Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fact Check Time

Im finally getting around to checking out Obama's latest round insulting media appearances.  I think ill ignore "The View" since it actually makes you dumber when you watch it, but his 60 minutes interview is worth noting.

Obama obviously has a hand shake agreement with CBS.  He gets to come on and spew talking points while their interviewer offers little resistance to his illogical nonsense.  I may just start classifying this once proud brand in the same class as "The View"

Its gotten so bad that you have to spend "60 minutes" doing your own research to sort out the truth.

Well  let us do it for you.....and when i say us, i mean real journalists.... and links from me.

If you saw Obama on CBS Sunday or just want to know how far his twisting of the facts is going these days.   Head over to this excellent Fact Check.  Also, if you were as confused as the President was, when sorting out the difference between the deficit and the debt...here is an explanation.

Fine, i will comment on "The View".....just one gag worthy highlight.  Our douche bag of a President showed a creepy narcissism and referred to himself as "eye candy".  Who does that?  Its the off putting arrogance of a low level Fraternity brother trying to impress a freshman coed as he offers her a Keystone Light pounder.

In the college town i live in, we call a guy like that a "Tool".

Remember, he didnt have time to meet with our only ally in the Middle East, but he had time for acting a fool on The View.

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