Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Remember when?

This stuff kills me. People with a particular political leaning or who live in a fictional realm of elf lords and vampires may miss the red headed step child treatment of conservatives in the media, but those of us on the big boy, Chuck Norris living, real world are beaten about the head and neck with it daily.

And they call us "deniers" for wanting proof that my minty fresh breathe is destroying the planet.

What do you have to say about that big fat denying deniers who deny?

Via Hot Air.
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Video: Remember when the media thought hateful political rhetoric was cool?

Hint: It wasn’t that long ago, although given the blackout on this sort of thing at the time, you can’t blame people like Gibbsy for thinking that it never happened. This trip down memory lane comes from Evan Coyne Maloney, not as an apology for recent threats against the Democrats, of course, but as an indictment of the insane double standard practiced by the establishment left in raising alarms about irresponsible rhetoric. How insane? Take two minutes and work your way through this post at Verum Serum. It’s worth it.
The open question is why the double standard exists in the first place. Fear of the threat from militias, which the FBI says is exaggerated? Secret agreement among mainstream lefties that Bush really might have aspired to be a new Hitler? Or is it good ol’ fashioned partisan political advantage at work? As you might have guessed, I’ll take what’s behind door number three.
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Democrat is scared of Grandma

Its funny how these Congress tools are tough talkers while hiding out in Washington DC but once they have to face the voters they cant face senior citizens and angry soccer moms.

The only time there is any violence at a town hall is when Democrat thugs bully people or like in my earlier post, bite off someone's finger.

They dont think they have to answer to us anyway. I cant wait until November.

Via Gateway Pundit.

It has begun.
Democrat Tim Ryan canceled his town hall on health care over concerns that he might be attacked by his constituents.


In his cancellation notice his staff made clear:

“Don’t get me wrong, Congressman Ryan will debate anyone, anytime.”

He’ll debate anyone at anytime.
…Just not in public and not at a town hall meeting.

The Hill reported:

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) canceled a town hall on the new healthcare law Tuesday because of concerns about the security of the event.

The congressman’s office cited safety issues at the facility where the meeting was to take place and threats to his office, according to a report by News21.

“We just thought it best to cancel it for safety concerns. This was not meant to be a place where we’re going to talk partisan politics,” Pat Lowry, a member of Ryan’s staff, told News21. “Don’t get me wrong, Congressman Ryan will debate anyone, anytime.”

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20 year recession?

Ive said from the get go that Barack Obama and his progressive policies are suicide for a prosperous and free society. He is the anti Reagan. Just as Ronald Wilson Reagan engineered 20 years of peace and thriving economy, Obama is causing chaos on the world stage and dismantling the capitalist system dooming the US to 20 years of recession, hardship, and poverty.

Its a given that sycophantic press blame this coming dark era on everything but Obama's incompetent leadership and flawed thinking. George W. Bush does shoulder some blame by putting a crack in the capitalist dam, but a true leader would have fixed the leak not blown up the levee, Katrina style.

As America becomes more aware of her impending circumstances, keep an eye on where the blame is laid and what are labeled the problems.

The radical left has a history of using its own failures for proof that it hasnt gone far enough and that freedom has failed. That is possibly the dumbest thing anyone has ever thought in the history of the entire universe, but be prepared because the people surrounding Barack Obama actually believe it.

Obama's failures will pile on an already tired nation. Its going to get worse before it gets better. Just know that the answer to our problems is right in front of us. Liberty can repair the United States as quickly as big government liberalism has broken it.

I must wonder.

News is all over the blogosphere today about Obama expanding oil drilling on the east coast of the US. If this is the common sense move it initially seems to be, i applaud Obama and give him a spirited "Atta boy!" pat on the back. Of course, i have my suspicions and am sure the sneaky details will do more harm than good.

Reaction has been all over the map.

Republican leaders are saying it doesnt go far enough.

One of my fav Conservative bloggers is exposing the those sneaky details.

Lefties are also wondering what was the carrot and how big is the stick.

Young environmentalist zombies are naturally throwing down their XBox controllers in rage.

The professional enviroweenies are split. I imagine some want to defend the "Obamamessiah" to keep their left street cred.

Finally, ill leave you with the Hot Air take, which is always worth a read.

This will be one to watch.....

