Thursday, February 25, 2010

The health care summit

Today is the big health care summit between Barack Obama et al and Republican leaders. Its a complete sham with Obama and Democratic leaders having already said change your mind and agree with us or shut up and go away because we are doing what we want anyway. This is political gamesmanship at its Obama-est. He says a bunch of semi coherrent and semi logical things that he doesnt mean or ever plan to act on in order to make Republicans seem like they are obstructing his agenda because they are mean. Its typical, transparent, and right out of the Democrat play book, but at this point, i imagine, it cant make things any worse and maybe a few squishy moderates intellectual lightweights might fall for it.

Ill give you a highlight reel after its over so you dont have to try and translate 5 hours of politicians using political language into english.

Just in case you need to see it live or need help falling asleep for your midday nap...

C-Span is streaming some of it live HERE.

The facts are getting out

Liberals like to say that Americans are stupid, well i disagree. Many times they are apathetic and sometimes they are uninformed but when given the facts and a reason to care, the usually make the right call.....

The truth is, Democrats need you stupid and apathetic to enact their destructive agenda. The more you know, the less fooled you are by their political showmanship, misdirection and hopey changey slogans.

As for that 25% that still doesnt get it......they think Elvis is alive and Dane Cook is funny, so....some are beyond help.

Hat Tip to the great website, Gateway Pundit for the story.
And, this comes from CNN?
Only 25% of Americans want the big spending democrats to pass their nationalized health care bill.

CNN reported:

Although the overall health care reform bills passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate are unpopular, many of the provisions in the existing bills are extremely popular, even among Republicans, according to a new national poll.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Wednesday also indicates that only a quarter of the public want Congress to stop all work on health care, with nearly three quarters saying lawmakers should pass some kind of reform.

But, it doesn’t matter. Democrats will try to ram it through anyway.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clown justice?

DUDE- Clowns are frakkin' freaky and even the thought of running into one walking down the street is enough to make me a shut in, BUT....

Getting arrested for wearing a clown mask seems like a bit of an abuse of power....whats next, being arrested for making an ugly face....or how bout just being ugly, period. Scary stuff.

There must be more to this story, right?

More hypocrisy

I ran into this article and thought it was a great supplement to my earlier post on Democrat hypocrisy.

They just get funnier the more i stare.

I just keep imagining Obama doing this:

PS What happened to Obama's State of the Union promise to focus on jobs and the economy? Hmmmmm....i guess giving a speech isnt the same as governing.....

I cant remember a guy so famous for his talking yet everything he says is either untrue or made untrue by his actions.

A new toy/tool.....and a test.

I found this Firefox add on that claims it will allow me to "clip" info and stoof from sources and websites more easily. I thought i would give a try.

Here is a little info in case you are interested in this sort of thing. It seems handy so far. Final assessment to come at a later date.
clipped from

Instead of linking to entire web pages, Clipmarks lets you clip exactly what you want others to see. Our browser add-on lets you save and share what you're reading on the web with greater precision than is possible with links. There are lots of things you can do with your clips:

  • Save them on Your clips can be saved publicly for others to learn from or be entertained by, or you can make them private. Either way you've got a fully searchable collection of great things you find on the web.
  • Post them directly to your blog Clipmarks offers direct integration with wordpress, blogger, typepad, live journal and other blogging platforms, enabling you to post anything you clip from a web page directly to your blog. demo
  • Email them to friends Straight from any web page you can clip and email something you want friends, family or co-workers to see. demo
  • Clipmarks
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    There is a excruciatingly small limit to the number of words/characters you are allowed to clip per use. This may greatly limit my use of the tool.....just a note of caution to anyone interested in trying it.

    A lesson in hypocrisy-- with video

    Having so screwed up the health care reform issue that even with a 59 - 41 advantage in the Senate and a 255 - 178 advantage in the House, the Democrats cannot pass a bill.

    Instead, the Democrats are trying to use parliamentary tricks in order to force through the biggest transfer of private wealth and power to the government in our country's history.

    Per usual, the Democrats had a much different opinion of using this legislative strategy a few years ago.

    Imagine if the Republicans were actually trying to take over 1/6 of the nations economy. The Democrats would have lost it...i figure this would have been Barack Obama's reaction....

