Sunday, September 30, 2012

A couple of firsts on a Sunday

No, not for me....

I mean the list of the firsts this President is responsible for....most of which i bet you have never even heard.

Head over to Doug Ross @ Journal and get your learnin' on.

Then enjoy your Sunday with some mindless foosball game watchin's.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The new normal is recession...Thanks Obamanomics

You think the economy is bad now?  Just wait, if Obama is reelected, we will be hoping to get back to our current doldrums after another recession takes us to new lows.

Obama has ZERO clue how the economy actually works thanks to his brain washing at the hands of ideologue left wing radicals who raised and educated him.  He thinks poverty is "fair" as long as everyone suffers together.  Its the mind set that has destroyed once great nations like Great Britain, Greece, and well....Europe.

Its not about a safety net for Obama, its about equal out comes no matter your personal effort or merit.

Is that the society you want?  We are one election from it.

Remember, the Obama administration said recovery was upon us....

You know how i know the President thinks this is the new normal......Obama has done exactly what to change the economic trajectory of the nation?

He formed a "Jobs Council" for PR and then ignored it....remember?

Its all about making you think he cares, not really caring.  If he gets your vote after being a complete failure, it reinforces his mentality of the "no merit" society.  He is entitled to be President, you see, you tiny citizens must just accept that.

Performance is irrelevant in an Obama world.

Equal poverty for peons, luxury and immunity for the elite......yummy socialism....

Not on my watch.

The news catches up with me....

I nailed the Obama administration to their lies on the Libya embassy attack on day....what, like 2.  It was obvious they were skirting responsibility for being incompetent and hiding behind the press as they calmly muttered..."these are not the droids youre looking can go about your business.....move along...."

Well, it looks like someone got around to reading my blog because the story was finally given a wee bit of attention.

GO HERE and watch the video.

This is a scandal that should disqualify Obama from reelection.

If given 1/10 the attention it deserves, it would show this administration's pattern of dishonesty and contempt for the American people. Whether or not the story gets legs may be up to us. If we give the media no choice by spreading the truth ourselves, they will eventually join the party if only to save face.

Share this video with everyone you possibly can...

Thanks to Ace, Right Scoop, BadBlue and Hyscience for the assists.

Also, for anyone looking for a good news site, BadBlue has the Headlines worth reading every day...check it out.

Friday, September 28, 2012

NBC pulls out the pom poms

NBC has completely dropped the facade of objectivity.  They are now ignoring news that hurts Obama and spewing White House talking points.

ABC is a sliver better but its the difference between a the smell of a  public restroom and a monkey's armpit.  Not much.  You really have to do your homework or you could walk around believing the Earth is flat.

Economic growth from the second quarter was revised down from a pathetic 1.7% to a  downright grim 1.3%.  Thats the edge of recession and unacceptable. Its been 3 years of supposed Obama "recovery".  He spent 6 TRILLION dollars.  Where is it?

Incompetent and irresponsible.

Obama supporter of the day

Another day, another Obama supporter shows theyre living on planet youranus.  Its seems like many Obama fans are either bribed with "free" stuff or ignorant fools.  Today's exhibit....

 An American voter majority of fools is Obama's only hope of winning.  Yeah, i sooooo want to be on this guys team.  Between him and "Obama Phone!" we got a slammin' start to new era of greatness in this country.

If youve lost Pat Caddell...

The media is our biggest opponent in this year's election.  Barack Obama would be easily beatable with even a semi fair press.  Its gotten so ridiculous on NBC that they report things completely backwards from reality and when proven wrong refuse to run corrections.   They are currently pushing a story at MSNBC that is completely false and easily verifiable.....why?  Why would a company throw its credibility away for a nothing story?

They are cheerleading and smearing Mitt Romney to purposely help Barack Obama.  This is akin to government propaganda which is why the mainstream news is less trusted than ever before.

"Yeah, but you're just a whiny conservative who is paranoid.....what about Fox News?", you say...

One station versus, well, the Weather Channel, and ESPN 8, "The Ocho"

The point of this diatribe....its gotten so bad that even honest Democrats are now admitting its gone past absurd to embarrassing.  Pat Caddell is a respected Democrat and an elder statesman who is respected by people across the political spectrum.  His remarks are....refreshingly objective and...... remarkable.  .

I want to assure my fellow Romney supporters that we can win.  The news is only trying so hard to convince you otherwise because they know Obama is a horrible candidate.

So, when you hear the media telling you Obama has already won this election, know that they are lying to discourage you.

I plan to use it all as motivation and double my efforts.

Hopefully, im not alone.

Romney is winning

If he isnt why is the other side resorting to paying people to protest?

Meanwhile, a much larger group of people stood in the rain for free waiting to hear Romney speak.

Remember, Obama is sitting exactly where he was right before the 2010 election when the Republicans won 63 new seats in the House.    Another important point that the media seems to ignore.

In other news, the Prime Minister of Great Britain has realized that talking to Obama is worthless and blew him off to play tennis.  I cant say i blame him.  I would rather chew my toenails than pick up the phone if Obama called fact, id rather chew your toenails than listen to the man blather.

