Monday, March 15, 2010

Socialism Security is on life support.

Social Security is a ponzi scheme and a scam. Bernie Madoff is in jail for doing the same exact thing that our government has been doing for decades. Now they want to turn your health care into a bureaucratically controlled socialist program run like social security. On what planet does that make sense. Take a failed idea and force more of the country to rely on it in even greater ways.

Take a look at Great Britain and tell me how socialized medicine can do a single positive thing for health care. Bankruptcy is best possible outcome. It gets much worse from there.

The nightmares are endless.

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The Headlong Rush to National Bankruptcy Continues

Social Security --- one of those model socialist programs the progressive left enjoys pointing to as an example of the wonders of Government --- is officially broke, and is going to have to cash in Treasury Bonds in order to make up the difference between what's being paid into the system and what's being paid out.

There is no Social Security trust fund. Congress has been raiding it for decades to pay for other social programs, and stuffing it with IOU's. Now, the Social Security Administration is going to try and cash in the IOU's.

All in all, Social Security has $2,500,000,000,000 (two-point-five trillion) in IOUs. Social Security and Medicare together have an unfunded liability of $101 Trillion.

Sounds like a great time for Congress to ram through another multi-trillion dollar socialist entitlement program, doesn't it?

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