Saturday, June 5, 2010

New lows for SEIU

SEIU is a union that does the bidding of the Democratic party elites. A political tool dressed up as a concerned group of American workers, they are sent out to bully and smear targeted opponents of liberal causes without regard for tolerance or even, at times, the law.

Some are unknowing pawns, some are uninformed followers, and some are brainwashed ideologues, all are participating in behavior that is down right repugnant.

Their latest victim is the Red Cross. Yep, that amazing organization that helps people in need all over the world. Bullying the Red Cross, how do you defend that? Interrupting life saving blood donations for political games. Im just tired of liberal organizations getting away with this kind of behavior while Tea Party folks never make a peep and get called hateful and angry. Check out some video of SEIU and tell me who is hateful and angry. Its time to choose sides....our America or theirs?

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