Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free money......... and other misleading headlines

I find it hilarious that even though the media has no ammunition to fire at Sarah Palin, they refuse to stop trying to make her look bad. Look, you can disagree with her on some issues, thats fine, but this narrative that she is some stupid Alaskan hick who hang at the big boys table is complete bull.

Your example of dishonesty through media bias for today.

The mainstream media has all but removed the mask at this point, its unapologetically far left liberal. Its okay to see what they are saying....i do every day, but you must understand that much of their "hard news" is tainted by far left ideology and a hatred for all things different from them. Once you are aware of the prism you are looking through, you realize the world is much different than youre being told.

Dont take my word for it. Go. Find stuff out. Prove me wrong. I encourage it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where is the hand wringing?

Oh, if only Sarah Palin had screwed up the national motto.....

Front pages would be full...
Blogs would be afire....
Tv news would have their lead story....
The "stupid" police would be sending out an APB....

But no. It wasnt Sarah Palin who got the NATIONAL MOTTO wrong....It was Barack Obama, President of the United States-

So, you have heard.....nothing.

The next person that tells me Sarah Palin is the idiot while this empty suit, Obama, fumbles every time he opens his mouth, gets a swat from my pet T-Rex.

The National Motto? Seriously? Thats bad.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Be ugly....its for charity

What in the world would possess people to be this insane.

Some wacked out feminist group is urging chicks to grow a unibrow for "their choice". Whatever that means.

Cant grow a unibrow, you problem... suggests acquiring a real one using herbal remedies or merely faking one with an eyebrow pencil.

Why dont feminists realize men will do anything for a hot chick. If they want us to support their causes, they need to be less fugly, not more.

It makes me think there is one giant unibrow havin' angry feminist in charge somewhere. If you cant beat 'em, have them join you by making them hit themselves in the face with the ugly stick a few times. Its genius in a way. Do you think i could get everyone to walk on their knees to support some cause so i could be the tallest guy in the room?

Hmmmm....something to think about, i guess.

One last thing-- In case you werent 100% sure, ladies. Unibrows are nasty, and the most effective way to immediately make everyone flaccid in your presence, but hey, if thats what youre going for....

Update: "Im Back"

Just in case you thought the call for violence by liberals was only from a few radical nut jobs who dont represent the Democrat party as a whole, i give you......

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO)

Whats in your mouth?

Gotta love the liberal mind. They tell us a woman's body is hers and she can kill a baby at 8 months at the age of 16, if she is so inclined, but eat a donut.....yeah, thats where they draw the line.

They fight for the right of junior high school sex ed teachers to show the correct technique for putting a penis in your mouth....but a piece of cake....nope, too dangerous.

And you wonder why i think liberalism is completely insane.


You gotta wonder what the people who have the power to stop this are thinking. Why would you let a country who has never really liked us take control of a dangerous resource like URANIUM within our borders?

If you live in Wyoming i suggest you prepare for your new Russian neighbors by buying a lead suit. In other news, North Korea is now in charge of America's farms and Iran has become the controlling interest in all roller coaster factories.


Im back

Hello all......its been a while, but as the great Popeye said.....

Thats all I's can stand, and I's cant stand no more....

The country is being ruined by a group of people who have designs on controlling us. New laws on your checking account, McDonalds, your health insurance, food, gasoline, and electricity, are slowly making the federal government all powerful.

They are not even being that sneaky about it anymore. Many of these leftist wackos are now advocating violence to force their causes down your throat.

They realize their window of opportunity is closing. The last election was the first step in kicking their government worshipping buttocks out of power, but there is much work left to do. We still have an incompetent President who is increasingly making GW Bush look more and more like a genius. We still have a Senate controlled by disgusting human being like Harry Reid.

Bottom line. We have this window.....the time between December 2010 and November 2012 to save our generation. Another round of throwing garbage out of office (and that includes many Republicans)...and we may just turn the tide back towards freedom.

America really isnt a free country any more but it isnt a socialist slave state yet either. Its floating in between as we decide whether we are willing to fight. Are you?

Alec out

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Must see video

You want an overview of the complete incompetence of the Obama administration during the BP oil spill....


Here you go....

Oil Spill Timeline from RightChange on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Im taking a vacation so as to keep from losing my mind. See you on the flip side, flip siders......

Monday, June 14, 2010

Holy frakkin' crap....socialized medicine in Belgium causing nurses to murder patients.

This is unbelievable but totally predictable in a system that has failed every single time it has been implemented. When the money runs out the politicians are too greedy and selfish to give up their power so they start to cut corners to keep the house of cards of those corners....killing the elderly in order to save money.

Call it rationing life, call it euthanasia, its murder to kill someone who doesnt want to die. Doing it to save a failed health care system money, is evil in the most sinister way.

