Thursday, March 18, 2010

The price tag.....not really...not even close.

Well, the CBO has given a "price tag" to the health care debacle. The say it will cost 940 billion over 10 years.

I call bulls**t.

There are so many accounting tricks and under estimations of costs you cant even consider that number a blind chuck at a dart board.

This will cost TRILLIONS and TRILLONS of dollars this country wont create for generations. It will drive America into bankruptcy and give the government an excuse pickpocket any freedom it wants.

This whole debacle will be a holocaust for liberty. People who have been trained to hate Republicans will stand up and cheer (or say nothing) as freedom dies because they will think they have won some invented war between the R's and the D's created to focus Americans against each other instead of tyranny, the real enemy.

No matter how they try and dress this turd up, it is an affront to everything this country was founded on and if enacted will place America a few steps from failure with too much momentum to stop moving towards that end.

Im hearing that freedom loving Americans will be marching on Washington this Saturday at noon. If you have the ability, get there. It may be the last time the citizens of this country gather as a free people.

Keep fighting.

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