I think world leaders know what i know.....Obama is on his way out.

Happy TGIF

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obama voter heard round the world

You want to know the brain washed ignorance we are fighting against.....

No lady, your phone was bought and paid for by a hard working Americans who pay too much in taxes so Obama can buy your vote.


The Obama scandal being ignored

If George Bush was President, there would be a full media blitz assaulting the White House for answers on the lies, deception, and cover up, of the attack on our embassy in Libya.

The more information that leaks out, the more it looks like a full scale Watergate type cover up.  The mainstream press ignores the topic of Libya unless its blasting Mitt Romney for asking the questions they should be asking.

Dont quite understand whats going on because you dont have the time to do your job and the media's too?  Let me help you with that....

Here is a video that sums it all up perfectly.

This White House is more corrupt than Nixon's.  A fair and competent media would be digging for answers.  Thank God for the underground internet press....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obama's priorities

The more i read about the President's intense efforts to avoid doing any work while the world's leaders were in New York, the more i fume.  Oh, he stopped by and gave a speech (what else does he do?) that included some frightening quotes, but offered nothing of character, only moral equivalence and the verbose emptiness that all Obama speeches boil down to at this point.

Its a pattern of behavior with this man.  Obama is worried about being a celebrity,hanging with Hollywood actors, and golfing, than leading the world or fixing this government.  He goes out and gives his little speeches but then goes right back to watching Sportscenter instead of attending his security briefings.  Meanwhile our foreign policy is in ruins and our Ambassadors are dying.

When the Middle East starts to tear itself apart, what does Obama say......

The world is begging for leadership and our President is fundraising.  The economy is on the edge of a cliff and Obama does nothing but make excuses.....and go to fundraisers.

You know what Mitt Romney is doing today?  He is having a meeting about creating jobs with business people and Mike Rowe.  When was the last time Obama met with his so called "Job Council"....oh, i know, over 6 months ago.  It was a publicity stunt because thats what Obama cares about, publicity.

Im tired of feeling afraid for the future of this country.

Its time for real change.

Romney/Ryan 12'

Obama screw of the week

"More regulations!" is the battle cry of Democrats and this President.  They think they are going to make your life free from every possible problem, but all they do is cause things to get worse.

Today's screw....the era of free checking is over.  You will soon be paying just to park your money in a bank.  Why?  Because of the banking regulations put in place by Washington know-it-alls.

DC bureaucrats take a little issue, add regulations to it, make it a giant issue, add more regulations, then the banks fail, and what do they do.....pass even more regulations.  The average America is the one who gets the worst of it, in the end.  Every time the government sticks it to banks or any corporation, they turn around and pass the pain down to us.....and then politicians point fingers at the corporations...

You can apply this government intrusion and unintended consequence formula to the hike in tuition prices, groceries, and the big insurance.  You health insurance will be traveling out of the atmosphere unless we rid the world of Obamacare before this time next year.

You probably didnt see this on the news.  Evil little details of this President's policies, like this one, are shoved into the closet right now.  Obama figures if he can hide them until the election, it doesnt matter how bad it gets because he cant run for reelection again.  Its about him, as usual.

If Barack Obama wins this election, the economy will fall apart and this will seem like the good ole' days.

Trust me, i know these people.

Remember i was the one who told you they were lying about the embassy attacks on day one....and i was proven right.

Im just sick of having a government that is more worried about saving face than its citizens.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are You Kidding Me? 1st Amendment crisis

The President just said....and i quote...

"Future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam"


Im not sure exactly what that is supposed to mean, but it sure gives me the heeby jeebies.

How long until our free speech is no longer protected?  Not long if Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the U.N. get their way.  Turns out they are trying to create blasphemy, im serious....

Im researching the details as we speak but here is a decent story on their evil efforts so far.

Obama, also blamed that stupid youtube video again, too, after admitting it was a planned attack  What a joke.

Here's a "did you know?"  

Mitt Romney wanted to meet with world leaders but the Obama administration blocked it from happening.  Like a kid who would rather break a toy than share it, Obama couldnt be bothered, but didnt want Romney to look like the leader he is not.

I dont know how we survive 4 more years of this disastrous group heading our government.

I need an aspirin.....

More on the UN speech HERE

Picture Pages

A couple of pictures i saw and thought would really bring the room together....


A fair media would have written a story or two highlighting this important information.  The record's of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama contrast the success of a capitalist vs a statist.  Do you want the government running more companies or less?


Meanwhile, the economy stalls, the world burns, and Obama focuses on what?

Two pictures, dozens of reasons to fire Barack Obama.

Pick your fav and go with it.

Pics stolen from the great site Moonbattery

Flying Pigs?

I cant believe this but ill report it because i trust the source....

CNN and MSNBC were less than lips on butt, towards Obama this morning.  Video at the link.  They both had a few choice words for our "fearless leader" on his foreign policy.

Random acts of journalism?

Not sure what would bring on these rare moments of sanity but, wow, was it refreshing.

Hey, if the media does something right, ill give 'em credit.

Fact Check Time

Im finally getting around to checking out Obama's latest round insulting media appearances.  I think ill ignore "The View" since it actually makes you dumber when you watch it, but his 60 minutes interview is worth noting.