Just remember, that is the road they have put us on in America. Obamacare will necessarily force rationing and cost cutting measures that will make saving money more important than saving lives.

Does a country run by Democrats scare you yet?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Did you even know you were a world destroying pollution emitter?

Yep folks.....the Democrats gave the EPA the power to tax everything that breathes today. A last ditch effort by Republicans to stop this despicable power grab was defeated by Democrats in the Senate. Its a disgustingly quiet attack on what little freedom we have left in America. Now you are a taxable entity, meaning at some point the government could tax you according to your weight, consumption, or even amount you exhale. Its pure evil from those who believe the government needs to control every aspect of your, one of the lowly peons, life.

The justification?

Air is a danger to your health. Its a logical place to go when you let liberals scare you into allowing them to create 2nd hand smoke laws that do nothing but steal freedom. Laugh if you want, but once you allow these people to advance a stupid idea backed up by little or no science to law, they will keep using that crack in the door to push past all initial stated intentions. You give liberals an inch, they keep taking.....until they are stopped. These new EPA powers will destroy jobs and wealth at levels never seen by this country. Its a level of power our federal government was never supposed to gain.

Democrats are going on a bender knowing they are going to get the punch in the gut they deserve in November's elections. I hope they get trounced so bad that no Democrat admits to being a liberal for 20 years....but thats up to you. Tell everyone you can that no matter what they call themselves its time to vote for the only choice that will save their freedom.....the most Reaganesque candidate available. There are no moderate Democrats....their party has taken the most radical wacko hippie on acid, path possible. The mess they created is bigger and more vile than Rosie O'Donnell....thats big and vile.

Study history. We are at a fork in the road. Socialist poverty and oppression, or capitalism and freedom....there is no middle ground after this election. If you still have questions.....just ask me.

Im stating here. June 10, 2010. Not only will there be a double dip recession but it will get much worse on all fronts than it is today in 2011. Next year may bring the worst economy America has seen since the 1970's. Save your ducats, its going to get bad.....Rosie O'Donnell bad.

Do Democrats listen to themselves?

I really dont understand how someone who proclaims to be so smart can say things which are so undeniably stupid. CO2 is not a pollutant you giant friggin ass jerks. How is this not laughed off as insanity. Breathe know, exhale.......ill wait...............................................................................
Anyone die, get sick, did the globe warm--- i didnt notice? You could have given someone CPR with that breathe and saved their life, but somehow its an evil dangerous substance that needs such careful monitoring that the government must tax you thousands of dollars for creating it and then tax anyone who breathes out too much, more in penalties.

Give me a break. How do you Democrats look at yourselves in the mirror? Sickening pathetic tool bags without a shred of decency or active brain matter.

clipped from

Boxer: Carbon dioxide will be “leading cause of conflict” in next 20 years

Let’s see how Senator Ma’am’s priorities work in this revealing clip from her speech earlier today in the Senate. We’ve had four terrorist attacks in less than a year, two of which succeeded in killing people and another two which only failed because of the incompetence of the terrorist. Iran is a year or less away from getting a nuclear weapon. Turkey is rapidly sliding towards Islamism. North Korea is doing their best to restart the Korean War.

And what keeps Barbara Boxer awake at night? A raging case of the vapors:

This hyperbole comes from a desperate attempt to get her colleagues to push her cap-and-tax bill forward in the Senate, and the ridiculous claim that CO2 will somehow outweigh a nuclear Iranian mullahcracy and a global Islamist network for national-security concerns shows just how desperate Boxer has become
 blog it

Whole Hot Air piece HERE.

Monday, June 7, 2010

What a tool

In another moment of extreme gall and maximum hypocrisy, Obama warns students not to blame other people for their problems. Seriously. The guy who has done nothing but point fingers, make excuses and blame Bush for his incompetence is so completely oblivious he cant see the joke in telling others to take responsibility for themselves.


Whole piece HERE @ Hot Air

clipped from

No joke: Obama warns students … not to blame other people for their problems

Stirring words, my friends, from a guy who, by Charles Krauthammer’s account, had already blamed Bush by October last year for “the economy, global warming, the credit crisis, Middle East stalemate, the deficit, anti-Americanism abroad — everything but swine flu.” In fact, it was only three weeks ago that Politico reported the Democrats’ midterm campaign macro-strategy will be to run against — ta da — George Bush. A serious question while you watch: Aside from the oil spill, for which he was finally forced to take responsibility after six weeks of conspicuously doing jack, is there any problem that he hasn’t tried to fob off on the GOP to one extent or another? By 2012, he’ll be blaming the public’s hatred of ObamaCare on the fact that Republicans wouldn’t compromise and agree to a bill that everyone can love.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

This guy rules

This video is all over the place today, with good reason. For every guy who has rocked the air drums check out the real deal. I know the band isnt the coolest ever, but a gig is a gig and you gotta pay the rent. Whatever he does next (his name is Steve Moore, website HERE) Ill be curious to watch him do it. The entertainment factor is off the charts.....

