Wednesday, March 24, 2010

James Cameron is a schmuck

I could go into the 700 ways in which James Cameron is a pathetic, mindless, naive, hypocrite liberal elite but every time he opens his mouth he makes it more than perfectly clear.

He is one of the more impressive zits on the acne covered ass that is Hollywood. I bet he sits down when he pees.

Ignorance like his has ruined America for my generation and I wont ever forget that.

Anyway, he randomly went out of his way to trash Glenn Beck. Didnt dispute his facts or argue a point.....he called him names. All he is capable of doing is opening his fat mouth and spewing stupidity. Im tired of people like Cameron. If he had his way we would be the Soviet Union but then he would be killed for being an artist.....thats how blindly imbecilic this cretin is.

Just shut your hole James, you obtuse puke. Ill let you know when we need another smurf cartoon.

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