Obama obviously has a hand shake agreement with CBS.  He gets to come on and spew talking points while their interviewer offers little resistance to his illogical nonsense.  I may just start classifying this once proud brand in the same class as "The View"

Its gotten so bad that you have to spend "60 minutes" doing your own research to sort out the truth.

Well  let us do it for you.....and when i say us, i mean real journalists.... and links from me.

If you saw Obama on CBS Sunday or just want to know how far his twisting of the facts is going these days.   Head over to this excellent Fact Check.  Also, if you were as confused as the President was, when sorting out the difference between the deficit and the is an explanation.

Fine, i will comment on "The View".....just one gag worthy highlight.  Our douche bag of a President showed a creepy narcissism and referred to himself as "eye candy".  Who does that?  Its the off putting arrogance of a low level Fraternity brother trying to impress a freshman coed as he offers her a Keystone Light pounder.

In the college town i live in, we call a guy like that a "Tool".

Remember, he didnt have time to meet with our only ally in the Middle East, but he had time for acting a fool on The View.

Obama vs Obama

What a difference one failed term makes.....

Our whiner President has gone from "hope and change" to no hope and can't change.

Your required reading for today is the great Thomas Sowell.  One of my heroes and possibly the greatest economic mind next to Milton Friedman, of my lifetime.

Do your brain a solid and go read Dr. Sowell's column.  Its short and sweet.

Im having a hard time getting going after visitors wore me out this weekend, but have no fear, your intrepid blogger will be here....

In case you were wondering why the polls are so close even though the country is a disaster and the Middle East is burning....the Obama campaign has your answer...

Women are stupid....hey....thats what they said, not me.

Just thought you should know....

Friday, September 21, 2012

True, true, and true

Those are the most basic of statements about these two guys, but i think its enough to know which one is better for the country.

Disagree? Well, thats gonna take some 'splaining....

I understand the Romney side takes a bit of conjecture. Its consistent with the plans he has laid out, in my opinion, but I understand being weary of "plans" when it comes to politicians.

The Obama side is categorical fact. It is provable with empirical evidence or basic math. His record is verifiable.

When the employee you hired to fix a mess, not only makes it worse but points fingers and makes petty excuses..... for 4 dont rehire him, especially when a guy with a sparkling resume and a spotless character record is sitting in the waiting room available for the job.

There is no argument for reelecting Barack Obama.

Alas....the campaign continues....

In the "Thats totally what Jimmy Carter would do" file for today, it turns out that the Obama administration is spending tax dollars on TV ads in Pakistan to placate muslim extremists. Yep, we now apologizing for free speech. It is disgraceful and further more, useless. They hate us for having youtube, not whats on it. Begging for mercy through a TV ad is pathetic and screams weakness.
Two words our enemies associate with our current leadership, no doubt.

On with TGIF


I wouldnt believe it if it were any other administration.....

But, it looks like the story the Obama administration has been trying to sell us....  a youtube video was the cause of the riots in know, the attacks that caused the murder of a US Diplomat along with former Navy completely and utterly FALSE.

It is now being reported that there were NO protests preceding the attacks.

It other words it was a straight up terrorist attack that the Obama administration had warnings about but ignored, then LIED about to save face because it was close to an election.

Thats not even the only new scandal coming out of Libya.  I cant even get my head around this one yet so read up and ill get back to you when i have more facts.

I do know this.  The administration has been lying since day one.  They are trying to cover their butts for incompetence and irresponsible inaction.

Obama has been flying around this week doing fundraisers with rap stars,  and hanging on David Letterman, meanwhile we just had a US Diplomat murdered in a terrorist attack.

Which Presidential candidate is out of touch again?

Welcome to Friday.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

President Suckage's rough 24 hours was a rough rotation of the Earth for Obama.  I wonder how the media will spin it....

The President had a supposedly friendly audience asking questions at a Univision forum, but they made him look clueless, like a whiner, and forced him into multiple face saving lies.

Also on the menu....the pandering was offensive.  All of the sudden, with $4/gallon gas, 8+% unemployment for his entire term, and 6 TRILLION in new debt, Obama's biggest regret of his first 4 years was not passing immigration reform.  Of course, he never tried.  He had super majorities of both houses of Congress and the ability to pass anything he wanted (ie Obamacare) and he never once tried at immigration reform.  So its a lie and a stupid pandering one at that.

He looked woefully ill prepared to answer questions about the embassy attacks.  It was a master class of question avoidance.  It looked like a guy who didn't have the answer written out for him and had to think on the spot and when it was obvious he had no clue, he went into politician speak (lots of words, saying nothing).

I could spend a Homer length epic shredding his performance in this forum but i bore of it.  Quickly though, Obama admitted that his entire 2008 campaign was based on an phony slogan.  The man who was elected on "hope and change" actually said the words, " cant change Washington from the inside..."  In other words, he learned that the big boys play rough and don't just faint at his holy inspired words.  It was a whine fest anytime someone came within a country mile of asking him to take responsibility for his record.  I am completely confused by the 3 or 4 conflicting narratives Obama has used about being an "outsider".....or was that "insider"?