H/T Hot Air

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New lows for SEIU

SEIU is a union that does the bidding of the Democratic party elites. A political tool dressed up as a concerned group of American workers, they are sent out to bully and smear targeted opponents of liberal causes without regard for tolerance or even, at times, the law.

Some are unknowing pawns, some are uninformed followers, and some are brainwashed ideologues, all are participating in behavior that is down right repugnant.

Their latest victim is the Red Cross. Yep, that amazing organization that helps people in need all over the world. Bullying the Red Cross, how do you defend that? Interrupting life saving blood donations for political games. Im just tired of liberal organizations getting away with this kind of behavior while Tea Party folks never make a peep and get called hateful and angry. Check out some video of SEIU and tell me who is hateful and angry. Its time to choose sides....our America or theirs?

Great Britain to cut health care services to save money

Thats called rationing and it causes suffering and sometimes premature death. Socialized medicine (like what we they just passed here) is a nightmare for the sick. Imagine having to wade through 100 pages of forms and 8 different bureaucrats to have a simple knee operation....its coming. Why? Because the longer they can delay your treatment the more money the government saves for themselves, and that is the only concern when the politicians control health

You stupid stupid liberals. I seriously hope you are the ones suffering while waiting around for a much needed operation, cause if its me, im going to redefine surly on your asses. Unbelievable levels of idiocy. Screw the facts, and history, and even the current circumstances in Canada and Britain and 10 other countries, liberals want control of health care so they took it. Well, I got two fingers you can have.

Happy Saturday.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Some learnin's

Some tangible graphic evidence that the government does nothing but hurt the economy when it tries to "fix" it by spending money. Taking your money and spending it instead of letting you spend it is really quite stupid. First, half the money is wasted and/or lost through corruption, second, its kind of insulting being told you are too stupid to spread the cheddar yourself. What? It takes a Harvard degree to shop at the mall.

When the government spends billions of dollars to "help" some lobbied for sector of business, it make stave off the pain for a short while, but it will always be worse in the end. Kind of like a cavity, you can cover the pain with sweet pills for a bit, but really all you are doing is letting that nubber rot until it cant be saved.. A little pain early on, or you end up with an economy like ours and a mouth like the children of Deliverance.

Money grows the economy when it is earned and spent by schmoes like us. Anytime the government gets involved bad things happen....sometimes in the short term, always in the long term.

Alright...i know...i know....boring. What is all this economy stuff...its Friday, yo. I know its not fun reading but so important to the future prosperity of our nation...and more importantly to you....(ie XBoxes, PS3s, boomin' systems, sweet rims, FUBU shirts, iphones, ipads, ipods, icoolstuff galore).

The quicker we get rid of the people who think "cash for clunkers" smelled like all kinds of genius, (Democrats, liberals, the Obama administration), the quicker we will all have more money.

Isnt that all the reason you need to vote in November?

Rest of the article below, HERE @ Hot Air.

clipped from

How well do Keynesian economic policies actually work to stimulate the economy? That question has been debated for decades, and the results have been mixed enough to support either side of the debate, thanks to the complex workings of macroeconomics. Most people believed that Keynesianism had died a well-deserved death during the 1970s, when it obviously failed, but made a comeback in the desperate straits of 2008-10.

However, this time one Keynesian policy put into place offered a way to study the results without other complicating factors. The Obama administration and the Democratic leadership in Congress offered the Cash for Clunkers program as a Keynesian stimulus for auto sales, arguing that they could stimulate the industry as a whole through the expense of several billion dollars in public funds. Did it work? Coyote Blog parsed the retail sales data from the Census Bureau and discovered that it had no impact in the overall growth rate of sales after a collapse in 2008:

 blog it


This is what it sounds like when a man speaks.

Love him or hate him, the guy was a leader. He doesnt back track or say different things to different groups of people within the space of a day, insult the American people, or put politics above keeping the country safe. He didnt blame his predecessor, apologize to foreign leaders, or whine and cry when he was crucified by the press.

I dont agree with many things he did, but he ran the country for 8 years during some difficult times and things were never as bad as they are now. To think he fixed the economy and the international situation to implode the month he left office is ridiculous. The man, liberals continue to label as stupid, was genius enough to set up the worlds largest economy, and international politics to completely explode at the specific moment he exited stage right.

Make up your mind he dumb, or the smartest man to ever live?

