives to buy the votes of those who havent paid a dime like illegal immigrants. Oh, and just in case that wasnt enough to blow a hole in your skull Obama is now advertising tax payer provided food stamps to those illegals while they break the law.

Meanwhile, Medicare is nearly bankrupt and will be officially broke by 2016 according to the nonpartisan trustees.

Paul Ryan's budget was co written with a Democrat Senator and held up by the Co Chair of  Obama's own Commisson on Fiscal Responsibility, as "...sensible, honest, and serious..."

SO-- every time you hear scary claims by these gutter swine, remember, they are desperate, dishonest campaign garbage. 

Obama is a liar.  He lies.  When he opens his mouth, there is lying.

Its difficult to sugar coat this pathelogical little man's ugliness at this point.  I want to stay respectful of the President but his open contempt for the American people has propelled me dangerously close to rage.  Any man who purposely pushes such putred perjury, knowing it will cause pain and poverty, is no longer worthy of  repute.  He has lowered himself to the petty, repugnant practices of third world propagandists.


Also, under Obama's non plan, the monthly Medicare premium will go from $100 to $250 by 2014.

Poverty for all, thats what Obama considers "fairness".

Sound good? 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A little Sunday Edutainment

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a seminal work.  It encapsulates the entirety of socialism with a touch of communist revolution and the disastrous results in a little over an hour.  Plus its a cartoon...YAY!

When watching Napoleon the pig, i cant help but think of Barack Obama.  Watching the laws change little by little is frighteningly familiar, especially after the Obamacare debacle in the Supreme Court.  I hear Democrats spewing the same language as the pigs on the farm as they slowly create tyranny.  Its unbelievable.

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others, right Barack?

Cronyism, elitism, and especially, hypocritical, divisive, dishonest leadership all are rampant in the slow train wreck that is Animal Farm.

Its a must watch at this point in America's history. 

We are at a fork in the road and one path leads towards Animal Farm.

Thanks to YouTube and public domain laws its free to watch whenever you have time.


Heavyweight vs Lightweight

Paul Ryan is an honest guy and heavyweight.  Obama.....well....

They dont get to debate this fall because Ryan is the candidate for Vice President, but we have already seen what happens when they face off.  Ryan left Obama looking like a Junior State Senator from Illinois when the President was forced to discuss actual policy.

Which guy looks like a leader? 

Remember, Ryan is merely the VP candidate.  If he out classes Obama this badly, what do you think Mitt Romney will do to him?

They dont even let Joe Biden sit at the adult table usually, so he's like a hound dog in an calculus class.

Like i said.....its heavyweights vs lightweights.

The truth hurts........Democrats

I read today that the democrat PACs are already dusting off the ridiculous commercial where a Paul Ryan look alike tosses Grandma off a cliff.  The typical old scare tactics of small minded obstructionists who only care about winning elections not governing.

Obama has no plan for Americans.  He has a plan to win the election.  A plan to turn America into a socialist welfare state where everyone begs the government for another crumb and arrogant, elitist, bureaucrats control every aspect of your life because you are a dumb, knuckle dragging, peon. A plan to seperate America into warring factions of rich and poor, black and white, occupy and tea party, city and suburb, north and south, and any other he can take advantage of.....

Its time to spread the truth.  The facts are our best weapon against these lowest common denominator tactics.

Barack Obama and his surrogates have shown that will say anything to be reelected.  He has renounced leadership and ideas, and sunk to a strategy that relies on ignorance and misplaced trust.

I will continue to believe, until the moment Obama is reelected, that America is a wise pile of benevolence that embraced the positive platitudes of "hope" and "change" but will not espouse the Presidents current offering of calumny and chicanery.

That said, i will expend lock stock and two smoking barrels attempting to defeat the left's misinformation machine every place possible until election day. 

Paul Ryan's attempt to save Social Security and Medicare is leadership, bold thinking, and consideration for future Americans. Democrats are attempting to punish  foresight and hoping petty smears trump truth.

