Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On what planet?

Obama left reality today (again). You have to wonder if he is kept in such a bubble of "yes" men that he really buys into this idiocy, or if he is a liar beyond contempt who hopes you are dumb enough to believe his empty words over every single fact in the economic world.

How could anyone still believe this guy is anything but the worst kind of politician?

What part of 10% unemployment, record national debt, record budget deficit, and a nonexistant recovery did the "Stimulus" Bill's 850 Billion dollars fix.

The whole thing was a boondoggle to be paid for by your children and grandchildren that did nothing but spread your money around to Obama's friends and cronies.

Doubling down on this failure by lying about obvious facts.....and sticking his finger in your face while he does it, is insulting and shows a frightening lack of character.

How long until 2012?

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