Objective thinking people have no choice but to miss him.

Only 961 days left of the Obama debacle.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are we reliving 1979?

I seem to read that more and more as Obama uses his reverse Midas touch (everything he touches turns to crap tacos) to turn America back into the malaise ridden mess it was in the late 70's. There are definate similarities but im afraid that Obama may end up being his own far superior, unique brand of suck. After 1/3 of his term, he has screwed too many pooches to count, and i dont see any evidence to show he doesnt like pooch screwing.....he aint stopping anytime soon.

Probably around January 20thish, 2013.

Chris Christie is the real deal

Its been a while since a politician has come along that seems to have that intangible gravitas and the willingness to speak straight forwardly on the issues. The Governor of New Jersey may have a future in politics....if he can fix NJ then he can fix anything.

Anyway, here is another video of him speaking truth to power. Keep your good eye on this guy....we may be hearing his name much more often in the future.

Christie speaks in Washington DC, calling Newark schools 'absolutely disgraceful'

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Its gettin' hot in herrrrrr.

Seems that a bit of time off has done nothing to improve the state of....well, anything. As the summer heat creeps in, our "cool" President continues to handle the nation's mounting problems with that precious, deer in the headlights, stare. I truly think Obama figured if Bush could do the job, he could do it in his sleep. Typical mix of extreme arrogance and ignorant condescension from our first unicorn riding, rainbow farting, President, i suppose. It will not get better until control of the country is back in the hands of the competent.

Paul McCartney needs to just shut up and sing, by the way. He is a legend and i would rather remember him that way. It seems like he is trying to spend his last years on Earth solidifying ass hat status, though. Stay out of politics bud, it makes you look more clueless than Yoko Ono holding a fishing pole.

One last Obama gem....

The guy who has done nothing but power drill the economic hole we are in 5 times deeper has the nerve to point fingers at the powerless GOP again today. His party runs Congress, he ignores Republicans when they do offer ideas, and he has the nerve blame the other guy. In the really real world, Obama would probably get fired for being an incompetent, arrogant, loudmouth, who doesnt do his job, but blames the guy in the next cubicle when he is called out for it. All while breaking the biggest promise he made to get the know, " one making under $250,000 will have their taxes raised...".

At the end of Obama's 4 years, America will have no choice but to admit liberalism is a failure and reject it forever, or become the next victim of socialism and accept poverty and government oppression as their inevitable future. There is no way to do both anymore. The facts are smackin' you around like your mom's drunk unemployed boyfriend, time to run away from the beatings or accept being abused for the foreseeable future.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Breaking......a break....

Sometimes all the corruption and incompetence in Washington is just too much for the soul. I have taken a needed break and will return after the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

I will spend the weekend remembering those brave Americans who gave their lives for my freedom to opine incessantly.

Thank you warriors from all branches of our military, your service is beyond appreciated.

Have a good start to the summer.

Back to it on Monday.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Congrats to Charles Djou

Charles Djou has won a special election in dark blue Hawaii for a seat in the House of Representatives. I like to think it was my $25 that put him over the top but whatever, he gets most of the credit.

Sure, he only got 39% of the vote and only won because the other two candidates split the Democratic vote and sure he has to run again in 6 months but a win is a win and we will take any we can get these days.

So, congrats to Republican Rep. Charles Djou of Hawaii, here to hoping he sticks around for a while.

Sestak admits White House bribes

What kind of shop are they running over at the White House? Im pretty sure its illegal to blatantly offer political posts for favors....then again the press wont call Obama out on anything so why follow the rules right?

Extra extra, read all about it HERE @ Hot Air.

The worst part is they tried to disappear the only Democrat who has a shot at winning the race. How does that make sense?

Joe Sestak is running for Senate in Pennsylvania and is a left wing ideologue. He would be an awful Senator. Trust me, if he didnt think he was going to win, he would have taken the bribe. Pat Toomey would represent Pennsylvanians with class and purpose. We need men like him in government right now to stop Obama from digging a hole we cant climb out of, even once we are rid of him.

So....everyone say it with me....

Pat Toomey for SENATE!

Thank you and i approve of this message.

Another ugly Obama week

The oil spill still rages....Obama plays golf and rolls around in all that campaign money from BP....A foreign leader comes to America and bashes us....Obama stands next to him and nods while showing complete ignorance (read the bill jackass) and zero leadership....did i mention he took the side of ANOTHER FRIGGIN COUNTRY against an American STATE. Dont even get me started about foreign affairs.....North Korea blows up a South Korean ship--- did you even know about that? Probably not because Obama lacks the backbone to do anything but make a stern sounding telepromptered comment and the media hasnt even made a half hearted attempt at its job since Januaryish 2009.

