Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jimmy Carter redux?

Dont forget to check out the video in the previous post.....its a humdinger.


Things are getting out of control as multiple US embassies in the Middle East have come under attack. We have had one casualty already and its not over yet.

In Cairo, protesters tore down an American Flag after unlawfully entering the sovereign US territory that is our embassy. Its a good thing our fearless leader had some strong words in retort.....not. We apologized for offending their sensibilities....

These types of actions that are a "shark bump". They can sense weakness....geez, who cant at this point. Obama has been neutered internationally and is giving off the mixed scent of Jimmy Carter's incompetence, and Bill Clinton's distracted ignorance.

Obama is already throwing the embassy under the bus, as if he has nothing to say about their official response.

Half gutless coward, half finger pointer.....thats our President.

This story is not over....pray our people stay safe.

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