Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just another lowlight of the DNCC

At their convention, Republicans took time to honor Ronald Reagan, defeater of the USSR, destroyer of the Berlin Wall, leader of possibly the greatest peace time economic recovery and longest period of prosperity the US has ever known. The Gipper was beloved by Americans of both parties propelling him to two landslide election victories. One of our greatest Presidents.

Not to be outdone, the Democrats honored Ted Kennedy. Known drunk, womanizer, and all around elitist hypocrite.

Another big win for the Democratic convention.

Just so inspiring, unless you are Mary Jo Kopechne, of course.

Speaking of hypocrites, How can the Democrats accuse the Republicans of a "war on women" while lionizing a guy who treated females,at best, like second class citizens?

UPDATE: I forget to mention the tribute to Jimmy Carter. I over read someone online saying "isn't that what the last 4 years was?" HA! Who does a tribute to Jimmy Carter? What can you say good about him? The Antisemite, economy destroyer, communist punching bag....who gave away the Panama Canal, cancelled going to the Olympics, and couldnt get our hostages back from Iran, President......Yay?

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