What is the truth?  Well Im glad you asked.  Lets get this party started with an explanation from the man of the hour, himself

Go HERE yo

I cant seem to get the video to embed so you will have to just hit Das Link....

Much more to come.....

Have a pleasant valley Sunday.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Calling all cars....we got a 5150 in progress

I was reading the New Yorker online....yeah, i not sure why....

Anyway, they had this pathetic article claiming that Paul Ryan has no private sector experience and little governmental experience and probably isnt qualified to run for VP....

About 10 seconds in it hits me-

Obama did what of any any point in his life.....before jumping straight to P-P-P-President....not VICE President....the Oval Office?

Are these people even conscious of the hypocrisy clogging their pores....oh, if only it could give them a giant puss filled zit right in the middle of their doody spewing face, maybe they would at least notice something is infected within them.

Paul Ryan is the House Budget Chairman.  A position you cannot maintain with empty platitudes from a teleprompter and an adoring press.  Obama didnt so much as write the word "bill" in his 10 minutes in the Senate, let alone do anything as demanding as create a budget for the biggest, most complex. government on the planet.

Im not sure how im going to deal with this level of absurdity for the next 3 months.  It's only going to get worse as Obama gets more and more desperate.  He only knows the Chicago method.  Lie, and if that doesnt work, lie bigger, and if that doesnt work, lie your rear off and cheat. I expect Obama's pants to spontaneously combust at some point.

Turns out i wasnt the only one to read the article.  The Ace of Spades crew always lifts my spirits and are on fire today.  Definitely check out whats going on over there......

These jerkwads are seriously sick

So it took about 5 minutes for the liberal news asshats to start the bash party on Paul Ryan.

I expected that, because they are dim witted ignorant fools with no qualms about cheerleading for Obama, but I had to know what one of these tool chicks seriously had the gall to say....

Andrea Mitchell, one of the top ten arrogant idiots on tv, opened her pie hole wiiiiide...

"This is a base election. This is not a pick for suburban moms, this is not a pick for women."

First off....WTF does "this is a base election.." mean. She doesnt know, she just talks....

Second....two words. Sarah Palin. The ultimate suburban mom. A choice "for women" if there every was one, in the history of Presidential campaigns....and Ms. moron of morons Mitchell spent the entire campaign insulting her.

Next, Candy Crowley, another room temperature IQ with an opinion, sounded like she was so anxious to get on TV that all she could come up with a scary word. This human toe cheese said....

“This looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish.”


But Joe Biden, lying, plagerizing, gaffe machine, who finished at the bottom of his law school class, was an inspired choice? These people are mentally ill.

Do these back benchers really want to compare Romney's judgement to Obama's by way of their VP selection?  Seriously?

Bring it on.

Hat Tip Gateway Pundit

Paul Ryan is a great choice for VP

Well, we have our ticket.

Today, Paul Ryan became the official running mate of Mitt Romney.

What do I think, you ask?

In case the title of this post didnt give it away somehow, I like the choice.

Paul Ryan is a fiscal guru of sorts. A policy wonk, yet down to earth and personable as they come. He knows economic policy better than anyone in the Obama administration by a mile, and is able to articulate it in common sense terms.

Some say its a risky pick. Ryan has already been demonized by Democrats for penning a responsible budget. It is a given that they will try to paint him as a starver of old people and kids. The irony is, without a bold plan for cutting entitlements to a an affordable level like Ryan's, thats exactly what will happen when an unprepared dependant class just stops getting checks from a bankrupt Obama style government. Add the European style tax rates of 70% and you have a bleak picture.

The truth is, Obama has all but destroyed the wealth creation in America. 1 out of 6 Americans are poverty stricken. We have been over 8% unemployment for over 40 months with the real number being around 11% when you count people who have run out of benefits and are no longer counted by the government's goofy math. Job creation is being suffocated by Obama's regulatory agencies, especially the EPA. He refuses to allow the Keyston pipeline to be completed costing us jobs and driving up gas prices.