Media curiously silent

If this was a poor defenseless Democrat attacked by a Tea Party patriot it would have been on the news 24/7 and be recycled anytime it was convenient. Per usual though, it has been virtually ignored even as the media attempts to paint the right as angry and out of control.


More at Gateway Pundit.
Bill Rice had his finger bitten off by an unhinged Obamacare supporter. While the state-run media pumped up the bogus spitting/n-word fable they have completely ignored this man’s horrible attack.
Yesterday he went on Cavuto to tell his story and display his fingerl
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Imagine that

Another day another hole in the climate change fraud.

Hot Air coverage HERE.
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NASA climate data worse than East Anglia CRU?

That assessment doesn’t come from climate-change skeptics, but from NASA itself.  A FOIA request from the Competitive Enterprise Institute revealed the internal e-mail evaluation, and also another problem with the East Anglia CRU data.  It turns out that the databases maintained by NASA, UEA CRU, and the NOAA NCDC have self-endorsing mechanisms that mean that problems in one or more mean problems for all:

NASA was able to put a man on the moon, but the space agency can’t tell you what the temperature was when it did. By its own admission, NASA’s temperature records are in even worse shape than the besmirched Climate-gate data.

Why is this a problem for all of the anthropogenic global-warming (AGW) data sets?  NASA chief James Hansen, now an Obama administration official, explained in the same e-mail thread:

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How 'bout it?

I cant understand how anyone can support a party (the Dems) whose ideas are proven failures and have bankrupted the nation. Only the brainwashed and uninformed could possibly continue to look favorably on this insanity.

Rest of the article HERE
Damn the Evidence, Full Speed Ahead?
The strangest thing about Obama's gargantuan, trillion-dollar-plus new health-care entitlement is the timing.
Not only are we running $1.7 trillion annual deficits and scheduled to nearly double the $11 trillion debt in only eight years — and watching the logical end to an entitlement state in Greece's implosion — but we are witnessing the meltdown of almost every government-run program imaginable: Medicare is broke; the Postal Service is insolvent and cutting back Saturday service (but probably not a commensurate one-sixth of their budget); and now Social Security spends more than it takes in.
So is this frenzied effort to expand government, widen entitlements, raise taxes, and borrow more money some sort of nihilistic urge to achieve a universal, cradle-to-grave, redistributionist entitlement state at about the same time the entire system goes bankrupt?
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Matt Lauer says "It's Yummy!"

Guys like this tool are the reason Obama skates by on 3 brain cells and teleprompter. Ace of Spades nails it.....all we learned from the dingleberry munchin' Matt Lauer's interview is that he enjoys the taste of Obama's hole.
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Matt Lauer Asks the Tough Questions: Mr. President, How Can You Be So Awesome In the Face of Such Racist Hatred?

People say that Obama did really well during the campaign.

Bear in mind, this was the sort of question he was asked by the media. It's sort of hard to blow a question about how awesome you are.

auer also asked Obama how he will be able to overcome the Republicans to get anything done: "The vitriol, the rhetoric, the sniping, the threats, how are you possibly going to continue with any kind of legislative agenda when your opponents have said to you, 'I'm not gonna cooperate with this president, with these Democrats, unless it's a matter of national security.' How do you move on?"

The interview wasn't a total waste -- Lauer came away with a minor scoop: Obama's ass tastes like boisenberries.

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Is it 2012 yet?

I keep running into stories today that make blood shoot out my eyes. I never thought i would see the day that the US President is nothing more than a loud mouth bully who is as arrogant and ignorant as he is egotistical and clueless. This guy doesnt have the class to be my mailman. (My mailman is cool as beans)

Anybody who opposes his disastrous policies is stupid and crazy.

Oh, and Barry, you are a socialist by definition, buddy.

Dissent is not tolerable in Obamanation.

America deserves better.

Just in case....

Just in case you thought my last post was unfair....

Two minutes later i ran into this article. He has the nerve to say that "fudging data is a sin against science" even though Climate change is one big data fudging event. These people are pathological.....its frightening that they are positions of influence.

Whole travesty HERE
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James Lovelock: Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change

Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change from radically impacting on our lives over the coming decades. This is the stark conclusion of James Lovelock, the globally respected environmental thinker and independent scientist who developed the Gaia theory.

"I don't think we're yet evolved to the point where we're clever enough to handle a complex a situation as climate change," said Lovelock in his first in-depth interview since the theft of the UEA emails last November. "The inertia of humans is so huge that you can't really do anything meaningful."

