Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Democrats have a history of losing the arguments then turning to underhanded smears to handicap or completely remove the competition. Ask Barrack Obama how he became Senator in the first place.

Anyway- Now that the Tea Party and regular Americans are informing themselves and have shown themselves to be players in the 2010 elections, the Democratic national leadership has decided they cant sit back and rely on their usual playbook of misrepresenting Keynesian economics and themselves. Debating the issues is also not an option with an informed public always siding with the common sense candidates (not liberal Democrats). That leaves only one option for politicians desperate to keep power...

Release the hounds....

Its going to be an interesting election cycle.


Now they are saying this is all rumor. I believe its happening...whether or not they make a big public display of the meetings is irrelevant.

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