Anyway, last night Obama went on David Letterman.  He handled the only question of substance so badly that is has now become the story.  Its best explained with visual aides, so ill leave it to a professional.  A sneak preview though.....did you know that the crippling national debt is not a the short term.  Let me translate..."Im going to spend the bejeezus out of this place if i get reelected cause i cant run again and i kinda dont care".

The Washington Examiner has done an extremely thorough piece on the carefully hidden side of Barack Obama.  Its long but worth every second.  You need to know about the man no one vetted 4 years ago.  If, once you really know this President, his background, and his ideas, you still want to vote for him....fine, i think very few do, though.

Some "focus group" info has hit the President where it hurts.....that would be his ego (its by far his largest organ).  The words used to describe each party's ticket are enlightening.  I wonder why this isn't front page i don't...

Finally, the Fast and Furious scandal has reared its ugly head again.  You remember that scandal, right?  The Obama Justice Dept got guns in the hands of drug gangs in order to see what damage they would do....or some half baked explanation not even the Democrats buy.  Well, the heads are starting to roll.  It didn't help that he was poked pretty darn hard about it at the Univision forum ( i almost forgot about that delicious moment) The President opened with his favorite duck and cover maneuver and then followed that up with a full Bush blamer....his score?  Well the Chinese judge gave him a 5, but what does that really i right?

Finally, finally, it looks like Obama is going to bow to our enemies and release the World Trade Center Bomber after the election.  It is absolutely despicable and undermines 30 years of foreign policy.  Just a hint at the amazing stuff Barack Obama will do after he is no longer worried about getting votes.

My brain hurts....time to soak it in some Borderlands 2....

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This video should end the election

Romney stating the obvious?  Nah...thats as common a knowledge as Obama declaring he is for redistribution of wealth.

I mean this video.

Obama is telling the Russians he will sell us out AFTER he is reelected.  He is telling one of our toughest enemies that he will make decisions that the American public would not accept....once it wont hurt him.

This video is borderline treason IMHO.  If you dont think so, i ask how you view the video?

It troubles me when a President with a record of selling out our allies seems to be offering to sell out our country.

Just remember which video is really important.

Stat of the day

You know what you get when a radical left wing, anti capitalist, college teacher runs the economy?

Complete and utter failure. 

Canada's dollar passed the US dollar, in value, under Obama.....which is embarrassing enough, but now they have passed us in economic freedom.

It seems like every day we get more bad news like this....

When is enough....enough?

Trying not to tune out

Ive looked at this screen every day this week and ended up writing nothing.

I read the news everyday, watch the media lie to help Obama and become enraged, but what is left to say?

The daily gotcha here or there is meaningless.  Obama has an economic record of failure, we are watching his foreign policy incompetence in the Middle East, and he has no plan to fix anything.  His only goal is winning reelection.

I hear Obama make this promise, or propose that new plan, but its all been said by him before, and quickly forgotten once the speeches are over.

Barack Obama is the abusive husband who promises that this time will be different. Metaphorical beating after beating, Obama tells us things will change.  Sure he has been this way his whole life, but for you, he will completely change his character.  Come on, his intentions are good.....its probably your fault anyway, right?

I could spend this time ranting on Obama's disgraceful performance on Letterman last night.  He pretended to not know the current US debt, because then he would have to admit he added 6 TRILLION dollars to it. He told America that the debt is a no big know, at least for now....while he's in office.....or some  bull that is absolutely stupid by any intellectual standard.  That statement alone disqualifies him from being President.

I could spend time worrying about some lame audio tape strategically released by an Obama apologist but ignore everything the President has said over 6 years of running for and then being President, not to mention doubly ignore everything he has done.

I could spend time quoting terrible economic statistic after depressing economic indicator proving that every possible sector of the economy is worse after 4 years of Obama policy.

I could spend post after post analyzing the major mistakes made and then lies told by this administration after the attacks on our embassies....on 9/11 no do you not see that coming?  Wait, they now admit they knew, but did nothing.  Point made, thank you.

I could spend time trying to convince you that Romney is the man that he is.....known by those whose lives he has touched, as generous beyond words, with his time and effort, not just money.  Honest, caring, and loyal to all he has come into contact with throughout his career.  The stories of Romney's positive influence on people are legendary, but ignored by a media who need to define Romney as an uncaring rich guy.

He is successful because of his character.

Obama is a failure for the same reason.

Im just a little tired of  meaningless things becoming the story of the day while the future of this country hangs in the balance.

Some times the frustration just makes it tough to stay focused.....thats where ive been this week.

Deep good......

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Its NFL day and with my 394 fantasy teams to prepare, the last thing i want to think about this morning is foreign policy but, my neuroses kick in and i must read the news before i double click over to sports coverage.

The news was a predictable helping of last week's incompetence, revisited, but a few things worth note.

First, we are now being harder on Americans for partaking of their 1st amendment rights than we are terrorists at Gitmo. A bit facetious, i know, but aggravating none the less.

