Thursday, September 6, 2012

In a nutshell

Bill Clinton sounded like a man in search of a point last night. He is famous for mixing half truths with incorrect facts and a sprinkling of outright fibs, and thats what he did. It was also 8 hours long by my sundial....alright my sundial doesnt work a night, but man did it go on forever.

Nothing special from the biggest hitter the Democrats have left. I though it was a bit incoherent but Ive never bought Clinton's schtick.

Yesterday will be remembered for one thing and it isnt the dress messer.

They had to move Obama's speech from a football stadium to the convention arena due to lack of interest. That seems about right. Who cares what his teleprompter says at this point. We have heard it all before. Team Obama tried to blame the weather for the move to a much smaller venue, but the forecast is clear skies.

Is it election day yet?

Enjoy Thursday.

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