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Another Earth worshipping freak

Environmental zealots like to surround themselves with happy hippies and 5th graders chanting "Save the Earth!" but the truth is, they are angry, self hating, Communists who put a poison ivy bush's right to life above yours. Not theirs, of course, they are down with left wing hypocrisy, but definitely yours.

They usually do a decent job hiding their true goals but once in a while the mask slips and you get a peak of what they really want. Like totalitarianism.

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IPCC scientist: ‘It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while’

The Guardian interviewed environmental scientist James Lovelock about the politics of climate change post-East Anglia. The quotes are equal parts harrowing:

“I don’t think we’re yet evolved to the point where we’re clever enough to handle a complex a situation as climate change,” said Lovelock in his first in-depth interview since the theft of the UEA emails last November. “The inertia of humans is so huge that you can’t really do anything meaningful.”

One of the main obstructions to meaningful action is “modern democracy”, he added. “Even the best democracies agree that when a major war approaches, democracy must be put on hold for the time being. I have a feeling that climate change may be an issue as severe as a war. It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while.”

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Via The Daily Caller

Obama thinks you are stupid

Barack Obama says what he thinks you want to hear on a particular day. Even if the next day he needs to say the exact opposite to a different group of people. He is the worst kind of politician liar with no integrity. A complete phony. I cant believe he still has 45% approval....

Here is a list of a bunch of his promises and their expiration dates. America should be wary of a man who believes "the ends justify the means".


Al Sharpton is a lying tool

Its been obvious for many years that Sharpton is nothing more than a race hustler who does nothing for anyone but himself. Why O'Reilly offers him any credibility has always baffled me but maybe Bill will reconsider after catching him in a hateful bold faced lie.

Thanks Gateway Pundit

Liar and race hustler Al Sharpton told Bill O’Reilly tonight that he’s seen the non-existent tape that reportedly shows Tea Party Protesters calling Black Caucus Members the n-word.
Of course there is no tape.

On Thursday of last week Andrew Breitbart at Big Government offered $10,000 to any of the reported victims for proof of a racial attack. So far no one has stepped forward.
There was no racist attack.

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Al Franken is an embarassment

Al Franken will be remembered as a symbol of the embarrassing era that was 2009 -2012. Minnesota will never be forgiven for allowing him to stay close enough in his election to steal a win.

Here is Jason Mattera showing you what kind of Senator and more importantly what kind of person Franken is.....
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Franken Unhinged: Shutting Up Staffers and Journalist

Al Franken became famous as a comedian. A long-time writer for Saturday Night Live, he developed routines and characters that made us laugh. But, as my latest video reminds us, even funny people can be humorless. Not only is Franken a jerk to me, as I ask admittedly tough questions about ObamaCare, but he’s a jerk to his own hapless staff. The job market in DC can’t be bad enough to put up with this.

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Protests - Left vs Right

It takes serious media manipulation for the left to still have any credibility. Take a look at the difference between our protests and theirs and tell me which America you want to live in.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday

Its the start of another week and from quickly scanning the headlines i can tell we will have plenty to chat about....

Here are a few stories to get you started.

A terrorist attack in Russia killed 37 or more. They are blaming females for the bombing.

Another instance of left wing douches attacking a Tea Party bus while the media continues to talk about non existent "unhinged" conservatives.

Seems like every day the AP discovers more bad news about Obamacare. It would have been nice for them to do some of this actual reporting before it passed.

FYI-- Obama named another 15 hard core lefty crazies to recess appointments. I can only imagine how radical this people are that he couldnt get his hugely Democratic Congress to approve them. Not to mention the loud whining Obama did when Bush named recess appointments. Could Obama be a bigger hypocrite.

Obama's lies about Obamacare are being exposed pretty quickly. Obama screamed for months that premiums would go down under his health care reform. The truth just barely a week after passage.....NOPE-- premiums are going up.

Its the Chicago way....we screw you, abuse you, oppress you, force you to hand over your rights and if you complain. We will make it much worse for you.
The chumps in this administration are the worse kind of bullies.

You want proof the left doesnt just waste your tax dollars but encourages others too abuse the system. Try universities encouraging college students to go on food stamps. Save your money for beer and let some tax payer feed you, right?

Enough to get going on a Monday. Hope you have a good week.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is the matter with Barack Obama?