    The hypocrisy is quite impressive.

    Keep up the fight.

    Happy Hump Day

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Climategate: Ignored by the media....SURPRISE!

    It turns out that climate change is only a story to the American media when its being blamed on people. As more and more facts refuting anthropologic global warming come out and more and more corruption within the climate change activist community is exposed through the media in other countries, the biggest names in American journalism seem to be ignoring the story completely.

    Well, it took a while but i did find someone that had noticed the deafening silence from the main stream media.

    Take a gander at THIS y'all.

    No matter your opinion on the legitimacy of man made climate change, it should frighten you that the pursuit of the truth seems only important to the MSM when the outcome fits a specific narrative.

    I could be convinced by evidence, not propaganda and lies, and the more i read the more it seems, that is all the UN, Al Gore and his cronies have to offer.

    Is Barrack Obama in touch with reality?

    I stumbled apon an story on one of my daily reads -- My Pet Jawa that argues no.

    It lead me to an article on the Canada Free Press website that is beyond compelling.

    Is Barrack Obama's personal history (the one we have been told, at least) greatly exaggerated and/or completely invented? According to some sources it may be.

    If nothing else, it may give you a bit more understanding on who he is, considering there has been a concerted, yet subtle effort to keep much of his past hidden.

    A must read.

    Happy 30th Anniversary Miracle on Ice

    30 years ago today, America slayed the dragon as a group of young college kids defeated the seasoned pros of the Soviet Union.

    It was a symbolic beginning to America's resurgence in the 1980's after the disastrous Carter years.

    Anyway....America needed a win and it got one for the ages....

    Do it, Rockapella!

    If you are my generation you may remember a game show for kids called "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?" The highlight of which was the theme song by the a cappella legends Rockapella. Well....i found your entertainment....

    Do It Rockapella

    Hypocrisy as a rule

    I was going to blah blah about this story but i found it already done....well.... so just go HERE.

    This stuff happens every day and its lack of coverage drives me batty.

    A country of laws or a country of men?

    Corrupt Chicago politics has truly infested Washington DC.

    The White House has broken federal election law.

    Now the question is....will they be held account or will this story disappear without mainstream media coverage. If this was George Bush, I guarantee this would be front page it should be.

    Now we will find out if laws mean anything or if being a Democrat President means you get a pass....even in criminal circumstances.

    Health Care Emergency

    Well, its come to this.

    The Obama administration has promised to steal your health care and force you into slavery of the federal government.....

    If you have health care...expect it to become more and more expensive until you are forced onto the government roles where you will be forced into a DMV style, inefficient, bureaucrat run system where access to health care, medicine, and treatments will be controlled by politicians and rationed.

    America does not want this. Obama does not care. We must fight now or forever lose this important freedom. If Obama and the Democrats force us into a socialized medical system, we will never get out.....taxes will increase to levels never seen in America, including the addition of a Value Added Tax or VAT which will be a 10%-20% sales tax added to EVERYTHING.

    Keep your eye on the Drudge Report for the latest news on this travesty.

    Get the word out.

    Sunday, February 21, 2010

    Can I get a witness?

    "Conservatives believe.....that if you should happen to find success along the way, on the road to happiness, you shouldnt be demonized or penalized for it...."

    ---Glenn Beck
    CPAC 10


    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Curling Cold War is on!

    Its a 4-4 tie between the US and Russian Federation women going into the 10th and final End.

    Edge of your seat stuff people....


    The USA skipper has her win if you make it -- lose if you miss it, shot, AND.............


    Perfect shot gives the US 6 - 4 win over the Russians.

    That makes the US teams 1 - 7 so far this Olympics.

    Tiger Sorry-- :( takes some serious Xanax to look this emotionless. Its some real bad acting and definitely leaves a ton of questions. Anyway, in case you were curious what a totally fake apology that you are forced to give for PR reasons looks like....

    Here you go....

    The AP story

    Happy Friday

    Happy TGIF.

    Hope everyone is planning lots of fun for the weekend. Id say have as much as you can while you still have a few bucks in your pocket.

    I think its coffee time.....

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Liberal policy = trickle down poverty Part LXI

    What happens when you take liberal environmentalist wackos and let them control government policy? They screw up your country and quite possibly your life. Many times directly, but more often in ways you will never see first hand.

