Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reminder: Bill Clinton is a convicted liar

Tonight, former intern diddler.....i mean disbarred lawyer....i mean proven liar.....i mean alleged rapist.....i mean President Bill Clinton, holds his nose and does his best to tell us why Barack Obama should be reelected.

For one, anyone who has been paying attention knows that Clinton doesnt think much of Obama, which makes any praise, phony as lindsay lohan's tan.

Speaking of phony, could there be a less appropriate key note speaker for a convention that is supposedly focused on women's rights than Bill Clinton. The guy is a walking talking misogyny poster. It just proves the Democrats dont really care about respecting women, just tricking them into voting a certain way. The way this convention has focused on women below the waist and ignored them above the neck, its obvious the Democrats believe females are easy marks. I believe that is badly underestimating the fairer sex, but i guess we will see in November.

Im way more interested in football tonight than anything BJ Clinton has to say, but im sure i will have some reaction to his speech.

One event of note at the DNCC was the delegate revolt to the idea that God be reintroduced to the Democratic platform. Along with a provision that recognizes Israel's capital as Jerusalem (which is, in fact, the capital), the provisions were taken out before the convention. Once the general voting public was alerted to these glaring omissions, the Dems quickly moved to put them back in, lest they be discovered as the anti God, anti Israel party.

Lets just say, it didnt go as planned. The vote was a debacle. The delegates voted down the motion to amend the platform. The chairman ignored them, though. I could tell the delegates were anything but happy about it.

Why would you remove such overwhelmingly popular planks from your platform to begin with.....that was either boldly honest by a party who refused to pander, or unbelievably stupid, either way, now its just a joke.

Ironically, it is being said that Obama personally intervened to amend the platform even though it was his administration that caused a stir recently when it refused to publicly affirm Jerusalem was Israel's capital.

Go to Drudge for lots of fun links to coverage of the circus.

The Democrat convention so far can be summed up as:

Cheers for abortion: Boos for God

Stole that line from Ace

Democrats: we even rig elections at our own convention

Now thats a slogan i can believe.

Football's back-- Yeehaw! Wish me luck as my fake teams battle other fake teams!

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