Friday, September 21, 2012

True, true, and true

Those are the most basic of statements about these two guys, but i think its enough to know which one is better for the country.

Disagree? Well, thats gonna take some 'splaining....

I understand the Romney side takes a bit of conjecture. Its consistent with the plans he has laid out, in my opinion, but I understand being weary of "plans" when it comes to politicians.

The Obama side is categorical fact. It is provable with empirical evidence or basic math. His record is verifiable.

When the employee you hired to fix a mess, not only makes it worse but points fingers and makes petty excuses..... for 4 dont rehire him, especially when a guy with a sparkling resume and a spotless character record is sitting in the waiting room available for the job.

There is no argument for reelecting Barack Obama.

Alas....the campaign continues....

In the "Thats totally what Jimmy Carter would do" file for today, it turns out that the Obama administration is spending tax dollars on TV ads in Pakistan to placate muslim extremists. Yep, we now apologizing for free speech. It is disgraceful and further more, useless. They hate us for having youtube, not whats on it. Begging for mercy through a TV ad is pathetic and screams weakness.
Two words our enemies associate with our current leadership, no doubt.

On with TGIF

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