Thursday, September 13, 2012

More on Obama's Foreign Policy Suckage

How do you feel about the killing and raping of our Ambassador in Libya....oh, yeah it turns out they may have raped him before they murdered him?

How would you feel if you found out the Obama administration was warned of the attacks 48 hours before hand and did nothing? Dont you think that should a big story? Isnt it important to know if the Obama administration ignored warnings since it has so much time for fundraising and hangin' with the "pimp with the limp".

There are even reports that Marines were not permitted to put bullets in their guns. To be fair that fact has been denied by the Pentagon, but I just cant help but wonder.....

The protests are spreading and Obama still refuses to meet with our only ally in the region.

You know what really sticks on my craw, though....

The best information about the attacks has come from the foreign press. Seriously. The US press has decided its first job is protect Obama, with journalism about 8th on the list after, love Obama, flirt with Obama, make Obama a sandwich, giggle and wave at Obama, laugh at Obama's jokes, practice writing their name as if they were married to Obama, and finally, point and scowl at Romney.

I wouldnt have found that article if it wasnt for my normal reading list of bloggers, either. Thanks Ace!

The mountain of evidence that Obama's state department screwed le pooch keeps growing but according to the was a bad week for Romney. Maybe on planet Douchebaggia where racists like Chris Matthews live.


I seem to say that a lot lately.

UPDATE: The White House uses carefully chosen words to deny knowing about the attack in Libya. In other words, they didnt know specifically about the attack in Benghazi, but i think they were given a warning covering the whole region. Its a parsing of words and comes down to whether you trust this administration or not. Since they have a record of lying when it helps them and barely trying to hide it, i dont.

I report, you can decide.

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