Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Al Franken is an embarassment

Al Franken will be remembered as a symbol of the embarrassing era that was 2009 -2012. Minnesota will never be forgiven for allowing him to stay close enough in his election to steal a win.

Here is Jason Mattera showing you what kind of Senator and more importantly what kind of person Franken is.....
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Franken Unhinged: Shutting Up Staffers and Journalist

Al Franken became famous as a comedian. A long-time writer for Saturday Night Live, he developed routines and characters that made us laugh. But, as my latest video reminds us, even funny people can be humorless. Not only is Franken a jerk to me, as I ask admittedly tough questions about ObamaCare, but he’s a jerk to his own hapless staff. The job market in DC can’t be bad enough to put up with this.

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