Saturday, September 29, 2012

The new normal is recession...Thanks Obamanomics

You think the economy is bad now?  Just wait, if Obama is reelected, we will be hoping to get back to our current doldrums after another recession takes us to new lows.

Obama has ZERO clue how the economy actually works thanks to his brain washing at the hands of ideologue left wing radicals who raised and educated him.  He thinks poverty is "fair" as long as everyone suffers together.  Its the mind set that has destroyed once great nations like Great Britain, Greece, and well....Europe.

Its not about a safety net for Obama, its about equal out comes no matter your personal effort or merit.

Is that the society you want?  We are one election from it.

Remember, the Obama administration said recovery was upon us....

You know how i know the President thinks this is the new normal......Obama has done exactly what to change the economic trajectory of the nation?

He formed a "Jobs Council" for PR and then ignored it....remember?

Its all about making you think he cares, not really caring.  If he gets your vote after being a complete failure, it reinforces his mentality of the "no merit" society.  He is entitled to be President, you see, you tiny citizens must just accept that.

Performance is irrelevant in an Obama world.

Equal poverty for peons, luxury and immunity for the elite......yummy socialism....

Not on my watch.

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