Thursday, September 20, 2012

President Suckage's rough 24 hours was a rough rotation of the Earth for Obama.  I wonder how the media will spin it....

The President had a supposedly friendly audience asking questions at a Univision forum, but they made him look clueless, like a whiner, and forced him into multiple face saving lies.

Also on the menu....the pandering was offensive.  All of the sudden, with $4/gallon gas, 8+% unemployment for his entire term, and 6 TRILLION in new debt, Obama's biggest regret of his first 4 years was not passing immigration reform.  Of course, he never tried.  He had super majorities of both houses of Congress and the ability to pass anything he wanted (ie Obamacare) and he never once tried at immigration reform.  So its a lie and a stupid pandering one at that.

He looked woefully ill prepared to answer questions about the embassy attacks.  It was a master class of question avoidance.  It looked like a guy who didn't have the answer written out for him and had to think on the spot and when it was obvious he had no clue, he went into politician speak (lots of words, saying nothing).

I could spend a Homer length epic shredding his performance in this forum but i bore of it.  Quickly though, Obama admitted that his entire 2008 campaign was based on an phony slogan.  The man who was elected on "hope and change" actually said the words, " cant change Washington from the inside..."  In other words, he learned that the big boys play rough and don't just faint at his holy inspired words.  It was a whine fest anytime someone came within a country mile of asking him to take responsibility for his record.  I am completely confused by the 3 or 4 conflicting narratives Obama has used about being an "outsider".....or was that "insider"?

Anyway, last night Obama went on David Letterman.  He handled the only question of substance so badly that is has now become the story.  Its best explained with visual aides, so ill leave it to a professional.  A sneak preview though.....did you know that the crippling national debt is not a the short term.  Let me translate..."Im going to spend the bejeezus out of this place if i get reelected cause i cant run again and i kinda dont care".

The Washington Examiner has done an extremely thorough piece on the carefully hidden side of Barack Obama.  Its long but worth every second.  You need to know about the man no one vetted 4 years ago.  If, once you really know this President, his background, and his ideas, you still want to vote for him....fine, i think very few do, though.

Some "focus group" info has hit the President where it hurts.....that would be his ego (its by far his largest organ).  The words used to describe each party's ticket are enlightening.  I wonder why this isn't front page i don't...

Finally, the Fast and Furious scandal has reared its ugly head again.  You remember that scandal, right?  The Obama Justice Dept got guns in the hands of drug gangs in order to see what damage they would do....or some half baked explanation not even the Democrats buy.  Well, the heads are starting to roll.  It didn't help that he was poked pretty darn hard about it at the Univision forum ( i almost forgot about that delicious moment) The President opened with his favorite duck and cover maneuver and then followed that up with a full Bush blamer....his score?  Well the Chinese judge gave him a 5, but what does that really i right?

Finally, finally, it looks like Obama is going to bow to our enemies and release the World Trade Center Bomber after the election.  It is absolutely despicable and undermines 30 years of foreign policy.  Just a hint at the amazing stuff Barack Obama will do after he is no longer worried about getting votes.

My brain hurts....time to soak it in some Borderlands 2....

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