What possesses a man to state the exact opposite of fact and claim the exact opposite of historical evidence? Obama is either a blind brainwashed ideologue who believes whatever his radical nutjob pals tell him or a man obsessed with making America a socialist tyranny. Which is worse......*sigh*....i just dont know.

Whole article HERE
Tyrant or President?
Obama continued his attack on the private sector in his Weekly Address today.
The media continues to be impressed with Barack Obama’s “good week” after he rammed a grossly unpopular bill through Congress in unprecedented fashion that gave the federal government control of one-sixth of the nation’s economy and two major industries.
That’s what the media calls a “good week.”

Today Barack Obama defended his attack on the private sector in his Weekly Address. Obama insisted that having the government in control of student loan program will lower cost. It’s never happened before, but Obama believes it will now.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Funny Funny

Got this chain email from my mom today. Thought it was funny.

A Lay-off letter from an excellent boss.

Dear Employees:

As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barrack Obama is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%. But since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead.

This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn't know how to choose who would have to go.

So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots and found sixty 'Obama' bumper stickers on our employees' cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can't think of a more fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change...... I gave it to them.

I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.


It would be poetic justice.

A picture is worth 1000 words

Wanna see socialism and capitalism side by side.

Here you go.

Its as easy as "light" and "dark"

Which would you like to be?

Thanks to Moonbattery for the pic.
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Stripper freedom part II

The other day i linked to an interesting story about a stripper whose ability to make a living is being made increasingly difficult by the government bureaucracy's oppressive regulations. I find it interesting because its the rights of the smallest minorities that need protection most....especially the ones that arent socially acceptable by some. A truly free society doesnt care if you are a stripper or a insurance salesman, it protects your means of gaining wealth (as long as its legal of course). Tyranny's trick is to pick off the unpopular freedoms and less mainstream people first. Once they set a precedent that they can regulate an inch they are already gobbling up miles.

Here is Part II of her story.

The government is making it harder and harder for me to make a living, and as a musician i receive as much sympathy as an adult entertainer maybe thats why i found the article interesting. Plus its got strippers....YEEHAW!

Anyway, as my ability to earn "the chedda'" slowly dries up due to unnecessary regulations and a local Gestapo which has increasingly bullied the places i work into limiting their own ability to bring in customers, i see the cancer that bureaucracy and oppressive government are to the ambition and spirit of the hard working American. Why bother? You cant fight City Hall right?

Well if im going down im going down swingin'. I will never apathetically fall in line......will you?

The V.A.T. is C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C.

After everything the Obama administration has done to destroy the American dream the day a Value Added Tax is made law you can proclaim it dead. In typical socialist fashion, Democrats have run out of other people's money and are craving more, but instead of allowing the economy to grow and produce more wealth for everyone they would rather preside over a perpetual recession and gain more control.

A V.A.T. would be like your income taxes doubling after you were demoted. It will be the end of the economy as America has known it and allow the government a stream of revenue that will grow it into an all powerful bureaucracy right out of "1984".

Look, if this is the kind of society you want to live in, go move to Britain or France. Why do liberals always have to ruin their crap and then take mine....whats worse is that they ruin that with the same exact mistakes. The worst is, once America is a socialist oppressive mess, these same insane Marxist jerkwads will go looking for another prosperous place to destroy with their degenerate ideas.

Progressives are mentally deranged....why would we give them control of our lives?

Ace of Spades's take

Unsustainable and UNbelievable

I dont know whats worse, the fact that an administration would put America in such peril or the fact that the mainstream press, our supposed line of defense, is virtually silent.

This course of action will put America in a position no living person has ever seen. Subservient to other nations, without a middle class, and on the decline.

If you arent as angry as Christian Bale on a movie set with a loud grip, then you arent paying attention and unfortunately that is no longer an option if you want your children to live in a free country.

Happy Anniversary to ABC

Another Black Conservative is one of my favorite blogs and its author, Clifton B., is a seriously good dude. Its the first thing i check every morning.

Anyway, its been a exactly a year since he started blogging so stop by and throw some well wishes his way. Then bookmark the site and go back....often.

Happy Anniversary ABC!.

Not just Viagra for sexual predators

It wasnt enough to vote to give Viagra to sexual predators with your money, Democrats now want to give tax dollars to Native American child molesters.

