Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Remember when?

This stuff kills me. People with a particular political leaning or who live in a fictional realm of elf lords and vampires may miss the red headed step child treatment of conservatives in the media, but those of us on the big boy, Chuck Norris living, real world are beaten about the head and neck with it daily.

And they call us "deniers" for wanting proof that my minty fresh breathe is destroying the planet.

What do you have to say about that big fat denying deniers who deny?

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Video: Remember when the media thought hateful political rhetoric was cool?

Hint: It wasn’t that long ago, although given the blackout on this sort of thing at the time, you can’t blame people like Gibbsy for thinking that it never happened. This trip down memory lane comes from Evan Coyne Maloney, not as an apology for recent threats against the Democrats, of course, but as an indictment of the insane double standard practiced by the establishment left in raising alarms about irresponsible rhetoric. How insane? Take two minutes and work your way through this post at Verum Serum. It’s worth it.
The open question is why the double standard exists in the first place. Fear of the threat from militias, which the FBI says is exaggerated? Secret agreement among mainstream lefties that Bush really might have aspired to be a new Hitler? Or is it good ol’ fashioned partisan political advantage at work? As you might have guessed, I’ll take what’s behind door number three.
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