I only mention it because this week would be enough to ruin a Republican President. Democrats still blame Bush for Katrina even though he couldnt control the rain, the Democrat Mayor in New Orleans, or the Democrat Governor of Louisiana. Its just amazing how differently the two parties are treated.

This was all really a long winded introduction for a great piece for you consumption on a Sunday.

Take a few minutes and do some light will make you feel like a genius.

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Purple punk thug puppets

SEIU rank and file are the biggest bunch of brainwashed ignorant tools this side of Ashton Kutcher. Unions have destroyed some of America's biggest industries and the Democratic Party has helped them hammer nails in the coffins.

Thats bad enough but then they have the sickening gall to drive around in their short buses and terrify kids with their angry mobs.
Most of them have no clue how an economy runs or that unions have screwed more economic pooches then any one bank, but they are just pawns not meant to do anything but take kamikaze orders.

Where are the "angry mob" articles now? If this was a Tea Party group, every news channel would have covered it.....instead-- because they were left wing dirtbags harassing children, the media ignores it.

What is the matter with you SEIU people? You are sickening human debris who deserve to have your own tactics used against your family to see how you like it. Learn how to read and write before you go around accusing individuals of destroying the sad purple lemming turds.

They are being weird about the video of the SEIU jerk event so you have to go HERE to be made ill.

Seems that some lefties are trying to blame the Tea Party for SEIU thuggery now. Unbelievable.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Us vs. them -- the public opinion war

And when i say us i mean most Americans and when i say them i mean the out of touch political elites and their bag men. I would say most of the people who do not agree with the Arizona law have no clue what it says and are just parroting the wildly inaccurate and purposely inflammatory liberal talking points.

Thats how Democrats win elections, though. Get the crowd whipped up into an emotional frenzy using lies and distortions then ride the wave to office. Some call it "hope and change" i call it "following the smell"

I just wanted to remind you that we are the majority.

Yeah but which one is the rat?

Too yummy for words.....come on, its funny.

Do think he wants some government cheese?

clipped from
Barack Obama

Rodent scurries by as Obama lauds Wall Street vote

 blog it

Mexico's President offers vacant head for rental

What he said about Arizona is bad enough, but the frackin' fat mouthed hypocrite went and admitted that their illegal immigration enforcement in Mexico is much more strict than any of the US states.

Is he that stupid or hoping we are?

In case you cant get enough of this guys punch drunk is more from Hot Air.

Mexico's President taking suck lessons from Obama

What kind of douche tool do you have to be to come to another country and bash its laws....especially when those laws are meant to clean up the mess you are creating.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is an incompetent ass who's country is such a mess that he must come here and crawl up Obama's taint and beg for help every couple months. Mexico is a giant slum with a couple of American college student sponsored resort towns scattered throughout.

The Mexican people lost their ability to have a great country when then embraced socialist government so now they want to come here and vote socialists into power. I dont get it.

STFU Calderon or im digging up Reagan to come down to Mexico and tell them what a worthless piece of clueless ass baggery you are.

Did i mention the Democrats gave him a standing ovation while he bashed Arizona? A foreign leader criticizes America and Democrats applaud?

F'ing disgusting on so many levels.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

London olympics already horrible

Way to screw up already Britain.....not that im surprised. Your country is what happens when an Obama is in charge for 25 years.

Anyway-- say hello to the Olympic mascots.

No i have no idea what they are......except really friggin' stupid.

Ha.....Great make me laugh.

clipped from
The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots

London Olympics 2012: Meet Wenlock and Mandeville, drips off the old block

Organisers have unveiled their mascots – creatures supposedly fashioned from droplets of steel used to build the stadium

In the end they were neither animal, vegetable nor mineral. Nor, as some cynics had predicted, did they resemble white elephants.

Instead, Wenlock and Mandeville, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots, elicited mostly baffled reactions as to just what they were at their unveiling today.

With a metallic finish, a single large eye made out of a camera lens, a London taxi light on their heads and the Olympic rings represented as friendship bracelets on their wrists, they resemble characters dreamed up for a Pixar animation.

Among the designs rejected at the start of an open pitch process were anthropomorphic pigeons, an animated tea pot and a Big Ben with arms and legs.

"If you link them together you begin to have a really powerful story that people will respond to."

 blog it

If by powerful you mean the gust of wind from my ass and by story you mean the odor it gives off.

Great Britain has become the short bus country.

It aint no joke

The economy is a mess and there is only one party to blame.

Suck it Specter

You quit the Republican Party in some self preservation hell mary instead of having a backbone and standing behind your record. Now you have been dismissed by the garbage party you ran to for help.

All and got exactly what you deserved you, tiny, tiny man.

