Saturday, June 5, 2010

Great Britain to cut health care services to save money

Thats called rationing and it causes suffering and sometimes premature death. Socialized medicine (like what we they just passed here) is a nightmare for the sick. Imagine having to wade through 100 pages of forms and 8 different bureaucrats to have a simple knee operation....its coming. Why? Because the longer they can delay your treatment the more money the government saves for themselves, and that is the only concern when the politicians control health

You stupid stupid liberals. I seriously hope you are the ones suffering while waiting around for a much needed operation, cause if its me, im going to redefine surly on your asses. Unbelievable levels of idiocy. Screw the facts, and history, and even the current circumstances in Canada and Britain and 10 other countries, liberals want control of health care so they took it. Well, I got two fingers you can have.

Happy Saturday.

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