Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Curling starts today!

Im really not into the Olympics anymore. As a kid i loved them and watched almost every event they put on TV. Maybe its because they seem like they have been cheapened by being set up so that they occur every two years, or maybe because we dont have the cheater Soviet Union and their steroidal communist Ivan Dragos to play the bad guy to our Rocky Balboas.

Irregardless, i cant muster much motivation to mind the matches....there is one exception though. The only event that is worth the price of admission to me in the 21st century is curling. Im not sure why or even whats going on much of the time but big circular sliding stones and spastic sweeping now do it for me.

So, if you cant get into ski racing or ski jumping or ski trickery (yes, thats a sport now) or biathlon (thats skiing and shooting...which would be promising if it had more shooting and less skiing)-- or if you are a female waiting for figure skating to come on....whats the fascination there ladies? Give curling a look-see-- There is something oddly entertaining about it....and its HUGE in Canada.

Todays TV Curling Schedule

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