Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obama screw of the week

"More regulations!" is the battle cry of Democrats and this President.  They think they are going to make your life free from every possible problem, but all they do is cause things to get worse.

Today's screw....the era of free checking is over.  You will soon be paying just to park your money in a bank.  Why?  Because of the banking regulations put in place by Washington know-it-alls.

DC bureaucrats take a little issue, add regulations to it, make it a giant issue, add more regulations, then the banks fail, and what do they do.....pass even more regulations.  The average America is the one who gets the worst of it, in the end.  Every time the government sticks it to banks or any corporation, they turn around and pass the pain down to us.....and then politicians point fingers at the corporations...

You can apply this government intrusion and unintended consequence formula to the hike in tuition prices, groceries, and the big insurance.  You health insurance will be traveling out of the atmosphere unless we rid the world of Obamacare before this time next year.

You probably didnt see this on the news.  Evil little details of this President's policies, like this one, are shoved into the closet right now.  Obama figures if he can hide them until the election, it doesnt matter how bad it gets because he cant run for reelection again.  Its about him, as usual.

If Barack Obama wins this election, the economy will fall apart and this will seem like the good ole' days.

Trust me, i know these people.

Remember i was the one who told you they were lying about the embassy attacks on day one....and i was proven right.

Im just sick of having a government that is more worried about saving face than its citizens.

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