    128 people will lose their jobs on April 18th. Why? Because a bunch of faceless liberal bureaucrats used a faceless liberal intellectual's computer model (yeah, just like global warming) to predict that their might be a few less of a kind of fish next year. The data they used hasnt been proven accurate and their computer models obviously suck.

    Check It.

    This will decimate the small town of Gouldsboro, Maine, but it doesnt stop there. These same liberals are making other decisions that will hurt the entire fishing industry, inevitably costing more jobs and greatly raising prices for consumers like you. New radical environmental regulations will force fisherman to use new more expensive equipment, spend more for bait, and drive up the price of fuel.

    Why? Because of ideology. Not facts, not whats best for America or Americans, not whats logical, not even what is best for the environment. Its because some tree hugger wants to save every single fish from every evil meat eating human. Its because what they (intellectuals) want is more important than what you (working peons) want. Well, now those arrogant, naive, thoughtless, power hungry, and many times, insane, progressives are running your country. Like a cancer, they are slowly eating away at the foundations of our economic system and our freedom.

    Unfortunately for every big battle we may win, like the global warming hoax, there are many, many, more nameless smaller struggles that we dont even know are being fought. Thats why elections matter and every single liberal Democrat who is elected to our government can be dangerous.

    Will your job be next?


    Democrats have a history of losing the arguments then turning to underhanded smears to handicap or completely remove the competition. Ask Barrack Obama how he became Senator in the first place.

    Anyway- Now that the Tea Party and regular Americans are informing themselves and have shown themselves to be players in the 2010 elections, the Democratic national leadership has decided they cant sit back and rely on their usual playbook of misrepresenting Keynesian economics and themselves. Debating the issues is also not an option with an informed public always siding with the common sense candidates (not liberal Democrats). That leaves only one option for politicians desperate to keep power...

    Release the hounds....

    Its going to be an interesting election cycle.


    Now they are saying this is all rumor. I believe its happening...whether or not they make a big public display of the meetings is irrelevant.

    On what planet?

    Obama left reality today (again). You have to wonder if he is kept in such a bubble of "yes" men that he really buys into this idiocy, or if he is a liar beyond contempt who hopes you are dumb enough to believe his empty words over every single fact in the economic world.

    How could anyone still believe this guy is anything but the worst kind of politician?

    What part of 10% unemployment, record national debt, record budget deficit, and a nonexistant recovery did the "Stimulus" Bill's 850 Billion dollars fix.

    The whole thing was a boondoggle to be paid for by your children and grandchildren that did nothing but spread your money around to Obama's friends and cronies.

    Doubling down on this failure by lying about obvious facts.....and sticking his finger in your face while he does it, is insulting and shows a frightening lack of character.

    How long until 2012?

    Is it ok to come out yet?!?!?

    Looks like Tiger Woods is sticking his pinky toe into the water to see if its sufficiently forgotten what a douche bag he is and willing to allow his cannon balling.

    Oh to be a fly on that wall.

    How do i get an invite?

    USA vs Germany

    I just realized the American woman curlers are playing Germany as we speak....

    I missed the first 3 ends but it is 1-0 Germany in end 4.

    Also, the German women are scary.

    Updates as the match progresses....


    America's skipper chokes again and instead of getting 2 or 3 ends up with a single point after an awful chuck.

    US 1 - Germany 1
    Through 4 Ends


    A couple of weak throws by US women and 1 great throw by Germany's skipper gives her team a hat trick.

    Germany 4 - US 1
    Through 5 Ends


    A couple points for the US in the 6th and 7th make is 4 - 3 but another great shot in the 8th puts 2 on the board for the Germans....The US skipper is just not very good.

    Germany 6 - US 3
    Through 8 Ends


    Needing 2 points in the final End to tie the score and force extra Ends the US fails as Germany's skipper does her job well (again) and closes the match with defensive *clonck* knocking out America's tying stone.

    Final Score
    Germany 6 - US 5

    Other scores:
    Canada pulls 2 points out of no where in the 10th and final End to beat gritty gutty Japan 7 - 6.

