Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How 'bout it?

I cant understand how anyone can support a party (the Dems) whose ideas are proven failures and have bankrupted the nation. Only the brainwashed and uninformed could possibly continue to look favorably on this insanity.

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Damn the Evidence, Full Speed Ahead?
The strangest thing about Obama's gargantuan, trillion-dollar-plus new health-care entitlement is the timing.
Not only are we running $1.7 trillion annual deficits and scheduled to nearly double the $11 trillion debt in only eight years — and watching the logical end to an entitlement state in Greece's implosion — but we are witnessing the meltdown of almost every government-run program imaginable: Medicare is broke; the Postal Service is insolvent and cutting back Saturday service (but probably not a commensurate one-sixth of their budget); and now Social Security spends more than it takes in.
So is this frenzied effort to expand government, widen entitlements, raise taxes, and borrow more money some sort of nihilistic urge to achieve a universal, cradle-to-grave, redistributionist entitlement state at about the same time the entire system goes bankrupt?
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