The point is, there is no better choice to fix an economy than a auccesful business man like Mitt Romney and no better brain to help implement the correct fixes than economic wunderkind, Paul Ryan.

The country now has an obvious choice.

Two of the best economic minds America has to offer, or Obama/Biden's failure, excuses, and finger pointing. Two successful men who are proven leaders, or two typical Washington DC, politicians who have offered zero solutions in 4 years. Freedom, capitalism, and a brighter future.....or Obama.

Its just that simple.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Are "D"'s nuts?

Politics has become such a spectacle that the actual consequences of actions by politicians is often buried under a garbage pile of slogans, talking points, media spin, and most unfortunately, a giant letter in parentheses.

Many Americans ignore politics believing it is just a phony game but put their whole hearted faith in the stupid letter that signifies to which party the candidate belongs.

George Washington warned about the evils of political parties. They become the lazy persons' vehicle for justification of a vote cast in complete ignorance. They are the politicians best friend, though, allowing blind loyalty.

Results have become much less important than they need to be, and failure has become acceptable due to successful demonizing of each party by the other....

In 2012, the Presidential election would be over already if political parties did not exist. There are very few intelligent people who could justify another vote for Barack Obama on results or merit. He is a failure by any measure, yet he is winning in some polls and is considered the favorite by conventional wisdom. That is seriously sad.

Do you want to know what happens when party affiliation becomes the factor on which most votes are cast?


The big question(s) in 2012. Do voters want to make the U.S. into California and will Democrats continue to blindly follow a letter instead of a leader?

I totally got lost writing this blog entry. I just wanted to intro another great video by my mentor, Bill Whittle, but got sidetracked by a thought about political parties. For the record, I despise them as an idea, and Republicans are guilty of being zombies for the party at times but never to this degree. George H W Bush was 100 times the President, Obama has been, and we threw him out for one lie. Obama has told 1000 yet the every day Democrat voter is still solidly enough behind him to make this election close.....that is a travesty.

That is my point, i think.

PS California is pathetic, isnt it?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama sinks to level of earthworm toe cheese

Obama has a history of slimy, classless. campaign tactics.

He used Chicago thug rules and the lack of a conscience to pick apart the names on his opponents' ballot petitions to get them thrown out of the election.....he then walked into the Illinois state senate over the strewn bodies of anyone in his way.

Then when he faced a probable loss in the Democrat primary for the US Senate, his opponent's sealed divorce records mysteriously were leaked. The media spent every moment helping Obama badger Hull about details of the messy divorce until Hull's campaign collapsed, allowing Obama to coast to victory.

THEN, when it looked like Obama had zero chance of beating a popular Republican named Jack Ryan in the Senate election, Ryan's SEALED divorce records were again targeted. A CALIFORNIA judge allowed the records to be opened. There were ugly allegations on both sides of the divorce but zero evidence of any crime. That didnt matter. Again, the press pounded Obama's opponent on unproven allegations and eventually forced Ryan from the race.

So, Obama walked into the US Senate after crawling through the dirtiest Chicago sewers and personally destroying every political opponent.

An empty suit with a thuggish Chicago campaign team.

That brings us to the present day.

Obama and his surrogates have insinuated that Mitt Romney is a felon, a tax evader, and a racist. All ridiculous and slanderous claims that the press willfully ignores. The Obama campaign hacks are pushing to have personal Romney records made public, MEANWHILE, we dont even know how Obama got into college, how he paid for it, and why, not one class mate, can vouch for him even ever being there.

TODAY, a commercial was released that claimed a woman died of cancer after Romney's former company closed a steel mill where her husband worked. The man claims they lost there insurance in 2002. The woman died in 2006. The story is nuts.....

Its unfair, untrue, and disgusting.

It doesnt matter.