Id say enjoy retirement but i just dont care....

Suck it Arlen Specter.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Champion level inappropriate statement or typical off teleprompter meaningless drivel from a clueless man child?

If i close my eyes it doesnt exist, right?

This is the liberal theory on evil in the world. If they refuse to admit terrorists exist maybe they will just go away....right Alan?


Get it together GOP

Proof that the Republicans have some house cleaning to do themselves.

Why couldnt this fool have quit a couple weeks ago, before the primary? Way to go jerk store. Can we just get a couple of honorable people in our government please?

Could this guy be a bigger embarrassment?

Yeah....i guess he could be this guy....whose story just keeps getting uglier.

Woody Allen is a pedophile moron

What is worse than dumping your wife for your daughter.....believing the most incompetent, radical, empty suit President, possibly ever, should be dictator....for a while.

I really dont know how to respond to such stupidity from a disgusting piece of garbage like Allen.

Shut your puke.

Thats all i got right now.

UPDATE: I guess Woody feels he has more stupid to give because he is now publicly voicing support for another pedophile. The guy is truly sick.

No lie too outrageous for Democrats these days

This makes me sick in a way reserved for criminals and communists. If there is one thing you do not do during a war, its lie about serving in the military. Its a disgrace that should end any chance of public office for the guy. The question is, will the Democrats put winning an election ahead of doing the right thing.....again? A better question is, will Connecticut voters allow the Dems that choice by proclaiming their intent to still vote for this fraud.

I guarantee the second he falls behind in the polls he is gone, will liberals pull the plug before that happens....i hope so, but im not holding my breath.

The Democrats sure have made the country proud since taking over Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2009. Well, unless you count destroying the economy, governing like incompetent bullies, and taking the lying politician stereotype to never seen heights.

Go away Mr. Blementhal and take your giant debacle of a political party with you. Its time to put the adults back in charge.

Monday, May 17, 2010

R.I.P. RJ Dio

As a guy who was never into the "metal" of the 70's and 80's, i wasnt the owner of any music in which Ronnie James Dio's classic vocals were featured. This did not prevent me from appreciating the legend that he was, in the music world. His had a voice that could overshadow the loudest guitars. It was the standard of the genre and few could compare.

It is a sad day in the rock world as we have lost this icon to cancer. I may not have been a fan in the strictest sense of the word but it was impossible for any musician not to understand his impact and his place among rock royalty.

Rest in Peace Mr Dio.

Australia tax payers love climate change

You gotta love these climate change hucksters. Not only have many of them created millions of dollars for their own pockets out of thin air, they have forced tax payers to subsidize their Australia that job is doing NOTHING.

How long before Obama and his radical environmental wacko buddies force this kind of craptasticness on America?

My man crush

Colonel Allen West should be President.....bottom line. America needs leadership of this caliber. This guy speaks the hard truths with an understanding our current White House occupant cannot fake with teleprompters. I hope he wins his election for the
House of Representatives in Florida and eventually seeks national office.

You want real intelligence and real integrity leading our country into the depths of the 21st century, keep your good eye on this man.

I just cant get enough of Colonel West. Every time he speaks Im listening.

Did i mention?

Did i mention that the Obama administration is an embarrassment of epic proportions?

It just gets

Obama loves to apologize for America, doesnt he?

Miss USA pageant now complete joke

Caught a tiny bit of this but was so embarrassed by what i saw that i will purposely run screaming from any sight of a overly made up chick in a sash with a state's name on it. If this is the best America can do, we are in worse shape than i the era of Obama even Miss USA is a complete embarrassment.

Ill leave the details to Michelle Malkin, just know that the stink of liberalism seems to be as tenacious as bad BO and sticking to everything it gets near.

Protect yourself from the stench.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Liberals ruin ketchup......seriously.

The latest nanny state super stupid fixation is salt. Well, someone at Heinz is a big enough liberal to want to help the cause more than they want to sell ketchup so they are now sporting one of those shirts that say "im with stupid ---->". Prepare to have an American icon destroyed for the liberal cause. Heinz is putting out "New Coke"...uh i mean "New Ketchup" to be an example that food must taste like ass in the new liberal world. now suck. Get on the truck with Specter, Crist, and Bloomberg...its time for you to hit the road.

Hot Air's whole piece HERE

clipped from

By the time the H. J. Heinz Company is finished remaking its world-famous ketchup to comply with Michael Bloomberg’s National Salt Reduction Initiative, you may not recognize the product.

As reported last month, Heinz is one of 16 national food manufacturers and food service vendors that has knuckled under to pressure from the New York City mayor to reduce the salt content in their products by 25 percent.

