Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obama's interview on Fox

Im just getting into all the hubbub about Obama's sit down on Fox with Bret Baier but it seems that he was unprepared for a real journalist. When you are used to playing with the J.V. it can be hard to hang with the Varsity. Im not surprised though, Obama has been handled with kid gloves his entire career. That is why being President is above his pay grade.....its not that he couldnt have been a decent President its that he is fully unprepared for the job.

Anyway, I just couldnt resist posting this to start out the day.

Thanks Gatewaypundit

Finally, after racking up $2 Trillion in national debt in record time, after tripling the national deficit, after broken promise after broken promise, after skyrocketing unemployment, after bowing to dictators and attacking allies, Barack Obama met a legitimate journalist who demanded answers and refused to accept his filibustering, deceit and double-speak.
That journalist is Bret Baier.

FOX News analysts Stephen Hayes, A.B. Stoddard and Juan Williams all agree… Bret Baier had Barack Obama stammering and on the defensive:
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