Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekend happy talk

Well, the Obama economy is still flopping around like a dying fish. The false narrative that things are getting better had a big ole' spork stuck in it today with a another dismal jobs report. The unemployment rate went down to 8.1% because they stopped counting another 4oo,ooo peeps.

The unemployment rate number is now so tricked out with special government math and Labor Department caveats, it only tells half the story.

If they were counting the same amount of people as last month, the rate would have ticked up to 8.4%.

If the were counting the same amount of people as they were when Obama took office the rate would be 11.2%.

So, even though America's population has grown by millions over the last 4 years, they are counting less people in the work force for no other reason than they have supposedly given up looking for work.

That makes zero sense to me.

Its ugly out there, and even Yahoo cant sugar coat it.

Enough of that. Lets shove all that crap into the closet and slam the door at least until Sunday. Its weekend time and after a long week of politics, im ready for rock and/or roll.

I get to pick up the guitar again tonight and forget about the real world for a minute.

If you are at Penn State, you can find me at the Rathskeller @10:30, with my band Mr. Hand.

Otherwise, enjoy your weekend.

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