Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday

Its the start of another week and from quickly scanning the headlines i can tell we will have plenty to chat about....

Here are a few stories to get you started.

A terrorist attack in Russia killed 37 or more. They are blaming females for the bombing.

Another instance of left wing douches attacking a Tea Party bus while the media continues to talk about non existent "unhinged" conservatives.

Seems like every day the AP discovers more bad news about Obamacare. It would have been nice for them to do some of this actual reporting before it passed.

FYI-- Obama named another 15 hard core lefty crazies to recess appointments. I can only imagine how radical this people are that he couldnt get his hugely Democratic Congress to approve them. Not to mention the loud whining Obama did when Bush named recess appointments. Could Obama be a bigger hypocrite.

Obama's lies about Obamacare are being exposed pretty quickly. Obama screamed for months that premiums would go down under his health care reform. The truth just barely a week after passage.....NOPE-- premiums are going up.

Its the Chicago way....we screw you, abuse you, oppress you, force you to hand over your rights and if you complain. We will make it much worse for you.
The chumps in this administration are the worse kind of bullies.

You want proof the left doesnt just waste your tax dollars but encourages others too abuse the system. Try universities encouraging college students to go on food stamps. Save your money for beer and let some tax payer feed you, right?

Enough to get going on a Monday. Hope you have a good week.

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