Thursday, September 6, 2012

A short review of Obama's acceptance

Oh, hi....sorry i must have dozed off listening to Barack Obama's sermon. He delivered it well, like he usually does, but the continued saying of nothing eventually got to me. After over 4 years of him speechifying every issue to death, his usual empty platitudes have just become this "Charlie Brown teacher" sort of noise, to me.

If he had just landed on the planet, i might have cared, but as someone who has watched him squander an entire term in office playing golf and making excuses, another speech setting lofty goals without a plan doesnt cut it.

I truly expected his advisers to understand the need for substantive policy ideas and fill tonight's offering to the gills with plenty, but alas, it was another meatless effort.

The whole evening felt like Obama was essentially asking for a do over. I kept hearing my 12 year old self complaining to a friend after losing a race, "awwww, do over man, i wasnt ready".

Its time to face facts. Barack Obama is a campaigner, an activist, a theorist.....not a real world doer. The radical left wing ideology he was brain washed with as a youth and a student doesnt work outside of the liberal classroom, but he has so much faith in it, he believes that if he explains it just one more magic, happiness will fall from the sky.

I just dont see how America votes to reelect Mr. Obama. America knows it can do better, and it also knows, this President cannot.

Once i have slept on it, ill probably have more to say, but that's my initial reaction.

Convention season is now officially over.

UPDATE: Looks like i was in the majority. Everyone and their dog spot saw Obama's speech for what it was.....pathetic.

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