Sunday, March 21, 2010

America: Welcome to your future

Another day another nightmare tale of government run health care.

This will be someone you know very soon.
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‘The NHS let down Jade’

JADE Goody died after being let down by "incompetent and negligent" NHS staff,
her doctor has claimed.

Dr Ann Coxon slammed medics who allegedly examined Jade when her tumour was
the size of a TANGERINE - but missed it.

They did not realise her symptoms - which Dr Coxon said were "glaringly
obvious" - pointed to cervical cancer.

And NHS staff also failed to find out why Jade was not turning up for the
cervical smear tests which would have revealed the killer tumour.

"Jade's death was completely unnecessary and preventable. She died of
neglect and of incompetence."

Dr Coxon said: "An ultrasound should be able to pick up lesions just 1.2mm
wide, and Jade had a tumour the size of a tangerine. It should have been
blindingly obvious.

"She need not have died if the medical profession had got their act together
in time."

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