Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You MUST see this video

The mainstream media has been negligent in its coverage of Barack Obama since day one. I could spend every day from now until the election highlighting stories the media glossed over or completely ignored that could and should effect your vote.

The attempts to white wash Obama of his record will not be as easy this time. Due to the tireless efforts of citizen journalists, and internet bloggers we are getting the truth out.

What truth you ask? How about Obama contradicting himself, being dishonest, and outright lying to you for 4 years without being held accountable?

This video is an important step in making sure voters are not fooled again by Barack Obama. Show it to everyone you possibly can. We may not convince the brain washed zombies, but honest thinking people may reevaluate their opinion of the man.

Hat Tip Dan McLaughlin

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