There are no depths to which Obama wont go. He has proven that.

And we are just getting started.....

More to come...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Obamacare already pinching pennies, cutting care Obamacare update #2

These types of stories WILL be the norm unless we pull the ultimate 180 in November and turn the USA Titanic around by electing this point only found in the Republican party.

You know those tests the doctor does to catch cancer early or prevent a heart attack? Yeah, too expensive, i guess. The United States Preventive Services Task Force has already recommended that tests such as PAP smears, mammograms, and prostate cancer screenings be done away with, now add EKGs.

Have you heard about this in the news? I hadnt. I imagine, most wont ever learn that their health care is now lower in quality until they find out that they are dying of cancer. Cancer that could have been caught early and treated. Not anymore. Why? So Obamacare can provide a "free" doctor visit to an unemployed 26 year old with a cold.

We have one chance for preventive medicine with America's health. Spread the word, get registered to vote, research these issues and talk to your circle of influence. We need to cut out this Obamacare cancer before it becomes institutionalized and inoperable. Republicans must win every possible House and Senate seat, and absolutely MUST take back the White House from our "you didnt build that" p-Resident. Its the only course of treatment we have.....

Congrats to NASA

Im a huge space geek. I absolutely adore the grand adventures and the amazing accomplishments of NASA. I believe it is a perfect example of the greatness of America but also an example of how government has lost its way. Once a priority of a federal government with limited and intended purpose, it is now cut to the bone and a shell of the magnificent organization that put a man on the moon. It has become a victim of a government whose politicians are more enamored with buying votes, socialist entitlement programs, and pork, than big ideas and the ambitious thinking in astrophysics, exploration, and rocket science.

Obama cancelled our space program, the ORION project, which was to go back to the moon. On the surface it seems prudent to back burner such projects while the economy lags and the budget runs TRILLION dollar deficits, but Obama's spending has not been restrained when bailing out union pensions, or buying GM and then "lending" it billions of dollars that are never going to be repaid.

Who will inspire the children to reach for the stars? The government worker telling them they have to wait 6 months for a doctor visit when they are sick, because of Obamacare rationing and doctor shortages, but dont worry when they do get an appointment...its "free" (meaning its being paid for by a small business owner who works 16 hours a day but grosses 200K so is considered "rich" even though he cant afford to take an actual salary).

But i digress.....

We were reminded of the glory days early this morning, as an insanely complicated, and wonderful adventure from Earth to Mars ended with a picture perfect touchdown of a car sized rover named "Curiosity".

The story of Curiosity is an amazing one. Especially its last minutes before landing. They were referred to as the "7 minutes of terror".....seriously.

Wil Wheaton explains....

Anyway, just thought it was really quite cool. It made me smile to see America sneak in a little greatness, in spite of Obama.

Happy Monday. UPDATE: Check out the first pics of Mars sent back by "Curiosity".

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Joe Paterno railroaded

JoePa is Innocent!

I will believe that until i am proven wrong. As a Penn Stater who graduated, stuck around State College....left, came back....left....came back, and now is semi firmly planted less than a mile from campus, I know how this town works. The locals loved Joe Paterno, but the powers that be at Penn State always resented him. Joe was the peoples champion, while the stuffy, out of touch, elitist tools that ran PSU, like Graham Spanier, seemed to resent the people.....SO-

Given a chance to destroy Paterno's reputation while deflecting blame from themselves, they jumped on it.

What was the evidence for the NCAA sanctions and world wide scorn? The Freeh report. Well, that report says NOTHING that proves Joe Paterno of any wrong doing. Not even close....

I read the Freeh report. Its a pile of maybes and unidentified references, but ill leave it to those more worldly and experienced than myself to explain it.

Head over to POWERLINE blog and read what they have to say about Joe Paterno's involvement in SanduskyGate as stated by the "Freeh Report". I bet you are surprised, after what you have been told by the press.

The smearing of Paterno is a travesty.