Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America has chosen its fate

As i click off the coverage, its all over but the speeches.  Barack Obama, the most incompetent, dishonest, piece of garbage ever to occupy the White House has been given 4 more years to inflict destruction on the American people.

He bought enough votes, the media hid enough truth, and the people have finally been made into the sheeple.

America will not recover in my life time.  High taxes, high unemployment, high prices, inflation, war, energy prices that will destroy the middle class....you wanted it....you got it.

Im done ranting and raving.  It means nothing.

Enjoy your new socialism, same as the old socialism.  Poverty for all but the government overlords.

Im out....


Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Eve

Well folks.....

What can i say that hasnt been said a dozen times.  You know this is the election that will define America for the next generation.

Barack Obama is a complete and utter failure by any measure.

 Unemployment is somehow higher than when he took office during a recession.

He created no net new jobs in 4 years

He added more to the national debt than any President in history (about 6 T- T -Trillion dollars), and he did it in one term.

He added to the wars being fought by our military when he got involved in Libya and Africa, all while cutting our defense budget to the bone.

Speaking of Libya, he lied about the terrorist attack and his disastrous choices that led to the first dead American Ambassador since Jimmy Carter, and 3 other American heroes.

He has offered to weaken American defenses to placate Russia, and has sold out our allies in Europe in the process.

He has lost 90 billion dollars in "green" energy boondoggles much of which went to his campaign contributors.

He paid off his Union buddies in the UAW while not fixing GM, just propping them up with tax payer dollars.  The company is not saved and is now blowing through your hard earned dollars.

He ignored the American people and forced through the government take over of health care with Obamacare which has increased insurance rates and which calls for greatly increased taxes over the next few years if not repealed.

Just a reminder, Obamacare will destroy the economy for good.  Its burdening regulations make it virtually impossible for small businesses to grow, meanwhile it busts the US budget, and destroys access to actual health care.  Insurance means nothing when you cant get care.  The government panel that is set up to deny care to those it deems "cost prohibitive" already exists, its called IPAB.

Obama's EPA has crippled the energy sector and caused gasoline prices to double.  If reelected, his war on coal and unrestrained attack on fossil fuel production will cause energy prices to "necessarily skyrocket".

Obama's Fed chairman has printed money at a reckless pace.  Without a change in the White House, our current monetary policy will soon cause high inflation.

Obama's Justice Department caused the deaths of more Americans when they gave guns to Mexican drug lords in the "Fast and Furious" fiasco.  They have yet to turn over the information Congress has asked for to get to the bottom of this scandal.

I could go on all night.

The economy will never recover under Barack Obama as a matter of ideology.

The American spirit is found no where in Obama's words or actions. 

If you still chose to vote for him after the over whelming evidence of his inability to lead our natio , im at a loss.

If you understand the stakes, then you MUST vote.  Take every person you can to the polls.  Call your family, friends, neighbors.....every one.  We will win or lose on the strength of our turnout.

I pray for you all

I pray for the United States of America

Until tomorrow.....

Romney/Ryan '12
for America

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday morning surprise

So, yeah, i met Tagg Romney and Ben Romney this morning.  They are exactly as cool, classy, and down to Earth as you would expect.

I can spot a phony a mile away and was curious to see if the Romney family had engaged the auto pilot, just going through the motions after a long campaign.  I am happy to say, nope.  They were gracious and sincere, not to mention about as super duper non phony as a person can be.  They looked me in the eye with a hopeful trust for someone they are appreciative of, and count on to help them battle for their country.

Having shook the hands of two men whose father wants my vote, I can honestly say I am prouder now, more than ever, to cast that vote.

If America is smart enough to trust the Romneys with the White House, we will be in the best of hands.  We may not agree with everything he does, but I can promise you Mitt Romney will make every decision with the American people in mind.

Lets be honest, i was going to vote for Mitt Romney regardless of what happened today, but now i cannot wait to get to the polls.  I would crawl across broken glass to pull that lever (well, color in the circle...thats how we do it in State College), you know what i mean.

The choice between Barack Obama's petty politics, divisive language, failed policies, and angry rhetoric (vote for revenge, really?  How sad you have become Mr. President), and Mitt Romney's unleashing Americans by getting the government off our backs, giving our military heroes everything they need, and turning towards freedom, is an easy one.

