Monday, February 22, 2010

Health Care Emergency

Well, its come to this.

The Obama administration has promised to steal your health care and force you into slavery of the federal government.....

If you have health care...expect it to become more and more expensive until you are forced onto the government roles where you will be forced into a DMV style, inefficient, bureaucrat run system where access to health care, medicine, and treatments will be controlled by politicians and rationed.

America does not want this. Obama does not care. We must fight now or forever lose this important freedom. If Obama and the Democrats force us into a socialized medical system, we will never get out.....taxes will increase to levels never seen in America, including the addition of a Value Added Tax or VAT which will be a 10%-20% sales tax added to EVERYTHING.

Keep your eye on the Drudge Report for the latest news on this travesty.

Get the word out.

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