Second, i somehow missed this, but the US had its credit rating downgraded again in direct response to the Obama's 4th TRILLION dollar deficit and the Federal Reserves irresponsible policy of monetizing our debt. Inflation, here we come.....

Finally, it looks like the Obama administration was even more negligent than we first thought when it comes to the embassy attacks. Here is a good post on some of the information coming to light. Its not going to be reported by the mainstream media but we deserve to know the truth.

Now relax, watch some football, and enjoy your Sunday.

Tomorrow we get back to work.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

One quick link

I forgot about a grrrrrrrrrrrreat (sorry i was thinking about Frosted Flakes again) article on a usually left wing site. It says everything i was thinking about this past week's Obama international debacle.

I saw the media accuse Mitt Romney of all the things Obama did on the day of the embassy attacks, but completely ignore the President's disgraceful actions. Romney stood up for America while Obama played politics at a pep rally where he compared his little lemmings to the people who died serving their country.....yes, seriously.

Hat Tip to the Beckster.

College Football Saturday

My stumbling, bumbling, shanking Penn State Nitily sorry i thought i heard the President say "Nitily"....he's such a sports fan....

Anyway, we face the honorable young men from Navy today, and if we are going to lose every game, today is the one i dont mind. Those boys are giving up keggers and coeds for battleships and boot camp. You gotta respect that....its friggin hardcore.

Someone comes to you and says...."Door number 1, four to five years of parties, sorority girls, living like a heathen, and other unmentionable fun......Door 2, 6 am alarms, morning runs, weekend studying, cleaning the head, and unmentionable responsibility.....your choice"
These young men picked Door #2 18 year old boys....and thats admirable times ten. Then they get to go dodge bullets or torpedoes, or other exploding nasties while the average 21 year old moves back in with Mom so she can do his laundry.

These kids are heroes in my mind.

Speaking of the opposite of a hero, Barack Obama is mere moments from being crowned the worst "jobs" President since the Great Depression. So there's that.

Enough politics for today.

Hope your school of choice plays well today.

Have pleasant valley Saturday.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Obama censors youtube

In case you care, the Obama administration is now censoring youtube to satisfy the barbaric demands of extremists nutjobs in the middle east.

Any one who has watched the region over the past 10 years know that stupid film trailer has nothing to do with their mass idiocy.

Free speech must be protected.

Friday morning links

Lots of good stuff online already today, thought id share in case you felt like reading.....

Tell us what you really think about Obama going to Las Vegas while the Middle East burned.

Obama, the "all swag, no cattle" President......Thats a pretty good way to put it, Ms. Malkin.

Im not the only one who didnt buy the Obama administration's non-denial denial about Libya.

What? Yahoo is run by an Obama fundraising powerhouse? I never would have guessed. Their news is just so fair....or horribly hacktastic and biased.....yeah, definitely the second one.

I wonder why Obama didnt get that warning about the coming attacks....hmmmm.

Maybe he was busy doing something else.....lets see what hes up to, shall we?

AND FINALLY......a cartoon to end on a giggle.....

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Hey nail, you have just been struck soundly on the noggin.

TGIF y'all

Enjoy the day.

Be a Clown, Be a Clown, Be a Clown

Did i say "be a clown"? Ewwwww....ick, i hate clowns, they are creepy in every manifestation.

I meant "beclown". One word, meaning make a fool of ones self....but you knew that...

There is a great article worth your time and it makes perfect usage of the excellent under utilized word "beclown" in its title.

Im always happy to point you towards the goods.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

More on Obama's Foreign Policy Suckage

How do you feel about the killing and raping of our Ambassador in Libya....oh, yeah it turns out they may have raped him before they murdered him?

How would you feel if you found out the Obama administration was warned of the attacks 48 hours before hand and did nothing? Dont you think that should a big story? Isnt it important to know if the Obama administration ignored warnings since it has so much time for fundraising and hangin' with the "pimp with the limp".

There are even reports that Marines were not permitted to put bullets in their guns. To be fair that fact has been denied by the Pentagon, but I just cant help but wonder.....

The protests are spreading and Obama still refuses to meet with our only ally in the region.

You know what really sticks on my craw, though....

The best information about the attacks has come from the foreign press. Seriously. The US press has decided its first job is protect Obama, with journalism about 8th on the list after, love Obama, flirt with Obama, make Obama a sandwich, giggle and wave at Obama, laugh at Obama's jokes, practice writing their name as if they were married to Obama, and finally, point and scowl at Romney.

I wouldnt have found that article if it wasnt for my normal reading list of bloggers, either. Thanks Ace!

The mountain of evidence that Obama's state department screwed le pooch keeps growing but according to the was a bad week for Romney. Maybe on planet Douchebaggia where racists like Chris Matthews live.


I seem to say that a lot lately.

UPDATE: The White House uses carefully chosen words to deny knowing about the attack in Libya. In other words, they didnt know specifically about the attack in Benghazi, but i think they were given a warning covering the whole region. Its a parsing of words and comes down to whether you trust this administration or not. Since they have a record of lying when it helps them and barely trying to hide it, i dont.

I report, you can decide.

Obama gaffe says it all

You want to know the state of Obama foreign policy? I dont blame you because Obama, himself, doesnt have a clue.