    Hump Day

    Happy Wednesday All--

    USA lost to Japan in a curling barn burner 9-7 in which the final stone could have tied or won it for the US but instead left the Japanese stone literally millimeters closer. It was a giant choke....for those who care.

    Its a suck bomb of poo that 90% of the shows i watch are on hiatus while the Olympics are on....its curling or nothing for a couple of weeks. Guess ill get through that stack of Us Weekly and People ive been neglecting.

    Most of the Olympics coverage is boring and only worth a "check in" once in a while. Why does every other channel cede their audience by not airing their best series?

    Im off to dig through the news....

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Curling starts today!

    Im really not into the Olympics anymore. As a kid i loved them and watched almost every event they put on TV. Maybe its because they seem like they have been cheapened by being set up so that they occur every two years, or maybe because we dont have the cheater Soviet Union and their steroidal communist Ivan Dragos to play the bad guy to our Rocky Balboas.

    Irregardless, i cant muster much motivation to mind the matches....there is one exception though. The only event that is worth the price of admission to me in the 21st century is curling. Im not sure why or even whats going on much of the time but big circular sliding stones and spastic sweeping now do it for me.

    So, if you cant get into ski racing or ski jumping or ski trickery (yes, thats a sport now) or biathlon (thats skiing and shooting...which would be promising if it had more shooting and less skiing)-- or if you are a female waiting for figure skating to come on....whats the fascination there ladies? Give curling a look-see-- There is something oddly entertaining about it....and its HUGE in Canada.

    Todays TV Curling Schedule

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Fun stuff too

    This blog wont be just politics and serious issues.

    Some time wasting links for today.

    Another reason to love my Sirius/XM satellite radio....Anthony Bourdain is getting a radio show.

    HaHa of the day-- Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) was kicked off a Southwest Air flight for being too fat to fly. Thats gotta hurt.

    Im sure this movie will be ridiculous awesome terribleness....they had me at the title. Who isnt curious to see an actual Sharktopus.

    A little to jovial for you so far. Here are 6 disasters waiting to happen. BLAM!

    Under the heading.....things that prove America is still pretty great. A little food AWESOMENESS.

    Finally, in honor of Presidents Day. A list of the 43 Presidents in order of sexiness. (Yes, there are only 43 Presidents, Grover Cleveland was both the 22nd and 24th President.)

    Happy Presidents Day.

    Climategate Roundup

    Here is a good list of the recent Climategate scandals....

    The List

    Eat meat or you hate the least this week.

    Staying with our environmental theme today.....

    This just goes to show, no matter what someone tells you is good for the environment, there is a 50% chance they are full of crap.

    Either that or they will prove the opposite next year in another study.

    Ill stick to eating whatever i want, it hasnt caused the Earth to implode so far...

    My message to environmentalist wackos......

    "Eat Me"

    BREAKING---- Man Made Global Warming Theory DEAD!

    Oops....we lied....says lying climate liar Phil Jones

    There you go. They are finally admitting it. Anyone who is still carrying this douche colored flag is either blindly worshiping at the alter of the enviroweenies or sadly uninformed.

    Its time for Americans to stop being tools of the UN snake oil salesmen and federal grant addicted left wing ideologue college professors. Trumpeting this fraudulent issue gives these people an excuse to control your life in ways in which you are not even aware. Now that the actual facts are coming out, there is nothing else to do but admit you were wrong and dismiss Al Gore as the turd sucking liar he is....

    Those of us who were right all along will welcome you into the light.....

    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    Testing one....two....

    2010 is here and as i dont watch the winter olympics i was about to post a comment to my Facebook page that some would find infuriating when i realized that Facebook isnt really the place for my ginourmous intellectual bunker busting life lessons.

    I decided i needed somewhere else, an oasis if you will, to opine without restraint. Most people dont want to deal with the argument i started over NAFTA if they are just logging in to play Farmville, so im planting my flag here in generic blogger world. That way Facebook can stay upbeat, funny fun fun, and rooted in mundane status updates. I cant promise it will always be that way here.....but i can promise an informed perspective that has a 18% chance of making you laugh. a 14% chance of making you cry, and a 36% chance of making you scream at your computer.

    Who knows what this site will become but i can promise that coming here will give you a front row, 50 yard line seat as.....Alec saves the world.