Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In a word...."Duh"

If you understand the end goals of the progressives its obvious this is what they want. Drive insurance companies out of business and then they are "forced" to take over with a government option and eventually single payer Cubacare. So transparent yet unnoticed by much of America.

Prediction of the day:
The minute the first complaint about Obamacare comes in, Democrats will claim its because they didnt get everything they wanted and blame the bill being incomplete, not the historically proven failure that is socialized medicine.

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Video: Will ObamaCare drive businesses out of providing health insurance?

In a word, yes, and that’s not just me talking. Last night, CBS did a perspective on how ObamaCare’s mandates and tax incentives will impact small businesses, which Democrats insist will see benefits from the ObamaCare largesse. The only problem is that the system actually incentivizes businesses to pay penalties and throw their employees into the government-run exchanges:

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