He said Egypt is "not an ally..." but that is absolutely not true according to his own State Department.

Of course, the White House spin machine is now set to ludicrous speed.

I have never seen an administration have to "clarify" its own statements so often.

The guy doesnt know his own policy. Thats the bottom line. Probably because he doesnt go to intelligence briefings.....

Its a disgrace and another reason this man should be tossed from office in November. If he has time to golf over 100 times, go on fundraising trips 3 or more times a week, and skip meetings with our allies, he better know basic policy necessary for the job. Im tired of his sort of incompetence.....real tired....

Arent you tired..... of bad news......about the war, about our embassies, about our allies, about our enemies, about poverty rising, about unemployment, about the economy as a whole?

Im afraid its becoming normal for everything to suck. Its only normal for Obama not America.

We can do better.

Romney/Ryan '12

Jimmy Carter redux part II

Looks like im not the only one seeing the hideous comparisons between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter.....check it-

Obama is even pulling quotes from Carter campaign speeches from 1980. What can I say about a complete and utter failure of a man who is stealing ideas from complete and utter failure of a President.

If this whole debacle doesnt lead you to voting from Mitt Romney, just wait....its only going to get worse.

The Media is a disgrace

They are really doing it.

The media is coordinating a message that Mitt Romney somehow is the story while Barack Obama allows the Middle East to burn.

Its UN believe ABLE. It flagrant malpractice by Obama loving journalists who have choose their 8th grade crush on a man instead of their country.

Yahoo articles quote radical, America hating, left wing sources such as "Think Progress" (which i refuse to link to....just know that Yahoo news is a joke and regularly uses opinion blogs for sources).

Do they care that Obama went to sleep last night not knowing what was going on? Thats insane. Our President decided that while Americans were dying, he needed some shut eye?

Obama doesnt have time to meet with our only ally in the region but has time for hanging with Jay-Z and going on David Letterman.

That makes me fear for every American in every embassy all over the world. If he wins a second term....these will be considered the good ole' days.

Barack Obama is a selfish little man who is more worried about being reelected than doing his job.

I cant believe he is every getting 20% of the vote.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?!?!

The media is so sickening.

These soulless shills are trying to criticize Mitt Romney for responding to the attacks on our embassies because he was critical of the Obama administration's complete ineptness.

UPDATE: Someone caught these dishonest dolts coordinating their questions in an attempt to make Romney look bad. Unbelievable.

1979 is back

I have been saying this in conversations for months but it has never been more frighteningly obvious than today. It is now a question being asked out loud.

Barack Obama's incompetent foreign policy has emboldened our enemies.

Where is the leadership? Not in the White least until Mitt Romney is living there.

Did you know Obama plans on giving a billion dollars to help arm Egypt even after their attack on our embassy? These people are our enemy.

He even apologized to them yesterday.

Obama is half naive, half misguided, and half just friggin stupid.

This guy has got to go and November 6th is not soon enough. Who knows how many more embassies will be set on fire between now and then. Lord knows, Obama will do nothing but bend over or bend down.

These people hate us because of who we are, they use petty excuses to kill us and we worry about offending them. Well, i say, go to hell. We are not worshiping the same God if he is telling you to kill me because i believe women should be able to drive.

This would be a good time for a US President to meet with our strongest ally in the region, but Obama is too busy going on David Letterman. Yep, im serious.

Worst. President. Ever.

UPDATE:  The experts seem to agree.  The Obama led response is amateur hour and unacceptable.

UPDATE 2:  This is funny.....cause its true.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jimmy Carter redux?

Dont forget to check out the video in the previous post.....its a humdinger.


Things are getting out of control as multiple US embassies in the Middle East have come under attack. We have had one casualty already and its not over yet.

In Cairo, protesters tore down an American Flag after unlawfully entering the sovereign US territory that is our embassy. Its a good thing our fearless leader had some strong words in retort.....not. We apologized for offending their sensibilities....

These types of actions that are a "shark bump". They can sense weakness....geez, who cant at this point. Obama has been neutered internationally and is giving off the mixed scent of Jimmy Carter's incompetence, and Bill Clinton's distracted ignorance.

Obama is already throwing the embassy under the bus, as if he has nothing to say about their official response.

Half gutless coward, half finger pointer.....thats our President.

This story is not over....pray our people stay safe.

You MUST see this video

The mainstream media has been negligent in its coverage of Barack Obama since day one. I could spend every day from now until the election highlighting stories the media glossed over or completely ignored that could and should effect your vote.

The attempts to white wash Obama of his record will not be as easy this time. Due to the tireless efforts of citizen journalists, and internet bloggers we are getting the truth out.

What truth you ask? How about Obama contradicting himself, being dishonest, and outright lying to you for 4 years without being held accountable?

This video is an important step in making sure voters are not fooled again by Barack Obama. Show it to everyone you possibly can. We may not convince the brain washed zombies, but honest thinking people may reevaluate their opinion of the man.

Hat Tip Dan McLaughlin

11 years later. Are we safer?


Ill tell you what i just told some idiot online whose big argument against Mitt Romney was his bank account and where it was located.