Heinz Ketchup is more than a condiment. It’s an icon. Despite assurances from spokerspersons at the Pittsburgh-based company that the new recipe will be as popular as the original, some things are not meant to be tampered with. I suspect many Americans share my fear that when all is said and done, Heinz will have converted its much-beloved ketchup to just another catsup.

Thanks to pressure from Michael Bloomberg, Heinz is changing its recipe for its famous ketchup.
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Nancy Pelosi says "its ok to be a bum now, someone else will pay for your health care"

Its this kind of liberal sleight of hand bullcrap that fires me up. Nancy Pelosi knows for damn well that she isnt paying for a thing. Its those few Americans that are actually still able to succeed in Obama's nation that will be footing the bill. Democrats will just take the credit as their cancerous methods destroy prosperity.

PS. Im a professional musician who lived without health care for a long my 20's, beer and parties were my chosen expenses. Having some working stiff pay for my health care would have been a travesty. To have the Democrats take credit for it would have been a disgusting ruse of sinister proportions.

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Pelosi: Hey, quit your job – we’ll pay for your health coverage!

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “entrepreneur” as “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.” Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats defines entrepreneurial somewhat differently, as this clip from Nicholas Ballasy at CNS News demonstrates. Pelosi tells an audience in DC that ObamaCare is an “entrepreneurial bill,” because it will let people quit being productive and allow them to leech off of … entrepreneurs:

We see it as an entrepreneurial bill, a bill that says to someone, if you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care.

In other words, we should all just join the circus and let Mom and Dad pick up the bill. That’s not entrepreneurial; it’s a welfare state.
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Is the Attorney General stupid or just dishonest?

This guy, Eric Holder, is a disgrace and if he was a Republican he would have been forced from office by now. He always seems to say what an idiot might be thinking and seems to have a soft spot for terrorists.

Now he is speaking out against Arizona's immigration law while admitting he hasnt read it. I could go on to bash his irresponsible and ignorant behavior but it has already been done to perfection.

Go HERE and bask in the travesty. Another brilliant nomination for the Obama administration.

Chris Christie is da man

If you want to see how a conservative should handle the press check THIS.

New Jersey finally has a chance to put out a few of their fires with its new responsible leadership and the media hates it.

I just dont understand how anyone could believe in liberal policies. They dont work.

If we split the US in two and left liberals to run one half and conservatives the other, within 5 years the liberal half would be a mess and its citizens would flock to the conservative half. The worst part is, as soon as the liberals got there they would start trying to install the same liberal policies they just ran from after their complete failure. I see this in Pennsylvania. New Yorkers, having ruined their state, have flocked to PA for years. As soon as they got here, they started trying to liberalize us and now we are in the slowly falling into the pit of financial despair that New York has taken to calling home.

Most liberals are so brainwashed that no matter how many times their ideas fizzle, flop, or flounder an area into desolation and poverty, they can move onto the next place and like a swarm of locusts, destroy everything again, and never stop for a second to realize doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is psychopathy.

I know some smart people locked into this intellectual death spiral. Makes me wonder if its some sort of disease or disorder.....what else explains it?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Strutting on Obama

It seems that now that the word is out on Obama's "speak loudly and carry no stick", foreign policy, our enemies are becoming bolder by the day. Its a shame that the security that George W. Bush provided this country was taken for granted. It takes a specific kind of personal strength to project the image that America cant be walked on.....Obama doesnt have it.

Russia has begun to bully our President in embarrassingly public ways. They are now practically daring Obama to stand up for the US and he continues to back down.

The whole world suffers when America is weak. Right now, we are seen as weak.

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Russia to Obama: Don’t you dare impose your own sanctions on Iran

Remind me again what, precisely, we’re getting out of this bold new era of rapprochement and reset buttons with Moscow. The One scaled back European missile defense to show his goodwill; Putin responded by vowing to build exciting new offensive weapons systems. We’ve been softening sanctions proposals against Iran to make them more salable to Russia; meanwhile, they’re using their leverage to try to push the U.S. out of Kyrgyzstan. We got them to agree to some new, nominal, mainly symbolic nuclear cuts; then they turned around and threatened to quit the deal if we press ahead with a missile shield. Now this.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the United States and other Western nations on Thursday against imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, Interfax news agency reported…

“The position of the United States today does not display understanding of this absolutely clear truth.”…

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Liberal idiocy summed up

Arizona is too evil to send school kids to for basketball, but China isnt.

Its examples of a total lack of sanity, like this, that proves liberals should not be allowed to ever make decisions regarding your children.

You brainwashed progressives get more ridiculous daily.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do as i say......

It takes big brass ones for a liar to go around preaching honesty. For a spend thrift to demand saving. For Obama to give advice on anything.

