Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mrs. Obama joins the fray

Using cancer as a political weapon seems icky to me.

M.O. "Ewwww, dont vote for Alec, he wants you to get cancer."

You      "But, he doesnt even know me."

M.O. "Yeah, but he hates you because his paycheck was big."

 You      "Wait....what....he's rich so he wants people to get cancer?"

M.O   "Well no, but he doesnt want you to have health care."

You        "Why not?"

M.O.    "Cause he's mean.  He doesnt want the federal government to raise taxes and borrow money from the Chinese so it can give you medicine"

 You       "Why would i want to get my medicine from the government when its bankrupt, does everything more slowly and more expensively than necessary, and is run by corrupt politicians?"

M.O.    "Yeah, but if you like him youll die.

 You         "Um....ok"

That is essentially the argument Michelle Obama has made.  Obamacare or death.  There are no other options in the universe.

Its really quite ironic when Obama's government has already started cutting back on preventive tests that catch cancer before it can kill....

These tests save lives....but they can be expensive.  Obamacare lets the government decide if your life is worth that expense.

Obamacare reduces every person's worth into dollars and cents, then a faceless bureaucrat gets to put that worth into a formula and decide if the math is favorable to the federal government.  They call these bureacrats yeah, they already exist and were created by Obama's legislation.

BUT Mrs. Obama and her zero expertise says, its Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the Republicans and their plan to open insurance policy sales to the free market and allow, you to decide what tests are worth it....its they who will cause your death via cancer.  

These type of transparent scare tactics, are all Team Obama are can muster..... their record is one of failure and broken promises.  They cannot point to accomplishments and are therefore left with Michelle Obama's big argument for this election, which is....

"He sucks worse than us!"

Yep. I know. Weak Sauce.

Hat Tip Gateway Pundit


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