Barack Obama has, in 4 years, undone any progress GW Bush made in making us safer.

Worse yet, he has turned his back on our allies while bowing to our enemies, both figuratively and literally.

Obama supporters keep regurgitating short sighted talking points while Obama sells out our allies in Europe, gives billions of our tax dollars to terrorist sympathizers in Egypt, blows off the leader of our greatest ally Israel, ignores the border as al-Qaeda agents are caught trying to cross (by Mexico, not us), ignores the doubling of the death rate of our soldiers in Afghanistan while pulling defeat our of the jaws of victory in the Middle East, sends other troops into a civil war in Africa, intervenes in Syria without a CLUE of what or who they are supporting, he is made to look weak and pathetic as China pushes our Democratic allies around in southeastern Asia, he offers to screw over the American people the second he is reelected by weakening our defenses to placate Putin and Russia.

He is weakening America all over the world, and our enemies are being emboldened. They stormed one of our embassies today and burned our flag.....

Barack Obama has been a nightmare for our country outside the US maybe as much as inside.

Islamist extremists are still at war with us and Obama plays golf, goes fundraising, and campaigns. Im on the edge of rage...

I need to walk away for a second before i say something i will regret.

A day of Remembrance

A thought and a prayer for those who lost their lives 11 years ago today.

A thought and a prayer for those who have fought so we can continue to live like we did before that day, many of which have never come home.

My life changed in outlook on that day, but thanks to the brave soldiers, airman, sailors, and marines, i have never been afraid. That is a priceless gift and one that is sometimes taken for granted by Americans.

Thank You to President Bush for being a leader when the country needed it most.

I will never forget.

Thanks to Hot Air for the Vids

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Are you ready for some football?

In about 4 hours it all begins. Lots of games, fantasy stats, and highlights....oh those juicy highlights. I plan to enjoy a whole day of sports coverage while avoiding news at all costs. I refuse to have my mellow harshed by politics i apologize for the lack of red meat on this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

All goes back to full election mode tomorrow but today, its football nirvana.

I encourage all to take a deep breath and recharge.

Even the Lord did on this 7th day (or is this technically the 1st day....heck, you know what im saying).

Have a beautiful Sunday.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekend happy talk

Well, the Obama economy is still flopping around like a dying fish. The false narrative that things are getting better had a big ole' spork stuck in it today with a another dismal jobs report. The unemployment rate went down to 8.1% because they stopped counting another 4oo,ooo peeps.

The unemployment rate number is now so tricked out with special government math and Labor Department caveats, it only tells half the story.

If they were counting the same amount of people as last month, the rate would have ticked up to 8.4%.

If the were counting the same amount of people as they were when Obama took office the rate would be 11.2%.

So, even though America's population has grown by millions over the last 4 years, they are counting less people in the work force for no other reason than they have supposedly given up looking for work.

That makes zero sense to me.

Its ugly out there, and even Yahoo cant sugar coat it.

Enough of that. Lets shove all that crap into the closet and slam the door at least until Sunday. Its weekend time and after a long week of politics, im ready for rock and/or roll.

I get to pick up the guitar again tonight and forget about the real world for a minute.

If you are at Penn State, you can find me at the Rathskeller @10:30, with my band Mr. Hand.

Otherwise, enjoy your weekend.

Are You Pro Choice?

No....really pro choice?

The Democrats love to fly the "Choice" flag saying "its a womens body"

But do they really mean "choice" or do they mean, government control, that they happen to agree with?

You HAVE to see the truth. I have never been so enraged by a video in my life.

The inane ignorant hypocrisy on display here should be enough to make any thinking person reconsider their choice of party.

That is what the Democrats believe, folks. I have had this conversation. They want what they want and they want you to want what they want.....or else they will legally force it directly down your throat.

Please show this video to everyone you know. It is absolutely imperative that people see this before they vote for any Democrat this election.


Thanks to Reason TV

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A short review of Obama's acceptance

Oh, hi....sorry i must have dozed off listening to Barack Obama's sermon. He delivered it well, like he usually does, but the continued saying of nothing eventually got to me. After over 4 years of him speechifying every issue to death, his usual empty platitudes have just become this "Charlie Brown teacher" sort of noise, to me.

If he had just landed on the planet, i might have cared, but as someone who has watched him squander an entire term in office playing golf and making excuses, another speech setting lofty goals without a plan doesnt cut it.

I truly expected his advisers to understand the need for substantive policy ideas and fill tonight's offering to the gills with plenty, but alas, it was another meatless effort.

The whole evening felt like Obama was essentially asking for a do over. I kept hearing my 12 year old self complaining to a friend after losing a race, "awwww, do over man, i wasnt ready".

Its time to face facts. Barack Obama is a campaigner, an activist, a theorist.....not a real world doer. The radical left wing ideology he was brain washed with as a youth and a student doesnt work outside of the liberal classroom, but he has so much faith in it, he believes that if he explains it just one more magic, happiness will fall from the sky.

I just dont see how America votes to reelect Mr. Obama. America knows it can do better, and it also knows, this President cannot.

