Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Eve

Well folks.....

What can i say that hasnt been said a dozen times.  You know this is the election that will define America for the next generation.

Barack Obama is a complete and utter failure by any measure.

 Unemployment is somehow higher than when he took office during a recession.

He created no net new jobs in 4 years

He added more to the national debt than any President in history (about 6 T- T -Trillion dollars), and he did it in one term.

He added to the wars being fought by our military when he got involved in Libya and Africa, all while cutting our defense budget to the bone.

Speaking of Libya, he lied about the terrorist attack and his disastrous choices that led to the first dead American Ambassador since Jimmy Carter, and 3 other American heroes.

He has offered to weaken American defenses to placate Russia, and has sold out our allies in Europe in the process.

He has lost 90 billion dollars in "green" energy boondoggles much of which went to his campaign contributors.

He paid off his Union buddies in the UAW while not fixing GM, just propping them up with tax payer dollars.  The company is not saved and is now blowing through your hard earned dollars.

He ignored the American people and forced through the government take over of health care with Obamacare which has increased insurance rates and which calls for greatly increased taxes over the next few years if not repealed.

Just a reminder, Obamacare will destroy the economy for good.  Its burdening regulations make it virtually impossible for small businesses to grow, meanwhile it busts the US budget, and destroys access to actual health care.  Insurance means nothing when you cant get care.  The government panel that is set up to deny care to those it deems "cost prohibitive" already exists, its called IPAB.

Obama's EPA has crippled the energy sector and caused gasoline prices to double.  If reelected, his war on coal and unrestrained attack on fossil fuel production will cause energy prices to "necessarily skyrocket".

Obama's Fed chairman has printed money at a reckless pace.  Without a change in the White House, our current monetary policy will soon cause high inflation.

Obama's Justice Department caused the deaths of more Americans when they gave guns to Mexican drug lords in the "Fast and Furious" fiasco.  They have yet to turn over the information Congress has asked for to get to the bottom of this scandal.

I could go on all night.

The economy will never recover under Barack Obama as a matter of ideology.

The American spirit is found no where in Obama's words or actions. 

If you still chose to vote for him after the over whelming evidence of his inability to lead our natio , im at a loss.

If you understand the stakes, then you MUST vote.  Take every person you can to the polls.  Call your family, friends, neighbors.....every one.  We will win or lose on the strength of our turnout.

I pray for you all

I pray for the United States of America

Until tomorrow.....

Romney/Ryan '12
for America

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