Thursday, June 10, 2010

Did you even know you were a world destroying pollution emitter?

Yep folks.....the Democrats gave the EPA the power to tax everything that breathes today. A last ditch effort by Republicans to stop this despicable power grab was defeated by Democrats in the Senate. Its a disgustingly quiet attack on what little freedom we have left in America. Now you are a taxable entity, meaning at some point the government could tax you according to your weight, consumption, or even amount you exhale. Its pure evil from those who believe the government needs to control every aspect of your, one of the lowly peons, life.

The justification?

Air is a danger to your health. Its a logical place to go when you let liberals scare you into allowing them to create 2nd hand smoke laws that do nothing but steal freedom. Laugh if you want, but once you allow these people to advance a stupid idea backed up by little or no science to law, they will keep using that crack in the door to push past all initial stated intentions. You give liberals an inch, they keep taking.....until they are stopped. These new EPA powers will destroy jobs and wealth at levels never seen by this country. Its a level of power our federal government was never supposed to gain.

Democrats are going on a bender knowing they are going to get the punch in the gut they deserve in November's elections. I hope they get trounced so bad that no Democrat admits to being a liberal for 20 years....but thats up to you. Tell everyone you can that no matter what they call themselves its time to vote for the only choice that will save their freedom.....the most Reaganesque candidate available. There are no moderate Democrats....their party has taken the most radical wacko hippie on acid, path possible. The mess they created is bigger and more vile than Rosie O'Donnell....thats big and vile.

Study history. We are at a fork in the road. Socialist poverty and oppression, or capitalism and freedom....there is no middle ground after this election. If you still have questions.....just ask me.

Im stating here. June 10, 2010. Not only will there be a double dip recession but it will get much worse on all fronts than it is today in 2011. Next year may bring the worst economy America has seen since the 1970's. Save your ducats, its going to get bad.....Rosie O'Donnell bad.

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