Monday, March 15, 2010

End game for health care or America?

Well, health care disaster is upon us. Obama and his lackeys are so desperate to get this crap sandwich down the throat of America that he has begun making shady back room deals with individual Congressmen/women to buy their votes. If that doesnt work then Democratic leaders have decided to circumvent the Constitution and just pass it without a vote. I know, I know.....that sounds like crazy talk. How do you pass something without a vote? They are calling it the "Slaughter rule". No one knows because its never been considered before but this group of radical leftist clowns thinks you wont even notice.

They know it will fundamentally transform America into a socialist nation and allow government bureaucrats to gain control of your life.

Call your Representative or your Senator, if may be our last chance to keep this country in the hands of its citizens.

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