These people are sick.
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JASON MATTERA: Why would Alan Grayson want to give your money over to Native American child molesters? It’s an amusing interview, where Grayson doesn’t seem to know what’s in his own bill.

Mattera’s got a new book out, too: Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.

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Mattera shows the super doucheness of Democrats like a pro.

PBS should be eliminated

Besides the fact the government is paying for something unnecessary in times where we are going bankrupt, it has become a propaganda outlet. Its always been a lefty refuge but now the radical tactics of this White House are using it for pushing their agenda.

Indoctrination is key to making America choose tyranny over freedom.

Obama is a pathetic lying phony, wannabe despot, who couldnt run a lemonade stand without the help of an 8 year old. He has to use every dirty trick in the Chicago politics book to survive, and will no matter the consequences on America

Media ignores threats from the usual.

Its only a story, when a lying Congressman makes a fictitious claims, i guess. When there are death threats scattered across the universe levied at Sarah Palin its not worth noting. Next time the left whines about someone being mean, tell them to sack up and try to be a tenth as tough as Sarah Palin or Michelle Malkin.
At least one unhinged leftist is posting death threats to Sarah Palin and her family.
Of course, the media is silent.
Don’t expect this to make major headlines like the bogus racist charges from last weekend.

And, don’t forget… When leftist comedians crack rape jokes about her teen daughter– It’s comedy.

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Thanks Gateway Pundit

Obama disrepects Israel

Why would one single Jewish American vote for Barack Obama. He treated Binyamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel, like a chump and demands his country bend over and accept a whoopins while backing off any punishment for Iran, the dangerous terrorist funding wackos.

Oh, and Obama evidently thinks he is too good to eat with the Jewish leader.

Humiliating the leader of Israel is just another in a long line of creepy/frightening behavior from this man. Bowing to half a dozen foreign leaders and a mayor is ok, but he turns his back on Israel.

Something about Obama is just not kosher.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Help me understand

18 year olds fight terrorists to the death but can not have a beer legally in the US BUT, if you are 15 and want to have an abortion, you can go to school and have them drive you to the clinic without telling your parents?

What is the matter with this country's priorities. We dont allow smoking in bars but schools allow and assist 15 year olds to make decisions about abortion on a whim.

Our country has been broken by liberal politics beyond repair. Pro Choice is a joke. The only choice you have in Democrat society is to do what they tell you.

You snooze you lose

I slept a bit late today and missed all kinds of goodies....

The Democrats are seem quite happy being the party of lies and corruption... now they are also the party that gives Viagra to pedophiles.

Speaking of rejecting all thats good, here are a list of amendments, many of which are just common sense or helpful to the middle class, that the Democrats have rejected. This one alone is a "SERIOUSLY!?!"

All the anger and violence is on the left....need a list?

Speaking of....what some symbolism. The Democrats went looking with cameras hoping to goad someone into exchanging words with them but still had to lie about being called names, meanwhile Eric Cantor had his office shot at. He isnt the only Republican who is actually dealing with the nuts on the left. There are so many Democrat lies its hard to keep track of....

I imagine we will see many, many more stories like these....

Great Britain is lost. The only keeping them from all giving up and dying is soccer.

Democrat hypocrisy is so blatant is almost funny.....almost.

A story about how, strippers are losing their right to a living in Massachusetts was interesting. I think protecting the rights of unpopular minorities (smokers, strippers, fish manicurists) is absolutely vital if you want the freedoms you care about protected in the future.

This gives me hope for the future. As long as African Americans are voting for Democrats by 90% to 10% they will be taken for granted by liberals. Its time to bring them home to the party of Lincoln and give them a true voice in America's future.

Finally, on that point, this clip makes me smile. Kevin Jackson should be America's future, not Barack Obama.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama economic policy?

I dont think Obama has any policies. Some radical liberals who rode him to victory are creating policy in the image of all their socialist mentors. Of course they are going to fail. Socialism is failure.....forced on a nation's people for the benefit and power of a few. Its laughable to call anything the Obama administration has done "economic" policy.

More from Hot Air.
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TARP IG rips Obama economic policy on housing

With two straight days of bad news from the housing market, the timing couldn’t be any worse for Barack Obama to get Neil Barofsky’s report on TARP and foreclosures.  The Inspector General leveled harsh criticism at the White House and Treasury over their attempts to stem foreclosures, arguing that the new policies on loan modifications has done little but put off the inevitable:

Clearly, Obama’s economic policies are not working.  Barofsky merely confirms what the past several months of housing sales already made obvious.

