Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama economic policy?

I dont think Obama has any policies. Some radical liberals who rode him to victory are creating policy in the image of all their socialist mentors. Of course they are going to fail. Socialism is failure.....forced on a nation's people for the benefit and power of a few. Its laughable to call anything the Obama administration has done "economic" policy.

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TARP IG rips Obama economic policy on housing

With two straight days of bad news from the housing market, the timing couldn’t be any worse for Barack Obama to get Neil Barofsky’s report on TARP and foreclosures.  The Inspector General leveled harsh criticism at the White House and Treasury over their attempts to stem foreclosures, arguing that the new policies on loan modifications has done little but put off the inevitable:

Clearly, Obama’s economic policies are not working.  Barofsky merely confirms what the past several months of housing sales already made obvious.

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