Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama sinks to level of earthworm toe cheese

Obama has a history of slimy, classless. campaign tactics.

He used Chicago thug rules and the lack of a conscience to pick apart the names on his opponents' ballot petitions to get them thrown out of the election.....he then walked into the Illinois state senate over the strewn bodies of anyone in his way.

Then when he faced a probable loss in the Democrat primary for the US Senate, his opponent's sealed divorce records mysteriously were leaked. The media spent every moment helping Obama badger Hull about details of the messy divorce until Hull's campaign collapsed, allowing Obama to coast to victory.

THEN, when it looked like Obama had zero chance of beating a popular Republican named Jack Ryan in the Senate election, Ryan's SEALED divorce records were again targeted. A CALIFORNIA judge allowed the records to be opened. There were ugly allegations on both sides of the divorce but zero evidence of any crime. That didnt matter. Again, the press pounded Obama's opponent on unproven allegations and eventually forced Ryan from the race.

So, Obama walked into the US Senate after crawling through the dirtiest Chicago sewers and personally destroying every political opponent.

An empty suit with a thuggish Chicago campaign team.

That brings us to the present day.

Obama and his surrogates have insinuated that Mitt Romney is a felon, a tax evader, and a racist. All ridiculous and slanderous claims that the press willfully ignores. The Obama campaign hacks are pushing to have personal Romney records made public, MEANWHILE, we dont even know how Obama got into college, how he paid for it, and why, not one class mate, can vouch for him even ever being there.

TODAY, a commercial was released that claimed a woman died of cancer after Romney's former company closed a steel mill where her husband worked. The man claims they lost there insurance in 2002. The woman died in 2006. The story is nuts.....

Its unfair, untrue, and disgusting.

It doesnt matter.

There are no depths to which Obama wont go. He has proven that.

And we are just getting started.....

More to come...

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