Thursday, November 1, 2012

Karma is knocking, Dr Spanier

Those of you who know me, know im a Penn Stater.   In fact, I still live and work in State College...

Anyway, in my life after college i became acquainted with some people who knew the former President of Penn State, Graham Spanier.....and when i say was more like knew......if you catch my drift.  He used to enjoy the company of student age women.  I wasnt smart enough to document what i saw but it made my skin wretch.  It was inappropriate to say the least.

Now, it turns out Dr. Spanier is being criminally charged in the Jerry Sandusky cover up.  I cant help but remember what i saw and think 1) karma has caught up with Spanier, and 2) his hiding of the Sandusky scandal was in some way related to his own behavior.  Guilt, maybe, or the fear that his own inappropriate relationships would come out.

Maybe I saw an isolated relationship and Dr Spanier has been an angel of a man since the days of him leaving his clothing at a coed student's apartment.  I dont claim to know, but what i saw was enough to warrant the avalanche of karmic troubles he is has found himself surrounded by.

I have told stories for years about the decline of Penn State under former President Spanier, and his selfish use of the University for his own ends.  I was happy as a clam when he was fired and although i cannot find joy in any man's tragic downfall, i must admit, knowing that the justice system of the universe has finally caught up to Spanier, the world seems a bit brighter today.

Now if we can only fire Barack Obama in 5 days, i might just smile.

Please get out and vote.  I will be volunteering for the Romney Campaign through election day so if you need any assistance, help getting to the polls, anything at all, let me know.

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