America is can be better than the declining, underachieving, low expectations, former leader among nations, Barack Obama has made it in the last 4 years.

Mitt Romney is the only road to recovery for our country, I hope my fellow citizens understand the stakes of this election.

All thats left is to vote.....vote.....vote.....go vote....and take a friend.

Lets stick it to Obama and turn Pennsylvania Romney red on election night.

Thanks for sticking with me over the last few months of my semi daily ranting, its almost over.....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Karma is knocking, Dr Spanier

Those of you who know me, know im a Penn Stater.   In fact, I still live and work in State College...

Anyway, in my life after college i became acquainted with some people who knew the former President of Penn State, Graham Spanier.....and when i say knew....it was more like knew......if you catch my drift.  He used to enjoy the company of student age women.  I wasnt smart enough to document what i saw but it made my skin wretch.  It was inappropriate to say the least.

Now, it turns out Dr. Spanier is being criminally charged in the Jerry Sandusky cover up.  I cant help but remember what i saw and think 1) karma has caught up with Spanier, and 2) his hiding of the Sandusky scandal was in some way related to his own behavior.  Guilt, maybe, or the fear that his own inappropriate relationships would come out.

Maybe I saw an isolated relationship and Dr Spanier has been an angel of a man since the days of him leaving his clothing at a coed student's apartment.  I dont claim to know, but what i saw was enough to warrant the avalanche of karmic troubles he is has found himself surrounded by.

I have told stories for years about the decline of Penn State under former President Spanier, and his selfish use of the University for his own ends.  I was happy as a clam when he was fired and although i cannot find joy in any man's tragic downfall, i must admit, knowing that the justice system of the universe has finally caught up to Spanier, the world seems a bit brighter today.

Now if we can only fire Barack Obama in 5 days, i might just smile.

Please get out and vote.  I will be volunteering for the Romney Campaign through election day so if you need any assistance, help getting to the polls, anything at all, let me know.

You can comment here or write me at alec9922@yahoo.com

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


A new Star Wars movie?  No, not another Lucas prequel disaster.....

Actually there is hope....Disney has bought the entire LucasFilm vault.  Which i guess includes the rights to more Star Wars movies....they are already saying 2015 will be the release date for the next film.

My inner fan boy is elated.

Im surprised this isnt bigger news.....

I didnt even know this deal was in the works. Wow.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

For you weekend viewing pleasure

A little Bill Whittle to go with your weekend.

Whittle hits the nail square and true, again, as he hopes to be doing his final "Afterburner" segment of the Obama Presidency.

Ill let him tell you the rest.....

10 Days until the election....keep spreading the word.

Friday, October 26, 2012

You want leadership...POW! Here you go-

Mitt Romney gave pretty gosh darn perfect speech today.  I doubt the media will give it the coverage it deserves because it was more Presidential than anything we have seen from Barack Obama in months.

If there are any voters still riding the fence, this was a warm, yet assertive helping hand down off it, to the right side.  It was the kind of statement that shows just how ready Mitt Romney is, to lead this nation out of the Obama malaise.

Lead being the key word.

It is obvious now, that there will be one real leader on the ballot,....one positive choice.

This speech today from Romney put me over the top.  I will be voting for a candidate this time, not just against Barack Obama.

I hope voters get to see what i consider a definitive closing argument for the election of Mitt Romney.

Here is a link to the audio if you just want to listen.

Otherwise, watch it down below.

Point your peeps towards it if you can.....

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Reminder: Charles Woods

I just want to make sure that you have read and listened to the Charles Woods story and interview.

 This is a big deal and the media will ignore it so we have to spread the word.

 My previous two posts have info that every voter should have.

 This administration is arrogant and foolish. Two qualities that are always dangerous but become frightening when found together.

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update #2: Charles Woods

Over at Hot Air they have another interview of the Father of slain Navy Seal Tyrone Woods.

This one if from the Glenn Beck Show.

No words.

Update: Charles Woods

The story of Charles Woods seems to be blowing up all the sudden....good.  Every American should know about this telling event.  

It seems to have originally come from an interview on the Lars Larson show.  The audio in there if you want to hear it.

Im sure the mainstream media will try and bury this story but we have been going over and around them all campaign season anyway.

Forward it to every voter you know.