Thursday, February 25, 2010

The health care summit

Today is the big health care summit between Barack Obama et al and Republican leaders. Its a complete sham with Obama and Democratic leaders having already said change your mind and agree with us or shut up and go away because we are doing what we want anyway. This is political gamesmanship at its Obama-est. He says a bunch of semi coherrent and semi logical things that he doesnt mean or ever plan to act on in order to make Republicans seem like they are obstructing his agenda because they are mean. Its typical, transparent, and right out of the Democrat play book, but at this point, i imagine, it cant make things any worse and maybe a few squishy moderates intellectual lightweights might fall for it.

Ill give you a highlight reel after its over so you dont have to try and translate 5 hours of politicians using political language into english.

Just in case you need to see it live or need help falling asleep for your midday nap...

C-Span is streaming some of it live HERE.

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