Monday, June 14, 2010

Holy frakkin' crap....socialized medicine in Belgium causing nurses to murder patients.

This is unbelievable but totally predictable in a system that has failed every single time it has been implemented. When the money runs out the politicians are too greedy and selfish to give up their power so they start to cut corners to keep the house of cards of those corners....killing the elderly in order to save money.

Call it rationing life, call it euthanasia, its murder to kill someone who doesnt want to die. Doing it to save a failed health care system money, is evil in the most sinister way.

Just remember, that is the road they have put us on in America. Obamacare will necessarily force rationing and cost cutting measures that will make saving money more important than saving lives.

Does a country run by Democrats scare you yet?

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