The nerve of this guy. Some days i seriously wonder if he has a conscience at all. The lies and misinformation is bad enough, but to attack another country's leader for things you have already done and are doing, is pathological.

I worry that Obama worships government with almost a religious fervor, and his goal is for us to join up or get stepped a cult. Everyone worships Obama and he worships himself with government his vehicle to dole out spoils to his most loyal followers.

The man has some gall.
Barack Obama lectured (fellow) socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero of Spain today on reining in the country’s debt. This comes from the same man who just tripled the US national deficit in less than one year.

US President Barack Obama spoke to Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero Tuesday on the debt crisis and discussed reforms needed to rescue the Spanish economy, the White House said.

The leaders “discussed the importance of Spain taking resolute action as part of Europe’s effort to strengthen its economy and build market confidence,” Gibbs said in a statement.

More… Kudlow has more on the European rescue.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

The end of the Dutch oven?

I knew they would use that space age technology for something worthwhile someday.

How long until every girlfriend buys their man one as a "joke"?

Better Marriage Blanket is the new Snuggie.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A tale of two disasters

Imagine if while Katrina's after effects were still herding homeless people all over the south President Bush went golfing. He would have been destroyed in the press in a tsunami of hit pieces that would still be whirling about your head and neck.

Not Obama. He gets to shoot 18 holes while the Gulf of Mexico burns and pukes oil and the press says nothing. If this guy had to deal with the same treatment in the media as Bush, he would already be considered one of the worst Presidents ever. Instead he gets another pass.

Grading on a curve has sure saved Obama so far.

Barack Obama went golfing on Saturday as thick blobs of tar began washing up on the Alabama shore.

The first attempt to capture the leaking oil in the Gulf of Mexico failed on Saturday. BP said it could be days before another similar attempt is made.
FOX News reported:

As a massive oil leak spit thousands of gallons more crude into the Gulf of Mexico, a big box that BP hoped would be its savior sat idle hundreds of feet away, encased in ice crystals.

Thank goodness Obama has his lapdog media to cover for him. If he were a Republican he’d be finished right about now.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Freedom openly surges, tyranny is a slow sneaky creep

Read this good article at the NRO about bureaucracy and its slow take over of our lives......its a couple pages but well worth it if you want to understand what is happening in the country.

CNN has become a joke

CNN always seemed to dance around the edges of a news story while being more concerned with the opinion but now it seems like they arent even attempting the news part while completing inventing the story part.

This story is completely untrue and it seems CNN made it up and/or has decided their job is to now lie to support the President's agenda.

For the facts and the proof go HERE.

How far has the press fallen when a lowly blogger like myself can debunk their garbage in 15 minutes?

Now you know why i trust nothing i see in the news anymore.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kids kicked out of school for America flag shirts

Are you serious? Kids getting in trouble for wearing our country's flag? I dont care if its international every other country in the universe day, its never a bad thing to wear the American flag on your clothes in stupid, brain washed, PC, ignorant, backwards, naive, liberals.

What does this teach our kids. Mexico is a trash heap of corruption and violence. They barely have a flag, but we are worried about offending in America, during a holiday that they dont even celebrate.

So far beyond sanity that you cant even text it on your iphone.

Get it together America....and by America i mean any moron that thinks its ok to throw a kid out of school for wear an American flag.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When did Britain decide to completely give up?

I dont even know how to classify this idiocy.

Id love the meet the waste of space that said "you know what....a playground with only concrete blocks sounds like genius"....what else is this person in charge of, i wonder.

Its one thing to forget the sliding board, but to put lots of hard surfaces in which kids can hurt themselves is the opposite of a playground on my planet.

Great Britain seems to disappoint those of us with working brains, daily, but this one has me questioning their ability to survive Darwin. Depending how quickly humans evolve, The British may stupid themselves right out of existence by the end of the century.

Just in case you were worried, they did install cameras to what the little kids stand on the concrete blocks. Big brother is watching your boredom.

H/T Moonbattery

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Council's £70,000 playground is 'a pile of concrete blocks'

Childen who were expecting a new £70,000 playground complete with swings and
slides have been left "devastated" after the council gave them a pile of
concrete blocks instead.

Council's £70,000 playground is 'a pile of concrete blocks'

The "minimalist" design at Diamond Hall Pocket Park includes a variety of
rectangular grey concrete blocks, described by Sunderland Council as "play

Parents had been expecting a traditional playground after they had been sent a
leaflet on the plans which showed images of a climbing frame and swings.

Instead they have been left with the task of telling their children how best
to play on the new blocks.

The park, in Millfield, has been given a makeover with money from a
£2.5million Play Pathfinder grant awarded to Wearside.

“This design also includes a CCTV camera being installed to help maintain a safe
and secure playing environment.”

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