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In a word...."Duh"

If you understand the end goals of the progressives its obvious this is what they want. Drive insurance companies out of business and then they are "forced" to take over with a government option and eventually single payer Cubacare. So transparent yet unnoticed by much of America.

Prediction of the day:
The minute the first complaint about Obamacare comes in, Democrats will claim its because they didnt get everything they wanted and blame the bill being incomplete, not the historically proven failure that is socialized medicine.

Whole post with video HERE.

Thanks again Hot Air.
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Video: Will ObamaCare drive businesses out of providing health insurance?

In a word, yes, and that’s not just me talking. Last night, CBS did a perspective on how ObamaCare’s mandates and tax incentives will impact small businesses, which Democrats insist will see benefits from the ObamaCare largesse. The only problem is that the system actually incentivizes businesses to pay penalties and throw their employees into the government-run exchanges:

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James Cameron is a schmuck

I could go into the 700 ways in which James Cameron is a pathetic, mindless, naive, hypocrite liberal elite but every time he opens his mouth he makes it more than perfectly clear.

He is one of the more impressive zits on the acne covered ass that is Hollywood. I bet he sits down when he pees.

Ignorance like his has ruined America for my generation and I wont ever forget that.

Anyway, he randomly went out of his way to trash Glenn Beck. Didnt dispute his facts or argue a point.....he called him names. All he is capable of doing is opening his fat mouth and spewing stupidity. Im tired of people like Cameron. If he had his way we would be the Soviet Union but then he would be killed for being an artist.....thats how blindly imbecilic this cretin is.

Just shut your hole James, you obtuse puke. Ill let you know when we need another smurf cartoon.

Democratic corruption per usual

Dems giving preferential treatment to their cronies and other dont say. Remember people.....they see America as TWO classes. Elites (them) and servants (you)...the rules dont apply to them.

That this guy holds a high post in the Obama Administration is just icing on the cake.
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VIPs lobbied Arne Duncan to help applicants get into elite schools

While many Chicago parents took formal routes to land their children in the best schools, the well-connected also sought help through a shadowy appeals system created in recent years under former schools chief Arne Duncan.

Whispers have long swirled that some children get spots in the city’s premier schools based on whom their parents know. But a list maintained over several years in Duncan’s office and obtained by the Tribune lends further evidence to those charges. Duncan is now secretary of education under President Barack Obama.

The log is a compilation of politicians and influential business people who interceded on behalf of children during Duncan’s tenure. It includes 25 aldermen, Mayor Richard Daley’s office, House Speaker Michael Madigan, his daughter Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, former White House social secretary Desiree Rogers and former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun.

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Via the Daily Caller

Methaphor of the Day

Two children sit the back of a car. Libby and Connie.

Libby pinches Connie so Connie calmly tells their Mother (named Media) of this and Mother dismisses it. Libby then pokes Connie. Again, Connie calmly notifies her Mother and is told to quiet down. Libby now starts to get bold, she pinches Libby again, this time followed by calling her a stupid face. Now Connie starts to get upset, she urges her Mother to force Libby to stop, but Mother tells Connie to stop being a tattletale.

Libby is further emboldened. Now she pokes, pinches, hits and calls Connie a name she learned from watching network TV. Mother finally reacts by asking what Connie did to inspire such anger from Libby. Connie claims nothing but Mother doesnt believe her. She then comforts Libby and tells her to not allow Connie bother her. Libby smiles as she realizes that there are no consequences to any of her actions. She unleashes pinches, smacks, pokes, names, hair pulling, and even a bite on Connie.

Connie had enough. She screams for Libby to stop, sticking a finger in her face as she threatens to defend herself if Libby raises another hand towards her. All the sudden the car screeches to a halt.

Mother gets out and comes to the back seat. Thinking she will finally be defended Connie breathes a sigh of relief as the door opens.


Mother tears into Connie calling her an instigator and a troublemaker. Asking accusing questions and demanding her to behave. Mother denounces Connie's threats of violence and is told she will be punished when they return home. Finally, Mother asks Connie what must be wrong inside her head to behave in such a way. As she turns to go back to the front seat she asks Libby if she is okay and offers her the reward of sitting in the front seat in order to "protect" her from Connie.

Connie can only sit aghast and what kind of world she lives in.

So do I.