Once i have slept on it, ill probably have more to say, but that's my initial reaction.

Convention season is now officially over.

UPDATE: Looks like i was in the majority. Everyone and their dog spot saw Obama's speech for what it was.....pathetic.

Dont be fooled

Ive noticed a scheduling theme at the Democratic convention this week. They have speaker after speaker who extols the virtues of socialist policy, or radical late term abortion rights, or "shared" this or that (meaning you giving them stuff). They offer up wacky activists and criminals who think illegal aliens have a right to your tax dollars, They even "Boo" God and least until primetime.....THEN

The speeches suddenly become centrist dialogues about the middle class and expanding opportunity. Publicly acceptable speakers like Bill Clinton or a repackaged Michelle Obama take center stage.

You want to know what the Democrats are saying when the tv cameras arent on.....ask the rank and file delegates who have no reason to lie for votes.

There you have it. Ban profits. The favored policy of Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela. Socialism, ugly and naked as it comes. Democratic party big wigs know you wont vote for socialism by name, but they hope if they give it the right coat of paint, you will buy it.

Obama's goal tonight, for his big speech, is to package big government control of your life in acceptable terms and phrases. No matter what he says....his results the last 4 years speak much louder.

Why you cant trust Buzzfeed

The bias of the media isnt even an arguable point anymore. They can feign objectivity all they want but their actions speak far louder than their words.

Today, the mask slipped completely off as Buzzfeed got caught with its double standard pants down.

Long story short, the site thought a nasty Tweet was aimed at Sandra Fluke, so it reacted with outrage and quickly went into full on "denounce hate" mode. When they found out it was actually about conservative Dana Loesch, they unreacted, and erased any evidence of giving a crap.

So there you have it. Horrible treatment of women is ok to Buzzfeed, as long as they are on the other side of the political aisle.

Buzzfeed-- you just made the list.

Just thought you should know.

Factcheck time

Trying to sort out all the baloney sandwiches scattered by the Democrats this week in Charlotte is an impossible task. Fortunately, there are people who are skilled enough (I am not one of them),to make the impossible, possible.

Learn 'em so when asked by a little lamb which way Mary went, you can feed them the truth before they mistakenly grow into a Democrat sheeple.

Our only mission for the last two months of this campaign is to get the facts out.

As you were.

In a nutshell

Bill Clinton sounded like a man in search of a point last night. He is famous for mixing half truths with incorrect facts and a sprinkling of outright fibs, and thats what he did. It was also 8 hours long by my sundial....alright my sundial doesnt work a night, but man did it go on forever.

Nothing special from the biggest hitter the Democrats have left. I though it was a bit incoherent but Ive never bought Clinton's schtick.

Yesterday will be remembered for one thing and it isnt the dress messer.

They had to move Obama's speech from a football stadium to the convention arena due to lack of interest. That seems about right. Who cares what his teleprompter says at this point. We have heard it all before. Team Obama tried to blame the weather for the move to a much smaller venue, but the forecast is clear skies.

Is it election day yet?

Enjoy Thursday.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reminder: Bill Clinton is a convicted liar

Tonight, former intern diddler.....i mean disbarred lawyer....i mean proven liar.....i mean alleged rapist.....i mean President Bill Clinton, holds his nose and does his best to tell us why Barack Obama should be reelected.

For one, anyone who has been paying attention knows that Clinton doesnt think much of Obama, which makes any praise, phony as lindsay lohan's tan.

Speaking of phony, could there be a less appropriate key note speaker for a convention that is supposedly focused on women's rights than Bill Clinton. The guy is a walking talking misogyny poster. It just proves the Democrats dont really care about respecting women, just tricking them into voting a certain way. The way this convention has focused on women below the waist and ignored them above the neck, its obvious the Democrats believe females are easy marks. I believe that is badly underestimating the fairer sex, but i guess we will see in November.

Im way more interested in football tonight than anything BJ Clinton has to say, but im sure i will have some reaction to his speech.

One event of note at the DNCC was the delegate revolt to the idea that God be reintroduced to the Democratic platform. Along with a provision that recognizes Israel's capital as Jerusalem (which is, in fact, the capital), the provisions were taken out before the convention. Once the general voting public was alerted to these glaring omissions, the Dems quickly moved to put them back in, lest they be discovered as the anti God, anti Israel party.

Lets just say, it didnt go as planned. The vote was a debacle. The delegates voted down the motion to amend the platform. The chairman ignored them, though. I could tell the delegates were anything but happy about it.

Why would you remove such overwhelmingly popular planks from your platform to begin with.....that was either boldly honest by a party who refused to pander, or unbelievably stupid, either way, now its just a joke.

Ironically, it is being said that Obama personally intervened to amend the platform even though it was his administration that caused a stir recently when it refused to publicly affirm Jerusalem was Israel's capital.

Go to Drudge for lots of fun links to coverage of the circus.

The Democrat convention so far can be summed up as:

Cheers for abortion: Boos for God

Stole that line from Ace

Democrats: we even rig elections at our own convention

Now thats a slogan i can believe.

Football's back-- Yeehaw! Wish me luck as my fake teams battle other fake teams!