Monday, March 15, 2010

Health care by the DMV plus college.

The bill has been posted and thanks to Republicans can be read online. The more details that are being discovered the worse it becomes. I was going to vomit them all over you but Michelle Malkin does a better job than i could. Here is taste but go over to to get a whiff of the entire bowl of mud butt....

Its....and i know i say this all the time but its absolutely accurate.....a complete disaster.
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Big Government Burrito: A taste of the 2,309-pg Demcare/Student Loan Reconciliation Bill; Update: A tortilla shell fake-out

If the TARP bank bailout was a “crap sandwich,” the Democrats’ Student Loan Nationalization plan wrapped inside the latest version of the health care takeover is a Big Government Burrito.

The House Democrats’ 2,309-page reconciliation bill headed for House Budget Committee markup tomorrow has just been posted this evening and you can download the whole PDF file right here.

Or you can read it on Scribd thanks to the Senate Republicans.

Michael O’Brien of The Hill points out that “the bill is a procedural step, it DOES NOT make the substantive changes yet to the Senate’s bill.” These recommendations were first proposed in October by the House Ways and Means and Education and Labor Committees (so the public option is still in here).

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kate said...

2309 pages? Seriously?

alecj said...

They have to hide the garbage by slipping it between pages and pages of legal mumbo jumbo.

If there was just 4 pages we could all read it and know exactly whats in it which would give them no chance of passing it.

Make it impossible to understand so people have no clue about the freedom they are losing until its too late.

Its the only strategy that works when trying turn your citizens into slaves with a fight.