Monday, June 7, 2010

What a tool

In another moment of extreme gall and maximum hypocrisy, Obama warns students not to blame other people for their problems. Seriously. The guy who has done nothing but point fingers, make excuses and blame Bush for his incompetence is so completely oblivious he cant see the joke in telling others to take responsibility for themselves.


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No joke: Obama warns students … not to blame other people for their problems

Stirring words, my friends, from a guy who, by Charles Krauthammer’s account, had already blamed Bush by October last year for “the economy, global warming, the credit crisis, Middle East stalemate, the deficit, anti-Americanism abroad — everything but swine flu.” In fact, it was only three weeks ago that Politico reported the Democrats’ midterm campaign macro-strategy will be to run against — ta da — George Bush. A serious question while you watch: Aside from the oil spill, for which he was finally forced to take responsibility after six weeks of conspicuously doing jack, is there any problem that he hasn’t tried to fob off on the GOP to one extent or another? By 2012, he’ll be blaming the public’s hatred of ObamaCare on the fact that Republicans wouldn’t compromise and agree to a bill that everyone can love.

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